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Thomas 'TomSka' Ridgewell  Comedy writer • Begrudging actor • Theoretical weight-loss enthusiast • Learning to like myself #selfiesteem


Squidge is a relatable meme.

Feelin' VEWY nice (actually I have a cold and feel terrible but let's ignore that!!!)

Got a new sketch on the way called 'First Contact'! Asked you to help me caption this still and "I told Dan I chairish his company and he told me to take a seat" was the clear winner. Expect the video in a week or so!


Meet Squidge the pug, mine and @bellerspi's pudgy son. His interests include sleeping, eating grass, chewing toes, throwing up said grass and immediately eating more grass. In short, he's a very good boy. He's actually a pug/cavalier mix because pure puggos have so many health problems, the poor things. I've actually wanted a pug called Squidge ever since I left university so I'm pretty thrilled, to put it lightly. Hopefully I can raise him better than I raised myself lol.

It's always sad to say goodbye, but sometimes it's for the best. Tomee Bear's journey started around 14 years ago with my earliest appearance in Edd's work as a character named "Tomee" in his series "Bendee Stick". Although the series ended, the name "Tomee" stuck around and soon a teddy bear with a similar design and name started appearing in the background of his new series, "Eddsworld". After a few years, a fan gave Edd a handmade Tomee Bear at a convention and not long after (in 2010) he gifted it to me and I kept the tradition of tucking the old guy into the background of my videos up until this day. However, it's time to move on with my life and that means letting go of some old traditions. Instead of leaving ol' Tomee here resting on a shelf like the other relics of my career I'd rather he find a new life with a new life. That's why I've entrusted him to look over @eddiebowley's soon-to-be son, Rik. May the little bugger not tear his head off within minutes. So long, old friend, and farewell.

To celebrate finally receiving my two 100k YouTube plaques I thought today would be the perfect day to reach 100k Instagram followers. Whatcha think?? ;D

I'm so fucking sunburnt lmao #youtubespacela #sundancelabs

I've had some exceptionally bad mental health days in the past few years and this photo was taken during one of them (October 1st 2016). It's ugly, it's upsetting, and it's worrying. I have a few more like this one from across the years but I almost never post them because I don't want people to worry. However, I still have such a strong urge to express myself and how I feel which is why I decided to write a comic about it. I just released the first (and hopefully not last (which is a weird thing to say given the subject matter)) instalment of "TomSka is Sad". A comic about my ongoing relationship with depression, grief, and unhealthy coping mechanisms. You can find it on my Tumblr (thetomska) if you're interested. I'm really proud of it. It's not a cry for help and - much like this photo - not an accurate representation of my current mental state. But it's all somewhat true and I'm glad I could share it with you. Thanks for listening x

New sketch on my YouTube channel! It's called 'Time Trouble' and it's a sponsored video for @TheLastKingdom. If you liked 'Pizza Time' I reckon you'll like this one too! #ad

Trying to get over my fear of closeness and sentimentality so I summoned my little gaggle of goobers to take a family photo for my home. Ew.

Valentine's Day is inbound so there's a sexy little new sketch on my YouTube to celebrate. Hope you like "Valentine's Spies" #PlzShare #Plz #Plzzz

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