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Has someone called vogue yet? 🤔

Spring is coming and so are insects with this season. They are the backbone of a healthy eco system but their numbers are facing catastrophic decline. Please: do everything you can in order to keep insects alive / create habitat for them. Swipe to learn why. (Source: The Guardian) #climateactionnow #insects

That’s Finja and Lena, both are 15 and in their Easter holidays. They go and protest for a better future on this Friday, because the grown ups, politicians and our economical system have let them down. Those two are true heroines in my eyes and it’s those young women we should be listening to. What they have to say matters the most. Also their signs are badass. 💪🏼 Support #fridaysforfuture ❤️🧡💜💚💛

What's a carbon tax and how does it work? Knowledge for you, quick and easy. Let me know how you like these formats! #powertothepeople #knowledgeispower (Source: thebalance.com)

Yesterday the Cathedral of Note Dame , one of the worlds most important cultural sights, stood in flames due to renovation complications. People were weeping out on the streets of Paris and Instagram was full of condolences and participation. And this made me think: when we see that something we care about is in flames, we’re affected. And apart from the fact that Notre Dame’s fire is devastating: what is with our house, our planet, that is on fire? Humanity has wiped out 60% of wild life since 1970 and more than 90% of the world’s children breathe toxic air every day. According to a report by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change we have 11,5 years from now to avoid a avoid catastrophic environmental breakdown. As @gretathunberg says: “Our house is on fire.” It’s not only Notre Dame that burns, it’s also our existence, our soil, our forrests and oceans that literally are burning down if we don’t act. We need to care about our cultural, but also ecological heritage. I’m moved by this beautiful building burning down, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it and I feel so sorry for all locals that have emotional connection to this building. And I hope some day people will be as moved by the threats humanity is facing due to climate heating. Not only Notre Dame will be gone if we don’t act. / photo by @christopher__burns

Look photoshopped, but isn’t! A few days ago in Iceland investigating on fish farming. Looking at the beauty of this landscape always reminds me of the importance of activism. If we don’t protect Mother Earth, she won’t protect us. Her soil is our soil 💔 Two very important things are happening btw: I will speak at @extinctionrebelliondeutschland’s @xrberlin (follow and support them!) protest tomorrow which is starting off their #internationalrebellion. And: I’ve published the cover of my book on my stories today. Thanks already for your kind and loving feedback. I hope my book will contribute to people becoming more confident and engaged when fighting for what they care about 💪🏼 #strongsoftheart #starkesweichesherz

ᴬᴰ Zero waste is a challenge that I haven’t entirely figured out. Especially traveling is difficult, but at home it’s much easier. I’m also super happy that there’s more and more bulk, package free options in Austria. @planetpureofficial is an austrian company making organic cleaning products that can now be refilled in twelve DM shops around the city (check out my story to see how). In the picture I have their washing detergent and dish soap which I like filling into glass jars once I’m home - also looks super nice, right?I love seeing more commercial supermarkets and drug stores stepping up their game by offering these refill stations 💪🏼 #planetpure #zerowaste

Over at @dariadeh we’ve got a restock of my favorite 100% organic cotton tee. It’s called “Porto” T-Shirt because I designed it when I stayed in Porto for a few weeks to write on my book this January. Btw: I will reveal the cover of my book very soon via insta stories 😍 #fairfashionootd #dariadeh

Now I know that many of you aren't vegetarian or vegan. Even though my biggest wish is more compassion for animals by not eating them at all, I also know this won't happen over night. Here's a little guide for anyone who still consumes fish or knows people who do. Factory farming also happens with fish and happens right under the surface of calm water. We need to end this mess. #artifishal #fishfarming

FRIENDS NOT FOOD ❤️ (also mala as a lamb)

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