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Darah Diaz IFBB Bikini Pro  23 | New York Beauty Expert Founder of @clearlyconfident Comp makeup @dieseldolledmua CJ’s Elite & GLAM Doll Liquid Sun Rayz Athlete

BACK WITH THE BANDS! To answer all your common questions, yes I’ve been loving these and glutes are extra sore cause the pumps are REAL ... swipe to see 🤣

Code: DARAH20 @squat.bands

Had a really awesome, deep caption and Instagram deleted it so now y’all just getting the pic 🙌🏼 have a geewwddd day

Ohhh what a night ❤️ I’ll keep it short and simple but I’m thankful to be a part of this one big family! Thank you @juandieselmorel and @dieseldolls for being the absolute best and making Team Diesel more than just a team❤️ ALSO thank you @the_brolic_baker for making the unbelievably amazing dinner and dessert ... I want more !!!! 🤤

NEW HAIR COLOR 😍 it’s my favorite one to date! I just want you all to meet Alex, my hair God @alexjdbeauty (swipe) !!!! The one that keeps my hair beautiful, bright, and voluminous. Also the one that puts in my extensions 🤗 extremely thankful for him and the Beauty Room team 💇🏼‍♀️💕
Color, cut, extensions: @alexjdbeauty
Blowout curls by @laurendesiderio

CAN YOU ANSWER THIS 👉🏼 if there was no social media, how would life be like? This isn’t to say social media is bad for society or amazing. But personally... be honest 🙏🏼 to me, I believe there would be less stress, decreased amount of people believing that there’s fairytale relationships, influenced by the wrong information and it would be like it was in the old days where people ACTUALLY had to talk. I don’t know the statistics but I’m sure there was less bullying because people wouldn’t have the balls to do to someone’s face because it’s much easier behind a phone. People would stop looking around for clarity and approval by people for what they do every time. Damn, why do we have to announce every step. On the other hand, it helps with sharing a memory, meeting people, connecting with those who don’t live near, growing your business and more. So of course there’s both positives and negatives. In the end, who are we living this life for when social media “becomes your life”... you or others?

Where have “I been” ????.... I’ve been working, I’ve been spending time with loved ones and friends, I’ve been shopping for the holidays, I’ve been off my phone . That’s where I’ve been the past few weeks of hardly posting and I must say, I love it. Less stress and focusing more on bettering myself for myself. One thing I love that I can acknowledge is that there is ALWAYS ROOM FOR GROWTH, even when you’re at “the top”, grow taller. Any way that’s going to further my thinking, remain positive, make me succeed ... I’m doing more of. That’s my thoughts I had to share today... that’s all 😘

Can you tell what’s my favorite body part to train right now? 🍑

Code: DARAH40 @squat.bands

This is what it’s all about: family ❤️ I love you all, you’re the reason why I strive to be my best every single day. Found out yesterday that my cousins @christina.dallacqua and @a_2_da_aqua are having a baby!!!!!! Also, my cousin @mdileonardo428 and Pat got engaged!!! Life is BEAUTIFUL ❤️ my heart and stomach are happy hahahah

Gotta capture it, that’s all 🤪
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Wearing my @squat.bands around my leggings (peep what’s under the peach) cause we all know the goal here is to get dat big booty
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Use code: DARAH40 for 40% off

Do I miss being lean? Yes. Do I love my body now? Yes. Take away from this: I admire my body in all stages. I appreciate the hard work and dedication that gets you to be lean as well as I appreciate my body wanting to go back to its natural curves. I’ve received compliments and bad comments on each stage but what’s most important is how I feel about my own body! If you ever at battle with yourself in which you like best, just love yourself in every form and find balance❣️

Never losing focus 🦄🧚🏼‍♀️

Here’s an old selfie because I don’t have much else to post 🤣 on a real note, I may be silent but that doesn’t mean I’m not working! And yes, working on HARD and I’m proud to share it with you all soon!

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