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✨💎Dari Borun & Virsaviya💎✨  Mom of @virsaviya_art_heart ❤️ & @little_prince_ervin_joseph Christian🎚Inspirational INFLUENCER Business @miami_baby_rentals Fitness @fit_thick_riri

He loves Russian language and understands it he loves words my precious my beloved . He reacts on those words like this

I’m so excited to team up with my good friends @babytula and @laviemom and host an ❗️Easter GIVEAWAY ❗️
for you guys 🥰 so one of you can have a gift at this special day🙏🏾✝️
The prizes is:
A black marble color baby carrier with a breathable mesh @babytula 180$ worth
A Warming rechargeable Lactation Massager Pads 80$ worth from @laviemom (saved me from mastitis)

I have those too items as you can see and it’s a lifesaver in my motherhood ♥️ The rules is super simple:

1. Like this post
2. Follow @babytula
3. Follow @laviemom
4. Follow me @dariborun
5. Tag minimum 3 friends in the separate comment(more tagged friends,more chances to win)
6. GIVEAWAY ENDS ON April 21st (at 1 pm New York time)One winner is randomly selected and contacted by me 💁🏼‍♀️ @dariborun to get their shipping info and will ship the prize directly to the winner📦 also winner’s name will be announced on this post once the giveaway is over🙌🏻 Follow my beautiful son @little_prince_ervin_joseph
Stay with me for more giveaways upcoming 🥰
May Jesus bless everyone ♥️
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How fun it could be when you use only one toy of the amazing @lovevery 😍
you can be a bunny
or a GQ
or even a picachoo 😂
Smile before you go to sleep guys 😊
My son @little_prince_ervin_joseph would be happy to know he made you smile 🤗
Which one is your favorite?😌
Have a blessed night 🥰 ✝️🙏🏾🙌🏻 #picachu⚡️ #picachu #lovevery #loveverybaby #mixedboy #mixedbaby #mixedrace #mixedkids #ijustlovehim #ilovejesus #jesuslovesyou #godisgood #godisgreat

It’s look like every time @virsaviya_art_heart Virsaviya is not feeling well I’m getting her one @cuddleandkind hand crafted doll ♥️ it’s actually supposed to be an Easter gift but since Virsaviya had been sick for a few days now I decided to give her this cute bunny a little bit earlier to make her feel better and it’s worked out 💪🏽 her brother @little_prince_ervin_joseph tried to cheer her up as well 😊
Have a blessed Holy Week everyone 🙌🏻 I encourage you to talk to your kids about Jesus✝️ and what He have done for us 🙏🏾 #cuddleandkind #handmadedolls #handmade #knitted #knitteddoll #ijustlovethem #siblings #virsaviyawarrior #virsaviyaartheart #teambathsheba #prayforbathsheba #littleprinceervinjoseph2👑 #ervinjoseph #praisethelord #praisegod #holyweek #easter #ilovejesus #jesusdiedforyou #jesuslovesyou #godisgood #godisgreat

He is my answered prayer 🙏🏾 He is another proof of my tattooed bible verse that says “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me Phill 4:13”
I did it with you Lord✝️ Thank you Jesus for strengthening me ✊🏽I’m beyond grateful 🙌🏻 Thank you doctor @doctor_maslyak_official for this miracle ♥️ #grateful #thankyoujesus #ilovejesus #praisegod #praisethelord #jesuslovesyou #mixed #mixedbaby #mixedbabies #mixedrace #mixedboy #mixedkids #russian #haitian #bahamian
#svetlanamaslyak #son #motherof2 #motherhood #milkmadegoods #milkmade

Time flies unbelievably fast! I was 32 weeks pregnant on this video when I was preparing my jogging stroller @bumbleride for the future return to my regular workout routine after Birth of my son @little_prince_ervin_joseph ♥️
Just look at my choco baby 😍 he is 3 months old and his current weight is 17 lbs 🤗 I didn’t notice how it happened so fast 🤷🏼‍♀️💨
Anyways I knew I will go back to being active as I was before pregnancy and finally I’m proud to say that I’m walking 7 miles a day with my baby boy in his “SPEED” stroller #bumbleride
You guys probably knows that I’m the person who always goes for natural things that doesn’t harm our environment,have never been tested on animals etc. So I wanted to share couple of facts about this stroller because it’s important for me. Can you believe that this soft and beautiful fabric is made from 100% recycled post-consumer water bottles, rPET, polyethylene terephthalate. Its OEKO-TEX Standard 100, Class I certified free from harmful chemicals. Their black colorways(my stroller as you see is black only bassinet is teal color)use an innovative dye process that conserves approximately 25-40 gallons of water per stroller. This dye process not only reduces water use, but also pollution created from the dye process. I’m proud to impact health of our planet 🌎 by using this stroller knowing that they are trying their best to not harm earth🙌🏻 So I’m using it since April 1🏃🏼‍♀️
No joke, April fools got me sweating in our Miami heat 😅
Seriously it is challenging to walk that much with the baby who don’t want to be nowhere but mama’s arms🥰
But I know he will get used to it eventually and will enjoy our mommy and baby time🤱🏼 I’m so grateful for the ability to do it with him to show him how to be active and healthy🙏🏾
Does any of you guys working out outdoors with your kids? What do you do? I’m just curious 🤗
Have a blessed weekend 🙌🏻✝️ #jogging #powerwalk #joggingstroller #stroller #strollers #motherof2 #momof2 #healthyliving #3monthspostpartum #fitthickriri @fit_thick_riri

Everyone is getting ready for summer and want to get back in shape before it’s starts, but here in Miami is pretty much always summer🤷🏼‍♀️ So the excuse “I will get back in shape before summer” doesn’t work for me 😂 my only excuse for now is my postpartum 🤦🏼‍♀️I'm still trying to get myself back with my @bodybossmethod 💪🏽 Virsaviya also loves being active and workout with me 😊 even though some doctors think she should avoid any activities because of her heart conditions, I believe that she can do almost anything🙌🏻 she was dancing since she was 3 years old and was working out with me since 4✊🏽 I want her to feel that she is strong and healthy as any other child, and I never show her that I’m scared for her health. I always make sure to encourage her and to not treat her as she is disabled🙏🏾I also love to show example to my kids of living a healthy lifestyle so they both can make right choices while growing up.❤️
Do you guys love to workout with your kids? Or would you let your child workout if you would have one? I would encourage you to do so and don’t be afraid because with this @bodybossmethod fitness guide you can find simple but very effective exercises that don’t require any weight lifting. You can use your body weight and teach your kids how to do it in a right way as directed in the guide. I found it very helpful and motivational 🤗 #bodybossmethod
Stay healthy stay blessed 🙏🏾🙌🏻💪🏽✝️#bodyboss #bosseffect #fitness #workout #exercise #ad #ijustloveher #pentalogyofcantrell #openheart #virsaviyawarrior #virsaviyaartheart #teambathsheba #prayforbathsheba #gratefulheart #healthyliving #unique

Have a blessed night everyone✝️from my @little_prince_ervin_joseph in his beautiful swaddle @embebabies 🙌🏻 I cherish these last nights of him being swaddled 🥺 he looks too cute 🥰
I love him so much and don’t want these times to pass so quickly 😢
Dear swaddle @embebabies please grow with my baby boy🙏🏾 so I can swaddle him forever😪🤗💭 #timeslowdown #dontgrowup #pleasedontgrowup #ijustlovehim #baby #babyboy #swaddle #swaddled #embebabies #mixedboy #mixedbaby #mixedrace #mixedblood #russian #bahamian #haitian #littleprinceervinjoseph2👑 #ervinjoseph #godisgood #godisgreat #godisfaithful #ilovejesus #jesuslovesyou

I just wanted to share this wonderful moment of @nickvujicic prayer 🙏🏾 thank you Nick for being who you are, for being real, for loving Jesus so much, for hugging people you see for the first time, for inspiring millions, thank you for this honor to pray with you 🙌🏻 may Jesus bless you and your beautiful family ✝️ #nickvujicic #lifewithoutlimbs #lifewithoutlimits #virsaviyawarrior #virsaviyaartheart #teambathsheba #prayforbathsheba #pentalogyofcantrell #dreamsarereal #grateful #thankful #godisgood #godisgreat #godisfaithful #jesusloves #jesuslovesyou #ilovejesus

I wish I knew where to start♥️ just everything about this picture seems unbelievable to me I’m so overwhelmed and forever grateful🙌🏻🥺I’m just a regular Russian girl who came to USA to find a different life for me and my special daughter @virsaviya_art_heart 🙏🏾 and now I’m standing here with the person who I was dreaming to meet since I was 16 years old @nickvujicic At that time I was going through a very tough period of my life being a teenage girl who was in the relationship with 30 years old drug addicted person,I believed I could help him to stop doing drugs,I tried to commit suicide,I got married him and got abused by him,I got pregnant and had an abortion then I tried to kill my self again because I couldn’t find any other way to escape that pain he was causing me.Then I had Virsaviya who was so different and I didn’t know if I can handle it without money and any type of help from my ex husband.. Through all these years Nick was in my heart ♥️ I was able to find strength to keep on going because of his testimony.He is a pastor who was born without limbs🙌🏻He motivating millions of people like me and Virsaviya around the world 🌎
Nick travels to a lot of different countries to share his story,to inspire those who is giving up just like I did and to bring word of God to people who need Christ ✝️
Virsaviya was dreaming to meet him since she was 4 years old.She drew his portrait when she was 4-5, I even shared it here and if you will scroll a few years down you will find it.Do you see the book that Virsaviya is holding?I bought it 6-7 years ago in Russia.I loved it so much that I took it to USA with me..and today my roll model Nick Vujcic signed it💕The church Nick visited today is the same church we attended when we just came to USA.Wow Isn’t it something?My dream came true after 13 years and Virsaviya’s in 6 years..but Lord it’s actually happened♥️we was honored to talk to this legend one on one,hug his beautiful self and receive his blessed prayer🙏🏾I want to say thank you Nick for your kind heart,for giving us strength,for brightening our humble souls with your unique appearance for saying that you love us♥️you are truly God’s angel.We love you back

Did you ever walked 7 miles with the baby that cries a lot? I do it now every day and I can tell it’s really hard 😅 I’m trying to go back to my regular workout routine and get in my previous shape but with my son @little_prince_ervin_joseph it’s not easy for sure 🤯but I try my best to stay strong💪🏽 He just crying in the strollers, car seats swings or baby carriers all the time and I go above and beyond myself to make him smile 🙏🏾😩 I sing to him, make jokes and funny voices, dance, laugh with him,play music and Russian Fairetails, shake toys etc. 🤦🏼‍♀️ sometimes it’s seems like nothing helps and I just end up carrying him and pushing my @bumbleride at the same time in the Miami’s hot weather 😰 but I know he will get used to it one day, it’s always hard in the beginning but I still smile and love him to the moon and back💕 and im proud myself for being able to do it all on my own 🙏🏾 also I’m grateful to God for My inventing brain that made the best jogging stroller @bumbleride even more fun and multipurpose for my baby by attaching all kind of toys from @lovevery to the different places to entertain him 🧸fixing the baby positioner(don’t know the brand) and rainbow 🌈 pillow from @blablakidsshop to make him more comfortable when he is awake 🥰 tying up a blanket @babytula to protect him from the sun ☀️ attaching to the telescopic handle the bag from my electrical breast pump @motifmedical that I actually use to easily reach out for his toys, my snacks, baby wipes,diapers and my shaker to stay hydrated while my mouth gets super dry singing non stop for 3 hours of walking 😂🙌🏻 I will post a video soon ☺️ but for now swipe to the left to see how comfy my baby boy looks like inside of the bassinet😍 I heard twice today from people that they want to sleep there instead of my little prince 😂 what do y’all think? Do you like it?🤗
What hacks you guys can share to keep my baby calm and less stressed while I physically can’t carry him?🧐 #bumblerideindie #bumbleride #stroller #joggingstroller #jogger #blablakids #blablapillow #lovevery #loveverybaby #babytula #tula #influencer #inventor #creative #fitthickriri #momof2 #strongmom #healthyliving

To continue showing you guys a small clips from Virsaviya’s birthday so you can feel like you was here with us I wanted to share this special gift that my @little_prince_ervin_joseph gave to his big sister @virsaviya_art_heart ☺️ it’s a personalized book from @hoorayheroes of him and her with their names in the stories and with characters that looks like both of them 🥰 Virsaviya is so happy to have 2 books like this. One of them is her personal book that I will show you later 📖 im truly amazed how you can put your own words in the intro like I did☺️, create your own characters and put their names in each ready-to-go story. I’m happy those books will stay with her forever🙏🏾 #hoorayheroes #book #personalbook #personalizedbooks #personalizedbook #birthdayparty #birthday #birthdaygirl #happybirthday #happy10thbirthday #10yearsold #pentalogyofcantrell #virsaviyawarrior #virsaviyaartheart #teambathsheba #prayforbathsheba #godisgood #godisgreat #godisfaithful #jesuslovesyou #ilovejesus

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