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✨💎Dari Borun & Virsaviya💎✨  Mom of @virsaviya_art_heart ❤️ & @little_prince_ervin_joseph Christian🎚Inspirational INFLUENCER Business @miami_baby_rentals Fitness @fit_thick_riri

It is so amazing how people who love each other becomes like 1 person with similar mind set, preferences and interests. I love my husband and I noticed that now he likes what I like and I have some of his habits🤗 We both always loved a healthy life style even before we met. We both still love to workout and watch what we eating and drinking. By the way we started drinking water in the special crystal bottles but I will share that information with you guys later on, once we will test it out 🙌🏻 But for now we are enjoying our spring break at the pool💧staying refreshed and hydrated by drinking our favorite probiotic tea kombucha @healthade ⚓️💧 by the way my husband @erv_i_am actually introduced me to this drink, I would never knew about it without him. It’s actually very healthy way to replace soda in your diet if you really love soda and can’t stop drinking it but knows how unhealthy it is for your body you should try this drink. This probiotic tea is bubbly and has fruits and veggies juices so you will definitely like the texture, taste and effect it cause to your body and especially to your entertains🙌🏻I also love this anchor sign on it since I’m Christian and I know this sign means hope ⚓️ ✝️ I’m happy I can share this love to healthy life style with my soulmate because it’s really important in relationships to have similar points of view ♥️ I’m happy to take vitamins together, drink protein, eat protein bars, veggies and fruits 🍉🍌🥝 love you baby, thank you for praising me and admiring me even in my postpartum period while I’m not really happy with my body(By the way I have abs only when I stand 🤷🏼‍♀️ when I seat I have rolls that I didn’t wanted to post at this time 🤦🏼‍♀️)but I’m going to work on my body more intensive 💪🏽 starting in April and can’t wait to share my results with you guys♥️
Stay healthy, stay blessed @fit_thick_riri #fitthickriri #ijustlovehim #healthade #kombucha #ifeelblessed #relationshipgoals #interracialcouple #ad #interraciallove #interracialmarriage #lovehasnocolor #soulmate #russian #bahamian #godisgood #godisgreat #godisfaithful #ilovejesus #postpartum #3monthspostpartum #healthyliving #healthylifestyle #momof2

Virsaviya is silly she always like to hold her breath and nothing can make her stop doing it 🤦🏼‍♀️ By the way whoever sees this post please don’t send me in DM that cute turtle who was born with the heart outside like Virsaviya, I saw it❤️ it’s beautiful and I hope the turtle will live long life in Jesus mighty name 🙏🏾✝️😍 just it’s a little bit too much when I see it from like 15 different people sending me that every day on all my 5 pages😄 just letting you know guys that I saw it and @virsaviya_art_heart saw it too 🥰 thank you 🙏🏾 #virsaviyawarrior #virsaviyaartheart #teambathsheba #prayforbathsheba #pentalogyofcantrell #heartout #openheart #grateful #beauty #influencer #motherof2 #littleprinceervinjoseph2👑 #ervinjoseph #godisgood #godisgreat #godisfaithful #miracle #ilovejesus #jesuslovesyou #mixedrace

Happy 3 months to my @little_prince_ervin_joseph 👑 I gave you those beautiful sparkly gifts from @shoplioree so you know that you are my little precious spark✨ who accomplished his first trimester on this planet. People call these first 3 months a four trimester of pregnancy and I absolutely agree because towards the end of the 2nd month of your life I saw how mature you got, you cry less and talk a lot on your cutest language, you giggling every day and make me laugh, some days I can put you in the high chair or on the bed and you will stay quiet for some time 😊 wow I’m so proud of you! I’m incredibly happy I can have you and truly don’t know how could I live without your gorgeous eyes, teeth-less smile, pink lips,chocolate shiny skin and kind soul😭I gave you more than those nice gifts that you wearing...
I gave you my love and patience, I gave you my time and caring I gave you my milk that made you a 15 lbs 10oz chubby healthy boy🤗
You bringing attention anywhere you go, you make me cry because of love I have in my heart, you make me thank Jesus for your existence a million times a day🙏🏾 if I could breastfeed you forever I would🙌🏻 because this is the most touching and beautiful experience of motherhood😭Despite of all problems and pain I went through I could feel how my strength flows into this little body I’m holding and nourish it and make it stronger 💎
It is so amazing how mother can sacrifice with her own body just to give her child life and health. I would sacrifice myself for you over and over again ❤️ I love you 💕
I thank my husband @erv_i_am for being a wonderful dad 💕
And I will never stop thanking my amaizing doctor @doctor_maslyak_official for saving my pregnancy and bringing my baby boy to this world 🌎 #happy3months #3months #3monthsold #babyboy #mixedbaby #mixedrace #mixedboy #russian #haitian #bahamian #blessed #grateful #blessing #ilovejesus #godisgood #godisgreat #godisfaithful #jesuslovesyou #influencer

While I’m still not back to the gym routinely 5 days a week as before I’m enjoying the outdoor workout with my kids @little_prince_ervin_joseph and @virsaviya_art_heart using my own...well and my baby’s weight as well😅
I’m so in love with a healthy lifestyle and @bodybossmethod guide helps me to maintain it in my postpartum months. It’s not only for mothers with the new babies☺️
Practically Anyone(if your doctor didn’t say opposite of course)can do these exercises✊🏽 they look simple but trust me it burns 🥵😄
I love the fact that this guide gives you also some health tips and explains benefits of being active while motivating you to keep on going🙌🏻 I know it’s not easy to find some time and actually strength though your day to workout but I also know how good I feel after each session! It’s all because of the hormones Endorphins that you body release while you are active, this hormones literally makes you happy and energetic, less tired, anxious and depressed! They are manufactured in your brain, spinal cord, and many other parts of your body and are released in response to brain chemicals called neurotransmitters. The neuron receptors endorphins bind to are the same ones that bind some pain medicines. Regular exercise are proven to:
1.Reduce stress
2.Boost self esteem
3.Improve sleep
4.Strengthens bones,heart and muscles
5.Lowers blood pressure
6.Helps reduce body fat and improve body composition
So here you go my beautiful and healthy followers use my code DARI20 to enjoy 20% OFF ALL BodyBoss guides to stay healthy even when you can’t go to the gym 🤗 God bless everyone 🙏🏾🙌🏻✝️ #healthylifestyle #momof2 #motherof2 #postpartum #outdoorworkout #stayfit #influencer
#bodybossmethod #bodyboss #ad #fitmom #healthyliving #virsaviyaartheart #virsaviyawarrior #pentalogyofcantrell #ijustlovethem #teachthemwhentheyareyoung #blessing #ifeelblessed #ilovejesus #jesuslovesyou #godisgood #godisgreat

Good morning world 🌎
From my @little_prince_ervin_joseph
I’m enjoying these last days of seeing him swaddled in @halosleep sack 🥰 I wish I could swaddle him a little longer but he can’t fit in it no more😔time flies so fast 😢 I remember that first month of his life it was too huge for him and my husband @erv_i_am was calling him mini newborn 👶🏽 😅and now he is just so big and chubby like 6 months old baby 😭
I’m so in love with my little chocolate 🍫 please don’t grow so fast I want to enjoy you more being like that 🙏🏾🙌🏻
Did they invent stop growing pills yet? 😂
Have a blessed day everyone ✝️ sending love from my multiracial family ♥️ #halosleep #halosleepsack #littleprinceervinjoseph2👑 #ervinjoseph #mixed #mixedbaby #swaddle #swaddled #godblessyou #ifeelblessed #ilovejesus #jesuslovesyou #godisgood #godisgreat #godisfaithful

My little princess can’t wait till her birthday will come 😍 she is still in that age when she would put bow on her hair and would think she is pretty, but time flies so fast and soon within a couple of years she will be different😭 I don’t want her to put huge hoody on herself thinking that dresses are ugly and bows are stupid 😢 I know a lot of teenagers going through that thinking so did I but I just wish we could avoid rudeness and misunderstanding of morals, love and beauty. Do you guys have teen kids? How you deal with them? Or do you remember being doing weird things while you were teens? Please share
#girly #virsaviyawarrior #virsaviyaartheart #pentalogyofcantrell #preteen #godblessyou #ijustloveher #ifeelblessed #godisgood #godisgreat #ilovejesus #jesuslovesyou
Dress @ittybittytoes
Daughter @virsaviya_art_heart

Would you drink your own or someone else’s breast milk? Do you think it is a healthy thing to do? Please share your thoughts.I drink my own milk along with my son @little_prince_ervin_joseph and my 10 years old daughter @virsaviya_art_heart
I add a frozen breast milk to our smoothies and planning to make some pancakes with it🤗
I want to start a #BreastMilkDari #Challenge
Do you want to join me? 😚
Show the world how you do it 🥛
use hashtags
tag me in your post ♥️
Stay blessed ✝️🙌🏻🙏🏾 stay healthy ✊🏽
#breastmilk #breastfeeding #healthy #healthychallenge
High chair @loveoribel
Dolls @cuddleandkind
Blanket @babytula
Chrystal bottle @qt.foryou
Breast pump @mybabybuddha
Daughter @virsaviya_art_heart
Son @little_prince_ervin_joseph

Is only Instagram in my area didn’t work at all? All my pages were down 🤦🏼‍♀️ How about you guys? Did you have any problems on your end?
Stroller @cybex_global
Blanket @babytula
Son @little_prince_ervin_joseph
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Bilingual kids tips.
If you want to raise a bilingual child I suggest you to follow a few steps.
Speak with your child at home only 1 language until he/she will be able to talk to you in this language. Husband can speak to baby in another language.Baby’s brain can recognize differences in languages since they are born and their brain adjusts to understand certain people in certain language.For example if mom speaks Russian and father speaks French child’s brain automatically will be recognizing what language he/she should use in order to communicate with the person. Of course it won’t happen in one day. It’s a long process and hard work. Your child at certain age might refuse talking to you your language because his/her friends/classmates speaks English for example but you should never give up and be persistent!
1. Since the day your baby is born talk to him/her in the desirable/native language. Do not skip days/weeks on talking other language because he/she will get confused.
2. Allow watching appropriate movies only in that language you want your baby to learn
3. Give books and toys that related to that language you speak
4. If your child responds you in English when you asking something for example in Spanish pretend that you don’t understand and continue asking the same thing in your language.
5. If your child came to another country which speaks foreign language and you planning to stay for living, don’t worry he/she will learn the language fast just because of the circumstances he/she is in.
6. If your child speaks 2 languages and returns to your homeland for unknown amount of time and you don’t know if you will ever come back to the country you left, then you should start to speak to your child not your native language at home but the language he/she might loose without practicing it.
@virsaviya_art_heart can speak,write and read in Russian,Im talking to my son only in Russian as well💁🏼‍♀️Please leave your questions here in comments if you have any🥰
God bless everyone 🙌🏻🙏🏾✝️
#virsaviyaartheart #virsaviyawarrior #teambathsheba #prayforbathsheba #ijustloveher #pentalogyofcantrell #influencer #bilingual #bilingualkids #godisgood #godisgreat

Commercials of the breast pumps and actually all baby products shows slim moms with the makeup done and CLEAN hair reading a magazine on the comfortable sofa while pumping.Or smiling baby while mama is changing a dry diaper to another dry diaper😂(commercials are the best though😂)
I’m looking at them and thinking 🤔 is it just me who have time only for lipstick?🙄Can I at least dye my eyebrows please?Or they are faking and no one actually have time for makeup or to even wash their hair more often than once in 3-4 weeks?I feel like I can never pump sitting and relaxing there🧐 No seriously my hair on the picture is in the pony tail because it’s dirty 🥴 my son is on my arms because he crying when I’m not holding him😭
During the pumping session I’m either trying to calm my @little_prince_ervin_joseph down, either washing my face when he is not crying(rare casesfor 5 miraculous minutes)either doing dishes, cooking, cleaning, changing- oh what a weirdness a FULL diaper 😂 on the DRY diaper(doesn’t sounds like a commercial😅)etc.
Well thank Jesus that now moms have these nice portable, rechargeable, smart and lightweight double breast pumps with special apps and a lot of functions like my @mybabybuddha And now I have so much milk that my baby boy taking a milky baths every other day 🛁
And looking back I really don’t know how I managed being exclusively pumping mom with single manual Avent pump for 15 months😩 for my @virsaviya_art_heart 10 years ago!
But even with all these innovations I can tell that commercials making it look too easy. I just want people to know the real struggle of raising the baby, lack of rest and time, those rolls on the belly(Second picture) painful breastfeeding, clogged ducts, damaged nipples, mastitis( all these when flanges size is wrong) nipple confusion, diaper rash, poops all over the back and head 💩😂 colic, using the bathroom while breastfeeding because it’s the only time when the baby is calm 🤦🏼‍♀️ that’s not a commercial right there it’s a real life💁🏼‍♀️can you relate?I just hope you feel better now and knows that you are not alone 🙋🏼‍♀️ Ask me any questions here about motherhood,breastfeeding I hope I can help🙏🏾#real

My baby boy growing so fast 🥰 he really enjoying his organic educational baby gym from our beloved toy company @lovevery and that green puppy Scout that my @virsaviya_art_heart bought him when I was about 20 weeks pregnant 🤰🏼 #loveverybaby #lovevery #playmat #babygym #organictoys #babytoys #toys #educationaltoys #2months #2monthsold #babyboy #mixed #mixedbaby #mixedchild #mixedrace #russian #bahamian #haitian #ifeelblessed #godisgood #influencer #godisgreat #godisfaithful #ilovejesus #jesuslovesyou

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