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Perry Matè Standridge  Love photography! Pictures are taken by me via NikonD5000 and Droid. Inspiration: Anything interesting. Peace&Love mates!

It's been a long time since I have posted pics. So, I'm going to start back up again. #photooftheday #sunset

This is the photo that was bought from the student art gallery.

Yesterday was the last day for me working on The Collegian at GPC. So many memories, both good and bad; awkward moments; blasting EDM; out of tune karaoke; BuzzFeed quiz sessions; I'm going to miss those times working with the people I had for this semester. So long farewell The Collegian... And GSU, see you in the Fall!

I decided to enter the student art gallery at my school. I wasn't expecting to get any type of award. Later on in the reception, they called my name for this Purchase Award. It was bought for more than my original price of $100. And it's going to be up in the Dean's office. #photooftheday

Great view of the sunset at Georgia Tech! #nofilter

Eating at The Vortex with my fellow journalists!

Drawing 2 still life done in pen using cross hatching, which is my weakness. I still need to work on this kind of shading, so if any #artist would like to give advice, I will appreciate it. #art #photooftheday

Been a long time since I posted a #drawing. This is my take on Mystique. I used Jennifer Lawrence as my reference. This I'd for my Drawing 2 class. #oilpastels #photooftheday #artistic

#photooftheday #disney #art It has been a long time since I last posted. This is a repost but I felt that I couldn't leave this just as a pencil drawing. This is my first time doing watercolor and pen.