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me when I was leaving sunsation tour😭

maybe one day I'll be enough

hope yall are staying positive, and having a good spring break. (If you have spring break rn) ☺️

stay postive my loves, you're all soo beautiful and I hope one day you'll see it❤️❤️ #postive #spreadpositivity

hey guys, I know I haven't posted in a while and I lost a lot of followers but I just wanted to let you guys know that you're all beautiful and worth the life your living. I left this account alone cause it was making me worse, I can finally say I'm better, I'm in a better state of mind and I can actually say I'm happy. And some days I have those days but as long as you get up and cheer yourself up its okay as long as you try. I tried to let this account go and not go back to it so I wouldn't depress myself anymore but I wanted to let you guys know that it gets better, no matter how hard the situation is, it will get better and it's all up to you. You guys have so much to live for please please don't do anything to hurt yourselves I know it's hard really hard cause I've personally experienced just keep in mind you always have someone that loves you and would kill to see you like that. If you ever want to talk Kik me (in the bio) . Stay beautiful, stay postive and stay strong I know you'll guys be happy one day❤️ have a great thanksgiving day. I'm thankful that you little cuties are still alive ❤️☺️

I hate everything so much

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