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Darienne Highsmith  HSU- Ecological Restoration & Botany Acro Yoga Climbing Nanny

Bodies r kul.

Spring has sprung!

I call myself a Yes Person because I have this crazy ambition to say yes to as many opportunities as I can. I keep myself productive by filling every minute of my day with places to be and things to do. I am a full-time student (working on a science degree and two science minors), I work at the local climbing gym, I nanny for multiple families, and I'm president of HSU's Acro Yoga Club. As incredible as it is to play such special roles in my community, it's exhausting. The past few months I have been feeling especially low on energy and self-esteem, exhausted and weak, and I've begun to dread these responsibilities that I cherish simply because I'd rather be sleeping. When I recognized this shift in attitude, I adjusted my sleep schedule, but the issue was only slightly relieved. The other day I realized how badly my eating habits have fallen--I eat just once or twice a day (at weird times), and I eat whatever is convenient in that moment that I'm starving. (Who wants to take time to cook food when you haven't eaten all day?) Usually this means eating oatmeal and an apple, or a tortilla with peanut butter. But our bodies need more than grains and sugars! No wonder I'm always a cranky butt! Yesterday I made the resolution to redirect my diet to eat intentionally. This means sitting down to eat at least one rounded meal per day, and to incorporate fats, proteins, grains, sugars, oils, and all those goodies that our bodies need to be healthy. To lessen the weekday stress of taking time out to cook, today I prepared a bunch of noms for Buddha Bowls, so that I can just grab and go in the mornings. It's time to feel better and to get back to kicking booty with a smile on my face. Today's dinner:
-brown rice
-massaged kale
-grilled beets
-steamed and grilled sweet potato
-hard boiled egg
-red and green cabbage
-roasted chickpeas with turmeric, paprika, and cayenne
-lemon garlic tahini
-pumpkin seeds

I woke up this morning feeling empowered. I too often judge my body by its imperfections without acknowledging that I am healthy and strong and beautiful. My thick thighs can run many miles; my belly pooch will one day provide a baby with a cozy home; my stretch marks are proof that my skin can heal; my square shoulders help me find balance in new shapes.

Brand new growth on Metasequioa glyptostroboides (Dawn Redwood), one of the only deciduous conifers in our area. I've been eyeing this tree all semester, waiting for these baby leaflets to show themselves!

Lupinus (Fabaceae, Papilionoideae)

Water quality testing with Dr. Stubblefield today in Trinidad. We don't stop at a little bit (or a lot) of rain!

HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY TO MY PARTNER IN CRIME!! Four years in and our adventures have only just begun. I cannot wait for all of the exciting things to come for you in this next year--graduating from HSU and embarking on some travels of your own. You are SO loved, SO supported, and SO cherished. I hope you enjoyed your sunrise mimosa.

Feeling restless; Ready to escape this rainy little town for a while. Do you ever feel stuck--trapped by responsibilities? I've got itchy feet, but so long to go before I can scratch them.

I spent the last three days with my face buried under the hood of my car, earning my title as a Highsmith, a name that clothes many generations of mechanics. Lest, my truck lives, and is running even better than when I bought it! I'm feeling quite proud and empowered for taking on the job myself-- saving myself $800 from a shop and learning a bunch along the way.

I don't even know what to do with all of this sunshine!

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