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The Dark Tower  #DarkTowerMovie is available now on Blu-ray and Digital!

Take a deeper look inside Jake's drawings in The Dark Tower. Available now on Digital on Blu-ray. #thedarktower

There are worlds other than these. Explore more on the Blu-ray and Digital extras today. #thedarktower

The last gunslinger. Watch The Dark Tower today! #thedarktower

Idris Elba talks about making The Dark Tower in the Blu-ray and Digital exclusives. Explore more from the extras today! #thedarktower

Darkness and Fire. Watch The Dark Tower today on Blu-ray and Digital!

Death always wins. #thedarktower

Don't miss all the laughs from the blooper reel on the special features. Get your copy of The Dark Tower today on Digital and Blu-ray!

Discover more from The Dark Tower in the special features on the Digital and Blu-ray extras today! #thedarktower

The Dark Tower is available on Blu-ray today! Make it a movie night and explore the other worlds in the exclusive extras.

Explore the deleted scenes on The Dark Tower exclusive extras. Available now on Digital on Blu-ray tomorrow.

Roland of Gilead, the last Gunslinger, must protect the tower. Link in bio. #thedarktower

The Man in Black comes to life in The Dark Tower. Watch The Dark Tower on Digital today! Available on Blu-ray 10/31.

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