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Hi, I’m Daria |Hamburg ⚓️  • Work • SMILE • Travel • 😋 check my stories | Freelance lifestyle - content creator, smm & consulting Instatips👇

This months was about football ⚽️ and Russia. 🇷🇺 A lot of people around the world today will watch the final match. 👀 So many celebrities came to visit Moscow. Even @willsmith is in Moscow!!! It is wonderful time! 🍭 happy for my country

What five things could you not live without?
My choice:
- friends
- traveling
- tasty food
- books
- fun

Think positive, be open to the world! Everything is possible.

Moscow is incredible. So much to do and see. Few facts of Russia with you probably don’t know:

😋Giving flowers to residents can be a delicate point of etiquette. You should always make sure you give them in odd numbers, unless going to a funeral, when even numbers are the rule

😋Moscow's underground is perhaps the world's most beautiful

😋There's reputedly another secret metro system - Metro-2 - which links a collection of military bunkers.

😋There are around 11 million more women than men.

😋It has more time zones (11) than any other country, but since 2011 has only used nine. ⠀
😋You can visit without applying for a visa by taking a ferry/short cruise from Helsinki (to St Petersburg).

😋Moscow is home to more billionaires than almost any other city. It has 73 billionaires and ranks behind only New York (82) and Hong Kong (75).
(Source: Forbes)

😋Russia’s Lake Baikal is the deepest in the world and contains about 20% of the world’s unfrozen freshwater.

From Moscow to Vladivostok is 8 hours by flight or 7 days by train 🚂

Welcome to the park of my childhood... I’m still in love with cotton candy 🍭.| сахарная вата - все ещё доставляет неизгладимое удовольствие!

Take a moment to be yourself... | так хорошо быть рядом с семьей.

Sunday chilling mood 👻

Happy weekend! Russia is so beautiful 😍 you have to visit Moscow!

One of my favorite shop in Moscow is GUM. In Gastronom number one you can buy a lot of delicious food from my childhood. For today I have: 👉three blinies 🥞 with fillings: with meet, with potatoes and mushrooms and with red caviar. 👉 eggplant filled with cheese. 👉two pirozhkies and 👉one very tasty Russian beer 🍺

Bye Bye 👋 Hamburg... I am going to Russia 🇷🇺 let’s see what is happening on World Football Cup 2018. #fifaworldcup #fifaworldcup2018

The beginning of the week make me excited because of the surprises that life will bring for us during the new week 😉
All we need to do is to surround ourselves with positive energy and try to see the coming surprises🎉
Wish u an awesome week full of happiness 😘

#sharingideas Because of my work once a week I do a “detox day” - this day I try to don’t touch my telephone and my computer. Not even for making pictures or answering the calls. It is very important for me that once a week I have a rest from the digital world. I love and enjoy it doesn’t what is happening in social media. It is me time.

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