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Darksoul Design  Custom knives, firearms, kydex stuff, and Cerakote service. I basically make stuff I like. Lots of limited production stuff in the works.


And the rifle itself in all its epic gloriousness.
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A little range time today to do some new build firearm evaluation. This is a Christensen upper and lower, @slrrifleworks rail, @thearmalite muzzle device that has been pinned to a brand spanking new @dracosbarrels 13.5" .308 barrel. Topped with a @swarovskioptik_hunting z8i scope in a @bobro_engineering mount. Ammo is Black Hills 175g.
The pic on the upper right is at 50 yards. That is 15 rounds slow fired, 5 rounds per mag, and with the exception of the one flyer, easily 1 moa. The group was broken into 2 rounds, 5 rounds, then the rifle sat in the direct sun for about 15 min (its 81 at the range), and then 2 more mags, 10 rounds with zero shift.
I had a target set up and waiting at 100 yards (top left pic), moves as soon as I fired last shot at 50, took just a few minutes to move over, where I shot 4 mags of 5 rounds each at the range limit of 1 round per 3 sec, for a total of 20 rounds. Keeping in mind, this is a 13.5" barrel, quick firing pace, and probably a 5-7mph full value wind. Had I been better supported, and taken my time (breathing, better follow through etc) I'd bet I could drop that to 1 - 1.5 moa or better. All I can say is that I'm very impressed with the new Dracos barrels.
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Catching some cycling action, stage 2 of the Amgen tour 🚡

Another knob in the works, working on a few of these while manning the laser engraver, doing some awards for a local shooting comp.
This one is red dyed burl and blue resin, should be really cool when done. If you are interested in one for yourself, check out my website at www.darksouldesign.com for available ones, or dm me for a custom.
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Another bolt knob complete for a customer. This one is red dyed burlwood and gold resin with. Remy .223 case head. Came out very nice, great color.
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Hit the range for a bit today with my @falkor.defense Petra. Was on the 200 yd (longest we have locally), with about a 12-15mph full value wind, which really had no discernible effect. Only made a single windage .1 mil right adjustment. As per usual, gun and @leupoldoptics Mk8 are awesome. No buyers remorse here at all.
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Had to pull the bolt out of my @cheytac_usa M200 Intervention to clean and lube, it had been long overdue, so took a bit of time to work on that this morning. Even though I own the gun, I'm always in awe at the size of the bolt. This is it next to the bolt out of my Stiller 300winmag long action.

#bigassbolt #cheytac #m200 #m200intervention #boltaction #300winmag #cleaningtime #bigguns

I ordered some carbide bits for my small benchtop lathe through @amazon , and the two containers that are about 1.5"x4"x 1/4 thick showed up in a box that's about 18"X12"x10"....... seriously, Amazon could probably increase their profit margins 25% or more if they would stop doing this stupid shit. They could have dropped these items in a small padded envelope. Talk about wasteful πŸ˜‘

#stupid #amazonwtf

And it's together, longest part was timing the comp, but using the @precisionarmament shims makes it pretty straight forward, just running out of shims, time for a new pack πŸ˜•. Went together smooth, the @dracosbarrels barrel fit quite snug, MAYBE .001-.0015 of, and I hate to say "slop", because it really isn't, more of "slip", I've used barrels that have well over .005 of slop (cough cough Christensen cough), which requires a very thin stainless shin wrapped around it, but I don't think you could ask for much tighter a fit without causing problems.
Really looking forward to getting to the range with this for testing.
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Putting together a new 308 upper for a friend, got a new Dracos barrel for it, really anxious to see how they do out in the wild πŸ˜ƒ. Hooked up to a Christensen upper receiver, Armalite comp, SLR rail.

@dracosbarrels @thearmalite @slrrifleworks #rocksett #308 #ar10

When you have lots of scrap g10 laying around, you start to get a little......... creative πŸ˜›
Pink and white g10 bolt knob with 5/16-24 threaded brass sleeve. Bored for any 308 based case head of your choice. $100 shipped

#g10 #boltaction #boltgun #customrifle #boltknob #308 #65creedmoor #creedmoor #prs #precisionrifleseries

More bolt knobs 😁

Natural canvas micarta layered with green G10. Brass 5/16-24 threaded insert, and a "Prime" 6.5 Creedmoor case head. $100 shipped

#g10 #micarta #boltaction #boltgun #customrifle #boltknob @primeammo #65creedmoor #creedmoor #prs #precisionrifleseries @proof_research

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