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Darah Diaz IFBB Bikini Pro  NY, 23 2018 OLYMPIA Qualified @clearlyconfident @dieseldolledmua CJ’s Elite & GLAM Doll Team Fortifx Better Bodies @liquidsunrayz Athlete

HELLO AGAIN I HAVE ANOTHER REFLECTION CAN YOU PLEASE READ 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 I have to say... damn, I’m speechless! The amount of interaction and response I received about this self-care / self-love was amazing! I had people agreeing with me, telling me that they did things for themselves because I mentioned it and to have an impact like that is crazy. I truly love how everyone wants to start implementing self care as I do!! After that, I put in my story that if there are things that you want to come to me about whether you think I have experienced it or just need someone to talk to— THE ENGAGMENT GOT BIGGER! You all had me in tears; the most personal things people were talking to me about and I’m so thankful that you trust in me to want to talk about life and struggles. I’ve always wanted to be a psychologist and even though it’s not my route anymore, I still love it. So thank you all so much... my word still stands I will continue practicing self care. That day I got my brows done, lash extensions, blew out my hair, got a massage, went shopping and it felt great. I will post more about what I’m going to do to make myself constantly be in a positive state because again when I look good, I feel good, I do BETTER! I mean c’mon self care should become a MOVEMENT !!! Also, if anyone is ever having a bad day or something on their mind I would love to help you in changing the negativity into positivity. Let’s all start trying to see the light in this world and do things that will fill us with joy and happiness than rather to feed into the opposite 💕 #selfcaremovement #selfcaretrend #DoingThisForMe #positivity #lifeisbeautiful #selflove

Heyy everyone DARAH IS BACK!!! if you could please read this that would be amazing! So I wanted to come on here and share some reflections that I had. I scrolled through some pictures (kind of shame on me because it made me upset looking back at stage shots) but I noticed a pattern one that I never was able to realize until looking from what my self love was like in January up until now. I used to go to the gym in cute outfits, hair done even if it’s nicely slicked back, little bit of mascara and I just looked lively and happy. One thing that I noticed as the months went on that I started to care less about my physical appearance, I started making excuses. “Ohh I have cardio I’m going to sweat anyway I don’t need a blow out this week” “I’ll push to get my nails done one more week” but then this past month when I started to do it again I felt beautiful. Self care is SO important and I let that slide and I never want to do that again. When you feel great everything else around you will feel great and you’ll do great. Ever have an awesome workout a day you’re wearing a new outfit? Well it’s not a coincidence!!! So what I’m going to focus on and REALLY work towards is that this self care pattern becomes normal. Somethings I’m going to do more often are: alone time, nails, massages, hair blow outs, self tan, lash extensions, be more fashionable and more! Do any of you ever feel this? Well you’re not alone🤗

What was a dream to me became a nightmare. As you guys saw from my stories or didn’t see and ask how the numbers jumped from 5 to 7 it’s because I was in urgent care the morning of the show due to food poisoning. Hour by hour, rest, medication and support are making me feel/get better. I just wanted to say thank you for everyone who reached out to me. When I say I’ve never received so much love and messages before it actually made me really calm and happy to see that you all believe in me that this was just a bump. You know what, you’re right! I will not let this hurt me I’m only going to build off this. It was so hard to not be able to represent myself, team, IFBB and New York and showcase all my hard work but you know what, life works in mysterious ways and the next outcome will be 10x better. No matter how this weekend went I’m still an Olympian. I made it here along with all the other amazing, strong, beautiful athletes and I will not take it for granted of how proud I am of all of us. I may not have walked on that stage but I’ve made it here and I pushed 💙 so I just want to thank @mrolympiallc , President Mr. Manion, Steve Weinberger, Robin Chang, all the Olympia officials, judges and more for constantly putting on a great show, giving amazing hospitality and this opportunity! I also want to thank my boyfriend, family, sponsors, coaches and all of you again even though I said thank you I can’t say it enough, I truly mean it your words pushed me. To end on a positive note, i will be back next year, I can promise that... back and BETTER 💙 #Olympia2018

HEYY EVERYONE!! If you’re in Vegas come stop by and say hi!!! I’m at booth #29 with my coach @juandieselmorel 🙌🏼💕 #TeamDiesel #olympia2018

I can’t believe this is happening 😭❤️🙏🏼 @mrolympiallc #olympia2018

Here’s to the ones who always want the best for you as you want the best for them. ❤️ special shoutout to my @bevsgym family, “there’s no place like home” I just want to thank you all so much for supporting and pushing me to be my best. #NYRepresent

Here we are guys... ONE WEEK OUT FROM @MROLYMPIALLC 😭❤️ the tears have been reallllll this week. No joke, randomly crying and not for “no reason” simply because I am so proud of myself. I am honored to be able to be in the IFBB and to step in that Olympia stage in my rookie year😭 #letsdothis #olympia2018 #teamdiesel thank you @npcnewsonlineofficialpage for capturing my routine during the Pittsburgh Pro!
Show: @npcifbbpropittsburgh
Placing: 5th
Suit: @cjselitesuits @suitsmesuitsyou
Jewelry: @glamcompjewelry
Coaches: @juandieselmorel @dieseldolls
Tan: @liquidsunrayz
Makeup and hair: @dieseldolledmua

Let’s do this thangggg we hit single digits to the Olympia fam !!!! #HumpDay
Photo by: @surraca
Makeup & hair: @dieseldolledmua
Tan: @liquidsunrayz (code: LSRDARAH)

THATS RIGHT! Proud to represent @glamcompjewelry always and especially for this year’s Olympia! More than half the bikini pros are #GLAMDOLLS as well! Anyway, 30% sale! Click on their Instagram and into their bio and DONT MISS OUT ! ❤️

Thank you so much @bikinipronews for the #RoadToOlympia interview! I had so much fun sharing my story❤️ link is in my bio!

My motivation and man crush all in one ❤️ thank you for constantly pushing me, making sure I do my best, and giving me endless love! Till the end, babe🙌🏼🙏🏼

It’s me vs. the one I see in the mirror 😈 #gametime #letsgoooo

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