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Hi, I’m Daria |Hamburg ⚓️  • simple person • 🙌 welcome | Freelance lifestyle - content creator, smm & consulting Instatips👇

Hey, guys! Our weekend has started👋🏽
Regardless the weather is clouded I’m in a very good mood! ⠀

Summing up the results of the week I can say that it was rather productive!💪🏼 And what about yours?😉 ⠀ ⠀ ⠀

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Whenever anyone asks me what my hobby is, I always answer: “my job is my hobby!😋

And it doesn’t sound strange for me!
What is actually a hobby? ⠀
It is what you love. What you keep on doing and never feel tired. It’s what you do during your leisure time on the first place. ⠀

So, if I am chilling, relaxing while I’m working, can I call it my hobby? I - can!💪🏼 ⠀ ⠀
I just adore my job! I cannot even call it “a job”. It is what I’m ready to do every day. It’s not like a daily routine. I learn something new every day! Dig out new information about digital marketing and absorb it! ⠀

But don’t think I’m like, you know, concentrate only on my job!😅 Nonono!
It is known that many people want their dreams come true and I’m not exactly a special case. I’d really love to try horse riding and sailing! ⠀

What is your hobby? What would you like to become your hobby? Let me know below👇🏽😉 ⠀

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I can keep talking about it all day long! About digital marketing, of course! It’s my passion!🤩

And today I decided to share some things with you that you’ve certainly knew but didn’t understand the fact, that they all belong to the system of DIGITAL MARKETING! ⠀
The rate in which the world of digital marketing changes is enough to make your head spin!🙃 One of the best decisions you can make for you is to anticipate the shifts and educate yourself on trends! ⠀
Just decide which trends below are worth focusing your marketing efforts on and which ones you can ignore. ⠀

🌎Facebook ads

They are still cheap compared to traditional media. It’s no wonder they remain the most effective form of advertising available today in terms of cost and results. It’s a reasonable option for anyone wanting to up their game. All optimized to help businesses reach specific goals. ⠀

🌎Content and context marketing. ⠀

Demands for high quality original content has NEVER been higher. People consume content faster and more frequently. To meet demands in 2018 you must become a publishing force of nature by creating well-through-out content set up for the specific needs and desires of your market. So the right content marketing strategy will help you to deliver the right message to the right people at the right time! ⠀⠀

Are you still afraid of the camera? Get rid of it!
There are 2 reasons to get over your fear of the camera. 📈mobile video consumption is expected to rise by 35% this year!
📈Video marketing generates a reported 66% increase!
Video allows you to engage with your audience at a level comfortable with them. Virtual reality tech is also gaining traction promising even more of an interactive consumer experience in the future. There is no better time then 2018 to start infusing video with your marketing and advertising campaigns. Hurry up!

Those were some of the most popular digital marketing trends in 2018. Stay turned for that😎

if you want me to write more about trends in digital marketing, just let me know in the comments below👇🏽😉 ⠀
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I’ve got HIM. He's hilarious. He's funny. He’s handsome. He’s cute. He’s loving and loved one.He’s calm and peaceful. He’s patient. And easygoing.
He’s balanced and he helps me to find the balance. He’s my teacher and advisor. I learn a lot from him.
He doesn’t speak English, German, Russian, but he understands every single word and I always know what he wants to tell me. He’s the soul of kindness.

I always smile when I look at his hazel eyes. He’s true. There’s nothing faked, forged or false with him. I trust him. I know he would never betray me. He‘s the whole world to me. ⠀

Who am l talking about? Of course about Avin!

He’s been living with me for 3 years. I took him right after I moved to. We’ e been inseparable since the very first day. (By the way, a small price of advice, 😉😉if you live in Germany and you’ve got a dog, it’s much more easier to get aquatinted with people!
They are talking to you, smiling. True dog lovers, I swear!) Well, yeah, Avin is special to me because he is just like my best friend. Every time when I come back home, he runs out quickly to welcome me. He jumps onto my arm and lick my cheeks.😝

When I am going door-to-door, he follows me. When l eat, he eats (often my food🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️, but I never angry with him). When I am free, we spend time together! When I’m busy, he’s always waiting for me.
So, I never feel lonely with him. Isn’t that grate to have somebody who is never busy? Avin, I love you!❤️ ⠀

Have you got a dog? 🐶Write in the comments👇🏽

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Hey, guys! Now is the time for LIKETIME!😍
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Join us and call to your friends! Let’s be active!💪🏼🤩

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Jack of all trades but master of... everything!!!🤗

If you want this proverb to sound like this and not to be “a master of none”, just follow the advice I share with you:

To be well organized is a crustal aspect in successful career and the only thing you can do is a plan! One can say that it is too boring to live in a circle and call it “Groundhog Day”, you know, but it is not actually true! And right now I’m going to prove it to you! ⠀
☀️ Make you own plan! Do not google anything like “daily plan”. ⠀
☀️ Divide the points into three groups:
1. the most important (I have to do it urgently, I have to do it daily)
2. the least important(smth like to buy new curtains to your bedroom😜-I can do it whenever I want to)
3. important, but I have time to do it more proper later than urgently. ⠀
☀️ Choose what way you will follow the status of your “to do things”. It can be in a written form (in a nice copy book or in a special “to do list”) or in your mobile phone or tablet.

☀️ Do not forget to put on the list “time to make my to do list”. Better to do it once per week in order to be sure nothing will changed.

☀️ Do not put on the list: such things like “to lose weight”. Ok, almost every average girl wants to be slim, but It is to DO list! It is not a list of you wishes. If you want to lose weight include in your list smth like “to sign up to gym”, “to bye vegetables”, “jogging 30 minutes in the evening”- whatever, but it should be actions, specific actions.

☀️ Do not skip the things you have to do. Such phrases like “oh, I’ll do it tomorrow”, “I’ll do it later”, “I’ll better go to bed” are unacceptable!

☀️ First weeks will be the most difficult (without any doubt😝). A little gift at the end of the week is always a good idea.

☀️ Vice versa a little “punishment” for the things you didn’t do would be a good idea too. Ok, I’m kidding😹
I hope these advice will be helpful for you :)


Chilling Sunday...

Kos Island 🌴 is the perfect choice for a short trip. We book this trip last week and I am super glad about it. The prices for the flight and accommodations here are very reasonable. Just few hours by plane ✈️ and you can discover beauty of Greek and the friendliness of the locals. It is awesome that nowadays you can travel so easy to different places and extend your horizon. The food here is amazing, I can’t stop myself to try everything! 😍

Your positive action combined with positive thinking results in success. 😘

When I take real vacations from work it is a sacred time. 🙊 #freelancelife .
Every worker needs a vacation, a time to recharge your batteries, let your stress levels sink back to tolerable levels, and just plain give your brain and body a rest.
When you're a freelancer, you might need a vacation more than most – 😃the very nature of your job means that you can wind up working 24/7, when people who work for employers are enjoying those mysterious things known as "weekends" and "holidays."🤷‍♀️
The challenge for me , of course, is how to make it happen. Till now I can do it only for 4 days. What about you?

The Jordan River flows through the Jordan Rift Valley into the Kinneret and then continues down into the Dead Sea with no outlet. It is a place of many important biblical events. However, for most Christians the first association with the river would be the scene of Jesus Christ being baptized by John the Baptist.

According to the Christian faith, the Jordan River is considered the third most holy site in the Holy Land, just after Nativity Grotto in Bethlehem and Golgotha in Jerusalem, because it is the site of the most important event of Jesus’ life - his baptism and beginning of his ministry.

What do we know about Palestine 🇵🇸 ? Before I visit beautiful it I did not know anything, only the small information from the news. Yesterday I was positive surprised by kindness, guests friendliness and open souls of this nice people.
Walked through central Bethlehem. On walking many people, not selling us anything just said "hello" and "welcome" and "good you are here." Situation seemed generally more relaxed than media would expect you to believe. I am so happy to have the opportunity to travel and see different cultures, different mentalities and brake the stereotypes which tv and media telling us. Peace ✌️ Что вы знаете о Палестине? Да в общем то ничего, кроме того, что показывают в новостях. Жалко, что не показывают о том, какие в Вифлиеме живут добрые и улыбчивые люди. Какой красивый старый белокаменный город. Да много что не показывают... а очень жаль... и только благодаря путешествиям мы узнаем реальный 🗺 мир, знакомимся с людьми и расширяем наш кругозор.

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