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Sandara Park 


이번주는 다라티비 쉽니다. 다음주에 팔라완 파트2로 찾아올게요. 미안해용 ㅠ.ㅠ 싼피디 너무 바쁘시네요.. 뽜.. 뽜이팅!!! Sorry 🙏🏻 no Dara tv this week. 😭😭😭 Been too busy lately. Pls wait for Palawan part 2 next sat. 😰😬🙏🏻 Ssan PD gogogo!!! 👊🏻

💕💕💕 #Repost @__youngbae__ (@get_repost)
#WHITENIGHT #白夜 It's out now!! 💥

겟뷰겟뷰해~ 세영&다라&하늬&나래 💕💕💕

Head & Shoulders with Mario 😀 #HaveItAll

At first, it started as a "Dara Tour" ✈️ not "Dara TV" 📺 but I wanted to film it to capture our beautiful memories together. I was not feeling well when we arrived in Palawan so I had a hard time filming. 🤒🤧🤕 As the CEO of Dara Tour, I wanted to make my VIP client CL to enjoy the vacation with utmost privacy 😉 so I did not take videos of her a lot. 📹 But we decided to share this video with our ever supportive Blackjacks. 💕🙏🏻 We hope that you will like it even though it is short and incomplete. Thank you and we hope you understand. Love you all!

피오피오 + 다라다라 + 추배추배 in 발칙한동거 😆👋🏻

Dara TV episode 5!!! Dara in Coron Palawan with CL 💕 preview

일하는중 😵 폭염속에서도 완벽한 피부를 위해서 커버력과 촉촉함은 꼭 장착해주야~ 된다라!!! 🌞🔥 #설화수 #퍼펙팅쿠션 #촉촉커버 #완벽한쿠션 #폭염 #너무덥다라 💧

쉬는날에도 열일하는 겟뷰 엠씨 👍🏻 열심히 블라인드 테스트중 💅🏻

Dara TV episode 4 (Japan part 2) is out now on youtube!!! Watch my latest video as I share my fave shopping places in Tokyo!!! 😀👍🏻 이번편은 쇼핑정보들이 수두룩~ 고고싱!!!

Adidas 💚

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