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  Hello, hello, hello, how low?◼️◾️▪️

И когда станет утром клуб клевать носом,
Я украду тебя будто Азор розу.
Улыбнусь в тишине и скажу просто: "Иди ко мне, солнце, расплетай косы..."🌹☺️ #redhead

The suntan has got so uneven because of my bikini panties, it's just hilarious😆😆😆

Me and my mom again☺️ #redhead

My bestie is better than yours 😏 #bff#redhead#brunette @kluhnova 👭

A tiny bit of my mom and then again self-obsessed me👍🏻🙈😆#redhead

No filter, как говорится😱😍 #nofilter#sky#omg#thisisfuckingawesome 😎

In love 😍 I remember coming here when I was a child in 2000s and even though my memories about this city were not so clear, I could still remember my feeling of fascination 😱 Yesterday made me rediscover this city again and see why I loved it so much in the first place more than a decade ago😌#memories

How many fucks do I give? None😜 #redhead when it turns out bestie lowkey has a talent for taking cute picks☺️🙌🏻

Socializing 😎 #redhead#brunette#bff

Стамбульский парк🌷🇹🇷❤️ #redhead Visualizing plans for next year✈️

Wild wild wild😜 with @kluhnova 🍸 Ночью не спали, идём спать на пляж 😏

I've been here for sooooo many days already and still look pale af in the sun😑 #livingtheredheadlife#redhead

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