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Darius Askari  Visual Architect, building stories from experiences // Native New Yorker, currently focused on Mosul, Iraq and the Middle East.

University of Mosul

Picking up cases of water we walked through rubble occasionally sprinting past open positions where enemy snipers sat perched.

It’s was 51°C that day (124°F) and the unit of the Iraqi Army 16th Division was tasked with advancing the line and saving trapped civilians.

We started taking heavy casualties and as hard as the soldiers fought, Daesh seemed to fight harder.

Coordinates were sent in the hopes that American airstrikes would offer much needed support.

Fighting corner to corner, house to house in the stifling heat our water had eventually been exhausted. We entered a civilian home and the men were ordered to remove their shirts exposing pale and gaunt skin. Daesh has starved them for weeks.

Air support eventually arrived and after the soldiers beat a hole in a wall with mallets we escaped to safety.

I swore I’d never return to that place again, but of course I was only lying to myself. (West Mosul, Iraq)

A part of you is always left behind. (West Mosul, Iraq)

So happy to be home. I missed you NYC.

Though they’d taken everything from him, his dignity remained. Arms spread apart, head tilted up to the heavens he said, “Thank you” and then we were left with silence. (Qayyarah, Iraq)

The figure becoming clearer as the soot blew against his silhouette, the robe expanding and contracting with each of gust of wind, he seemed like he didn’t belong in this place. (Qayyarah, Iraq)

Through the thick smoke his presence could be felt. (Qayyarah, Iraq)

A sniper unit of Iraqi Special Operation Forces (ISOF-1) take up position in an abandoned flour mill, firing at members of Daesh as they attempt to cross the attach line in Haay as Sihhah neighborhood. (West Mosul, Iraq)

Soldiers of the 16th Division of the Iraqi Army advance the line in Hayy an Nabijarjis. (West Mosul, Iraq)

Men, who are always separated from the women, sit in a long queue awaiting processing prior to cashing in vouchers for food rations in Hammam al-Alil.
UNHCR reports that over 848,238 Iraqis were verified as being internally displaced from Mosul and surrounding areas since military operations to retake the city began on the 17th October 2016. (Mosul, Iraq)

When asked how does one recover from the death of their child he replied, “I don’t want to think about it. I’m never going back to Mosul. I want to sell my house and never see that place again.” Peering off into the distance, his mind seemed to drift somewhere it can never return from, an abyss of torment no human should have to endure. (Erbil, Iraq)

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