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»Emma«  - I use after effects -


— only Doppelgängers I know
cc - xepiphanys
ac - plotwistaudios (?)
for fabio since I made that for him once
NOT A PLOTTWIST AND DONT REPOST PLS! [#omgpage | #euphonygrp]
This is so old and ugly rip

— "now you're gone and I'm here.."
tried svp style again and I think I'm officially over it😂
ac – me
cc – aethopia
for zoe 💕
[#omgpage | #omgteenwolf]
I adore Scalia but stalia forever will be my endgame

— the actual love of my fucking life
ac - me
cc - xepiphanys
for Luce duh 💕
[#omgpage | #omgtvd]
My transition btw :)
++ song: imagine dragons - thunder

— the salvatore wives
collab with ma bbyboy @aestheticdelena
ac – maliexotic
cc – evilherself [#omgpage | #omgtvd]
my transition! :)

— Don't take this seriously y'all thx
ac – stydiaswings (I added the voiceover)
cc - aethopia
for ash 😎
That ugly transition is mine btw [#omgpage | #omgtvd]

— however long it takes
ac/ib - voidgold
cc - aethopia
for Zoe, kate and zoey 💕
[#omgpage | #omgtvd]
this is ugly bye

— hottest ot3
ac/ib – v.oidgrande
for aidan and ali (only the Klaus part)
[#omgpage | #omgtvd]
The transitions are so ugly and so is this edit but I wanted to post something so

— softest cutest most amazing bean
cc - aethopia
for gi💕
[#omgpage | #omgtvd]
Im trying this new style but idk if I should keep it, lemme know! :)

— "there was this one moment when everyone else fell away and there was just the two of us"
ac/ib - ravrnclaw
for meg 💕
[#omgpage | #omgtvd | #delenarct ]
Tried some new stuff, lemme know if you like it :)!

— everything black collab
Part 1 - @aestheticdelena (Katherine Pierce)
Part 2 - @slzpy (Scott McCall)
Part 3 - @venatrics (Allison argent)
Part 4 - @klaroscoven (Klaus Mikaelson)
Part 5 - @voidxgrimes (Kai Parker)
Part 6 - @sirepierce (Elena Salvatore)
Part 7 - me (Damon Salvatore)
Part 8 - @evilherself (Stefan Salvatore)
Part 9 - @Af.Salvatore (Bonnie Bennett)
Part 10 - @siredxsalvatore (Alison dilaurentis) I wanna thank everyone who entered I love it sm guys you're amazing!
cc - aethopia
my audio :) [#omgpage | #omgtvd | #omgteenwolf | #omgpll]

— my man can do it all
ib - catallystic
ac - stydiaswings
cc - aethopia
for roo :) [#omgpage | #omgtvd]

— she's so soft
ac - h.ollands
cc - aethopia
for Luce and des 💕
[#omgpage | #omgtvd]

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