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Darieth Chisolm  Professional life & business coach, making a film and global movement about #revengeporn and #cyberbullying . Check it out and let's end the silence.

It's finally up, my first ever TED X Talk. I'm so excited!
Here's the link: http://bit.ly/DariethTEDX

Please watch on Youtube at http://bit.ly/DariethTEDX like, comment and share, it would mean the world to me if you could help me continue sharing my idea worth spreading from TEDX Pittsburgh. TEDxPittsburgh Thank you so very much!

There is much work to be done, digital domestic violence is real and our cyber civil rights are at stake, thank you for caring and understanding.

This is a keeper and history maker! Three media makers in TV, film, production, music, humanity and the arts! All working together and featured separately in Inspiring Lives Magazine. So blessed to share our gifts and talents with the world Emmai Alaquiva and Robert H Waters. @emmai_alaquiva @50_shadesofsilence @inspiring.lives.magazine

I couldn't be more blessed or happier to have such an amazing team and film crew for Www.50ShadesofSilence.com. We wrapped five long days of filming and we slayed it!!! Thank you all for your talent, time, dedication, hard work and commitment and for supporting this important project and movement for people worldwide! #50ShadesofSilence #EverydayCourage @50_shadesofsilence

Those who commit cyber sexual assault are attempting to take away your dignity, your privacy and your peace of mind. It takes Everyday Courage to show them they can never take away what’s yours.

Footage from our march earlier!

A few snapshots from the March earlier. Right now we’re listening to many survivors speak about their experiences and how they rise above cyber sexual harassment.

#50shadesofsilence For more information on what you can do to make sure your lawmakers are focusing on better and more prevalent legislation check out our website 50shadesofsilence.com

Getting ready! Make sure to stay hydrated today #marchagainstrevengeporn #50shadesofsilence

I woke up early today, really excited but still a bit nervous about the March. There were tons of meetings, late nights, and frustrations for everyone involved in organizing it. I reached Point Park and immediately felt less nervous. There’s nothing to be nervous about when you’re working hard for a cause you’re passionate about.

Today at the Victim’s Round Table we sat down to share our experiences with cyber sexual assault and revenge porn. One common aspect of our experience, was not knowing who to contact or what to do when it initially happened to us. This is one of the many reasons why we work so hard to bring exposure to this issue. We do so in the hopes of making all victims feel like there is a course of action headed towards justice. Join us in our movement #50shadesofsilence on 50ShadesofSilence.com

Millions of Americans are victims of revenge porn and cyber sexual harassment. Do something to take a stand. Start by checking out our website 50ShadesofSilence.com and learning more! While you’re there please sign up for the March Against Revenge Porn taking place tomorrow in downtown Pittsburgh. I hope to see many of you tomorrow!

For my fourth interview today, I’m speaking with the CEO of BADASS (Battling Against Demeaning and Abusive Selfie Sharing). The name is not just an acronym, but a true character marker for BeLinda. BADASS seeks legal justice for and give resources to those who are victims of cyber sexual harassment and revenge porn. They aim to empower victims and so thank you for being a part of this movement #50shadesofsilence

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