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Hanging with the Grays @jleen186 @jgraymatter @katerinaschreck

Charleston nights @katerinaschreck

So you're into equal rights? Then name this famous civil rights leader, I'll wait @pepsi @kendalljenner @katerinaschreck #goinghardinthepaint

End of the wedding season celebrating @california_g_n_a. Congrats Guys!! #geofffoundtrueblyss

The last year with you has been pretty awesome! Here's to 4 years! Can't wait to celebrate in Austin this weekend!@katerinaschreck

Celebrating Bill and Kat with the Terrible Tuesday crew ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️ #citrosparty

Last minute free Lady Gaga Show with @katerinaschreck thanks David Taylor

Hello it's me, Katerina #fiancé

Happy Birthday to my beautiful fiancé @katerinaschreck

Bay to breakers 2017: Space Jam edition

I got 99 problems but this bunny ain't one 🐰

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