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Darian Hahn  Future: Darian CNM 🏥🤰🏽🤱🏽👶🏽. Tattoo addict 💉. Reptile mom 🐢🐢🐉. Puppy mom 💗.

I most definitely am not ready for tomorrow.


Today I wore my “fight against Alzheimer’s” shirt. I do all I can to learn about this disease and help researches find a cure. The government probably just doesn’t want us to have it, honestly. But what researches have come up with and the government does let us have is morphine, and for that i’m thankful because your last few days here were remotely pain free, I hope. Now you’re pain free, though we had different beliefs I know how strong you were in your faith as a witness. I hope soon you wake up in the paradise your God promised and you get to have a life without end at last. Oh, and all the coconut cream pies your heart desires. I love you. #restinpeace

My god is roarin, he’s roarin, roarin like a lion! 🦁
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Monday night date night w my love. ❤️🏀 #NCAA #ncaabasketball #pizzabeerbabes

“Mama always told me not to need a man, but one thing I should know is that I have the upper hand. And if I do indulge in showing him my plans, the one thing he should know is I can also wear the pants, with my fucking heels on looking like a real strong woman. Any daddy would proud to say I'm his. You just stepped into the kill zone, I just keep it real. Have you calling me your daddy, I just tell it like it is.” ☠️

My whole life revolves around these girls. 💞 #literally #beardiemom #pittymom #labpitsofinstagram #beardiesofinstagram

Blessed is an understatement. You’ve brought/bring such great things into my life. Your family is a blessing to me, your love is a blessing to me, you’re a blessing to me. ❤️

Daddy would be so proud of you. I love you miy pie. ❤️ #proudbigsister #shesgoingtobefamousoneday

SO CLOSE TO FINISHING MY FIRST DEGREE SO I CAN MOVE ON TO WHAT I REALLY WANT TO DO WITH MY LIFE WITH MY SECOND DEGREE! Seriously though, being accepted into the general studies program means they accepted my credits from MU and Ivy Tech and all I have left is 51 credits which will be used for getting my certifications in rehabilitation and disability studies, gerontology, and finishing my prerequisites for the advanced nursing program (maybe adding in another certificate) and getting the heck up out of college! The end is so close yet so far 😭

Anna-Leigh’s the best dog-sitter. 🤗💜 #magnoliakay

Waitressing can be soul crushing but it can also be rewarding. Maybe that’s why I enjoy it so much. It’s just like medicine. Anyways, I’m not sure anybody’s name or where anyone was from but I’m so glad I got sat with this party. They had be sobbing like a baby when it came to the end and time to tip.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, to everyone in this party. Not even for the money but for the patience with me and the rest of the staff at Cheddar’s, for thanking me, for being polite, for hugging me, for reminding me the whole time you all were my guests how great I was doing and for joking with and at me. Thank you for reminding my why I don’t get off work until 12am and why I need to get up at 7am for chemistry in the morning. Thank you for calling me by my name and treating me the way I, as a server, deserve to be treated, as a human who makes mistakes but is trying. Calling the managers over and cheering/clapping for me so the whole restaurant could see me sobbing and the birthday cake was just a bonus. You all were the real blessings tonight. So if somehow someway you see this. Come see me again. I’d love to be your waitress again.
Sincerely a waitress who isn’t just in it for the money. ❤️

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