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It’s actually pleasant when the subway cars are empty and you can stretch your feet.
It’s not pleasant, when the trains have to stop at the railroads between every stop due to delays. My commute is long enough. πŸ™„ oh well


You know I got issues, when I post 2 coffee posts consecutively- but PSL and actual pumpkins, yes πŸŽƒ


It's a Saturday afternoon, but just a mini appreciation post. I thank God for His goodness. I get to brew free coffee/tea here each morning to this view.
You may not know what tomorrow brings, but the beauty of faith is that you have unshakeable comfort and peace.
I'm slowly re-learning that... I've been reading God's word each day to give me strength. I haven't felt this much peace in a while.

I'm slowly beginning to question what is a work-life balance...? ☠️ At least the view from my workplace is nice? I get to see lady liberty everyday... A squirrel came so close to my coffee cup this morning as I sat on the bench, it was really funny


Commuting to this view each morning makes it worth the trip. πŸ’•


First days of anything make my introverted insides churn in nervousness. But God's got me. He's going to walk with me through it all. πŸ’•

Excited for autumn, but ironically I took this picture on July 24th.


Happy 21st birthday @yingiethingie!! πŸ˜πŸ’• so glad you love my drawing of @ft.tybearious for you ❀

Can you imagine spending 40 days and 40 nights all by yourself? Can you imagine walking 40 days and 40 nights in the desert? What might run through your mind, as you trudge through barren sand, starving?
Elijah walked though it. Jesus walked through it.
Personally, I really can't imagine what a ridiculous and dangerous journey that would be. But have you experienced emotional droughts... all by yourself? Have you ever locked yourself in your room and avoided the outside world?
If I'm sounding dark, it's because I intend to. I'm sure at some point, we have all experienced our spiritual rock bottoms, when we can't fall or sink any deeper. Most of the time, we hide behind smiles because we're afraid of vulnerability.

I finally had a breakthrough. I won't go into specifics, but God finally answered my long time prayers!! I can't say that I finally reached the perfect place where I reached total satisfaction. That is fatal, because there will never be entire satisfaction in the world, no matter how much fame, money, and glory you obtain.
You will only find satisfaction in Christ alone. *mic drop* ❀

Do you ever feel so alone? Like the enemy is just laughing at you and in your isolation, you're fighting against your demons?
In my daily struggle, it takes more efforts to stay happy than to be discouraged and sad- just like it takes more efforts to succeed than fail.
Maybe it's because simple happiness isn't all I'm after. Maybe my soul longs for something deeper that this world can't satisfy. It's hard when it feels like God is so far away.
I'm so vulnerable in my own skin. I need that armor to protect me again. I need that sword to fight with again. Lord, please come save me again. 😞

Today was such an amazing experience!! I got to see Francis Chan, Jeremy Lin, and MC Jin!! I bumped into a bunch of friends and got to catch up with good old friends πŸ’• I've been looking up to Francis Chan's books and sermons since high school. πŸ˜‚ πŸ“Έ Pics actually stolen from Winnie!!

tldr; I was walking and met a new friend. Isn't this cat the cutest?! Usually stray cats run away from me. Not this fella.

I've been in and out with being down. I was questioning, what does it really mean to surrender everything to God? How do you know when you've given everything to Him or if you're still holding anything back? I think in my situation, when I am still anxious, afraid, and doubtful, I haven't surrendered everything yet... so I asked God last night... Help me to remember how good You are. Help me to remember all the times You had my back and helped me to overcome my trials and fears. I had a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.
When we overcome, we don't just survive. We achieve something something greater than we could ever measure for ourselves. Surrender everything. Have faith. It's easier said than done.
I realized last night... I can't have faith on my own. I need to ask God to give me the kind of faith it takes to believe and trust in Him.

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