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Darien Hamedani  maker of things, tender of bars ☕️🇮🇷

“Traditionally, we dont put tequila in our tea, but traditionally we arent tattooed bartenders with bright green hair either” @patron #patronperfectionists

“Azizam tuck in your nose ring, we’re sending this to Iran” *shoves two fingers in my nostrils*

Kashmiri High Tea for #patronperfectionists2018
@patron Silver
Jasmine green tea
Homemade rose jam honey syrup
@bombaysapphire concentrated saffron infusion
Cardamom bitters

Honourable mention to the lady that let me take her display teapot across the street so I could get this picture lol 🏆

Babys first brand comp. @patron see u soon 😍

Twenty one years without knocking anyone up. You go, Glen Coco 🎈

*the* studio. #NYCStreetArt

**love with reckless abandon

Hey @banksy 🙋🏻 #FreeZehraDogan


Keeping composure is hard when you’re about to lose your cups to a double dry shake 🆘

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