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Darrell Dutton  Hard worker and a good father to my daughter and a loving husband to my wife Philly,PA.


Shopping with my daughter and my mom.
Driving Ms.Chee Chee.

97 Mentality

L.L. Cool Darrell

My beautiful amazing wife's Birthday dinner. Must people call the person they in a relationship with their creep or their pain in the ass. I don't do that. That's corny to me. I call my wife my beautiful amazing wife because that's exactly what she is.

Happy Birthday to my beautiful amazing wife.
Also my second mom, my supervisor, my landlord, and my counselor.
This was her Birthday last year I got the people to sing Happy Birthday to her. She was surprise I did that. Only my second time getting people to sing Happy Birthday.
I saved this picture a whole year just to post it today.

L.L. Cool Darrell

Darrell motivation 516

Was in south Jersey for something. So I said can we stop at F.C. Kerbeck so I can see some motivation.
2016 or 2017 Bentley Flying Spur goes for $225,000.
When we pull up they break their necks. Because when we pull up it's like F.C. Kerbeck.

When I go bury me with the Lo on.
My daughter said she knows that already.
L.L. Cool Darrell

Shopping with these these girls.
I told them if any nutass young buls try to talk to y'all call my phone. I'll be there in a heartbeat. And that wasn't a joke.

When you shovel your car out and park it in the middle of the street. The neighbors going be mad oh well. I grew up in Da Valley (Logan North Philly Hutchinson, st.) I got a little bit of goon in me lol.😂 These SWP (Southwest Philly) people gotta deal with it. 🚘

Nutass snow

Live from the cereal aisle.
I'm on my own top yesterday, all day, and tomorrow.
L.L. Cool Darrell
Long Live Cool Ass Darrell


L.L. Cool Darrell

Hutchinson, st raised me up not giving a f__k. I thought Jordan's , Guess jeans, and Polo shirts was living it up. I knew the D-Boyz, the smokers, the olderheads I knew everybody.

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