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Darion  LA based Director / Producer / Host / Gaming Exec, globetrotter, zombie killer... Former Bravo Cast member. 😱📺🕹🎮🎥

Giant ass super Chandelier ✅
Mega Godzilla Drag Queen Heel both bday boys can climb in ✅
A gaggle of amazing friends celebrating two bdays ✅
Enough alcohol to get the army of Guam trashed ✅
Vegas bdays 💯

We BELIEVE we are Strong Enough to CHER the bdays of Brian G & Chad in Vegas - she put on such a GREAT show! 🤩 72 and killing it! 🙌🏻

1) Gunther always gets my order right 2) Phoebe said 4:00 but I’m the only one here 3) I sang Smelly Cat till I got kicked out

I salute all veterans today - it takes incredible bravery to fight for your country. Past the awful political and hate filled landscape of today, at the core of our nation are incredible women and men who choose to put their lives on the line to protect and save us - and many others around the world. This isn’t Democrat or Republican, this is bravery at its finest. Even today as I type, thousands of firefighters, many of them veterans, fight the terrible forest fires raging throughout our state. I wasn’t very close to my Grandfather, and he never spoke about World War 2 or Vietnam, but I always respected his choice to fight for what’s right. He was injured in battle, and was respected by his troops and sacrificed a lot - time and again - for his country. He received a Purple Heart and climbed the ranks.
I’ll probably never know the full extent of what he went through, but I do wish we treated our veterans with more respect, and support when they need it. It’s something we must all work on - and as they so willingly fought for us, we must fight for them.

12 years ago I moved to LA from San Diego. I didn’t know a soul, but I was determined to pursue the life I always dreamed of. I left an unhealthy job and relationship, I wanted more from life; and it’s here I truly became myself. Coming out and expanding my world opened a floodgate of experiences and magic I struggle to fathom; most of all, the insanely awesome group of friends, of all shapes colors orientations and types, who embraced me and have treated me with such kindness I’m at a loss for words. This LA chapter has been magic and saying yes to *most* everything is why I wanted to commemorate the dozen year mark by making this custom neon sign that still fits my life motto today - All I Ever Wanted Was Everything! Excited for all the adventure ahead and whatever the next decade(s) of life in LA will bring! ❤️

It was another nice day out of the office for Ibeen Bouled, 2018 White House Reporter for NFN (NotFakeNews.com). While he did flinch at the Sarah Huckabee Sanders & Cheetohead’s seen roaming the streets, he very much enjoyed a day away from being beat up. HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!!! 🎃👻

If you do ONE thing this year..... PLEASE VOTE! This living dumpster fire ain’t gonna fix itself. Use your power and make sure everyone in your life, especially the young people, do too. Let’s change this ✊🏻💙

Another fun, epic, crazy Halloween weekend on the books. Unfortunately for Ibeen Bouled, 2018 White House Reporter, “I’ve not had a great year.” 🙃

Never a day off for Clark (and the Sebastian’s).... #HappyHalloween

So excited for the final season premiere of @houseofcards - @robingwright is basically perfection ESPECIALLY IN PERSON! Thanks @netflix for an amazing show and perfect evening!

I wanted a cute garden photo and somehow got telenovela lighting. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Ever since I was a kid I was obsessed with sketch comedy. MadTV & @nbcsnl were appointment tv; the likes of @alexborstein, @willsasso, #PhilHartman, @keeganmic, #mayarudolph, #tinafey and others blew me away with their comedic magic. For years I’ve wanted to do the famous improv comedy school @thegroundlings - and this week I’ve finally started classes. To be in the same halls as #KristenWiig and #MelissaMcCarthy is both thrilling and terrifying! And I might be terrible! But what fun is life if you don’t push yourself and try? “I sat myself down and shot my fear in the face” - @garbage. 🤠🤠🤠

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