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Darksoul Design  Custom knives, firearms, kydex stuff, and Cerakote service. I basically make stuff I like. Lots of limited production stuff in the works.


Some bolt action knobs I finished up today, really having fun with these, several more in the works. All of these are available if you would like to buy one, shoot me a DM and let me know which you would like.

1. Green burlwood and yellow resin, natural micarta, black micarta, with brass threaded core. Threaded 5/16-24, $100

2. Burlwood and purple/blue resin, with brass threaded core, threaded 5/16-24, $85

3. Burlwood and translucent sparkle blue, oversized, threaded 5/16-24, threads are directly into the wood, so it's a bit more delicate, more for use on a bench gun, would not recommend on a comp or hunting gun. $85

4. Black linen micarta with 7.62x51 brass head. 5/16-24 threads direct into the micarta. The material is very tough and should hold up well. $75 (several other head stamps are available in this style)

If you are looking for a specific style, let me know.

#boltaction #boltknob #customrifle #precisionrifle #308 #300winmag #micarta #burlwood

My two rigs for the comp tomorrow. My @falkor.defense Petra and my 300wm Bolt action. Both running @leupoldoptics scopes and @proof_research barrels.

Saturday practice at the Avenal Gun club long distance comp. be shooting from 6 different location ranging from 250-900 yards. My 300wm bolt gun, #stilleractions with a @proof_research barrel on a #bellandcarlson stock is shooting amazing. It looks like my Petra data is a bit off, I failed to reset data for the warm weather, last data set it was probably 20-30 degrees cooler πŸ˜•, gonna see what I can sort out tonight.

The knife I made for one of the owners of @prime_revolution .

Getting ready for this weekends long distance competition in Avenal. 100 rounds of freshly pressed 300 Winmag. Norma brass, Sierra 220g MK that have been meplat trimmed, with H1000 powder. I'll be shooting my @falkor.defense Petra as my primary gun, and in the unlikely chance I have any issues, I'll run my @proof_research barreled bolt action 300 Winmag. Both rigs run @leupoldoptics and both have proven to be easily sub 3/4" moa guns. Looking forward to a great weekend of shooting with some good friends. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ˜€

A few more bolt action knobs. These are all available at $75 each shipped (US only). They are made from black linen micarta, threaded 5/16-24. I have the following case heads available

1 - PPU16 , 7.62x51
1 - FC 308 Win
3 - Hornady 6.5 Creedmoor - SOLD
1 - PRIME 6.5 Creedmoor - SOLD

First come first serve, shoot me a DM with which one you want and I'll give you payment info.

Also working on some 338 Lapua, and 300 Winmag. If there is a specific caliber you are after, please shoot me a DM with what you are after.
#lathework #micarta #micartarod #boltknob #boltaction #primeammo #hornady @hornady_mfg @primeammo #6.5creedmoor #308

And one more whilst I'm at it πŸ‘. These are pretty fun to make, may have to start making some for sale, and experiment with some different materials.
This one is also black micarta but with a 6.5 Creedmoor case head.
#65creedmoor #micarta #boltknob #bolthandle #boltrifle #boltgun

Had a little down time today between paint jobs and such, and had been wanting to make my own bolt action knob out of black micarta. Finally got around to it, and I'm surprised by how cool it came out. It's sitting next to the titanium knob that was on the rifle. The Ti knob weighed in at 1.7 oz compared to the micarta knob at .7 oz. not that weight is an issue on this gun 😜

Think I am going to make another with a brass case head in the end just for giggles.
#lathework #boltknob @leupoldoptics #stillerprecision #micarta @proof_research @jim_thekraken_erwin @huntressdivine @vsa_usa

Not the best picture, but I'm feeling a little lazy this morning. Anyhoo, finished @cerakote ing my @falkor.defense Petra. A little bit of a more modern version of the old tiger stripe camo. Now that it's all back together with the @leupoldoptics Mk8, back to the range to rezero in prep for a long distance condo next weekend.

@jim_thekraken_erwin @huntressdivine @vsa_usa @fourzero6 @melinda_sonju @spuhr @magpul #300winmag #tigerstripes #bigguns #submoa

And it begins. Getting the @falkor.defense Petra stripped down and ready for paint. Going to go with old school tigerstripes. Lots of real estate on this thing, disassembly and media blasting so far has taken a few hours. Hope to have it wrapped up in a few days, masks are cut and ready, hope to throw the base coat down tomorrow, and start masking. @falkor.defense @cerakote @leupoldoptics @spuhr @magpul

And the other knife in the pair- - A2 steel blade, blued
- black dyed burl / red resin handle scales - black micarta pins

Also has a leather lined red and @kryptekoutdoorgroup RAID kydex sheathe.
#resinwood #a2steel #fixedblade #knifeporn #kydex #micarta

Finished up and delivered, the owners are pleased πŸ‘πŸ», was a lot of fun to make, and came out better than I hoped.
- A2 steel blade, blued
- blue dyed burl / green resin handle scales - black micarta pins

Also has a leather lined green and @kryptekoutdoorgroup Pontus kydex sheathe.
#resinwood #a2steel #fixedblade #knifeporn #kydex #micarta

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