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🎬Benjamin Lil Pnut Flores JR🎥🎙  My name is Benjamin what’s yours 🔓🧠 CLASS75®️ SPEAD LOVE R.I.P. x ❤️

Are you a snack or a meal

It’s getting crazy on this shoot lol


Y’all mind if I praise the lord real quick

Link in bio go check it out

The pictures are dope not gonna lie

How was everyone’s 4th of July mine was awesome spent it with good people//////link in bio for music

I’m dropping my music today on my soundcloud at 3pm go follow my soundcloud link in bio 🔥🔥🔥


I know I know I know the fit is fire (and I’m short)

THROWBACK 😂😂😂 me and my bro @thomasnkuc was getting litt thx @dpmorgen for the vid

Flexing with McDonald’s water cups ya feel me

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