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John Heng  Food photographer. Smtimes Food Stylist... Smtimes Prop Stylist... Smtimes Art Director... Always.. having fun!! All images © John Heng.

BTS: Here’s Priscilla @prissyer in action! Make up and hair was spot on for the look and feel! Thank you for the lovely time!

BTS: I personally find it really hard to be shooting behind the scene shots (like good meaningful ones, not like a snap and go) while on shoot, because we are always so involved in the entire aspect of it.. if we are styling or art directing it, our minds are really somewhere else rather than trying to make a good bts shot.. Have also been trying to slow down the thought process alil, hence the usage of a film camera for this.
Here’s a look at one of the scenes... we’ve propped the old school lawyer looking lamp... @karhweee found those old beer glasses and hotwater flask, in one of the outlets.. and we got rockstar designer cum ukulele extraordinaire @samleck printed out the entire wallpaper behind using the same design from the mooncake box!

Wow.. after typing all that above.. haha.. i think we pay too much attention to details!! Life and photoshoots should be simplier!!! Hahaha... kidding.. but thank you, Kaylee and Samantha, for allowing our imaginations to run wild and free, playing, supporting and contributing to the ideas as well. Pls help me to thank the two beautiful ladies who was game to model for us too!! And the superb “In the Mood for Love” make-up and hair by Priscilla, @prissyer was super on point, and thank you so much for ur patience and beautiful work!! And not forgetting the awesome team of @gin_khoo , @jason_hss and @sethxang who has been the most tolerant (and actually having to go thru) of our silly ideas.. I can’t thank you guys enuff.. and the awesome prop support from @hocksiong , Brillyn, xie xie ni!
Ok.. sorry for the long note... din meant for it to be a thank you note... but I guess the feelings just flowed and words poured..

BTS: Here’s @gin_khoo the propmaster setting up a scene for a shot of the recent mooncake campaign for Szechuan Court at @fairmontsingapore
This is also the first time when we shot an entire campaign using LED lights.
Assisted by @sethxang and @jason_hss
Shot on a Hasselblad 503CM, Ilford HP5.
#mooncake #hasselblad #bts #inthemood

Mooncake season is upon us again!! As a throw back.. This gorgeous pink number was shot last year for @peonyjadesg . I reckon it’s still on trend! What do you guys think?! Am really excited to be able to share the current season campaign photos that we shot this year in the following posts as well!
#mooncake #pinkismyfavouritecolour #peonyjade #daphotographer

Call me slow.. but damn... the image quality out of the @apple iphoneX is... amazing! Aka.... #puttingmeouttajobs haha.. but wow... this was shot with the room’s yellowish light... and edited in @lightroom .. and boy.. it looked like it wld have came outta my fancy pants camera and lit properly.. damn... #truffle #pinkismyfavoritecolor #happy #iphoneX #todayatapple

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. Pink dot always stand together regardless of the weather.
Styled and photographed by moi

Happy Pink Dot day peeps! #pinkdot #pinkdotsg

Today’s the day! Super excited.. and super tired.... it’s been a gruelling two weeks at work since “A Taste of Inspiration” workshop announcement at @apple Orchard road. Am actually still rushing the slides... too much stuff that I wanna put in for sharing and yet.. so little time!! Plus.. I have really big shoes to fill after @geekyelephant awesome session yesterday!
Anyway.. am gonna hunker down and finish them slides! Meanwhile, here’s one of the dishes that we’ll be having as “models” later!
Shot on an #iphoneX , edited with @snapseed.shots and @acolorstory
#todayatapple #appleorchardroad

Waiting for @geekyelephant talk on food photography to start at the @apple Orchard Road as part of “A Taste of Inspiration” month! Gonna happen in a matter of minutes! Come by if you are in the area! This is gonna be good! #todayatapple #appleorchardroad

Really excited to be able to share this piece of news.
Am gonna be doing a lil talk at the @apple store Orchard as part of their “A Taste of Inspiration” featuring fellow photograher, @geekyelephant aka Eleanor Tay and illustrator, Xin Li @xinli29288 in the month long program line up.
And for the first time, we’re gonna head out to a nearby restaurant for some handson workshop after the initial introduction at the store!
Click on the link above for registration!
#todayatapple #appleorchardroad

Kaya Ice Cream with Toast, topped with Caviar.. = Me!! Meee!! Meeeeee!!! By Chef @han_lg @restaurantlabyrinth

Labyrinth’s new look, new menu!
By Chef @han_lg
@restaurantlabyrinth #restaurantlabyrinth #michelin

Launch of a new menu for @restaurantlabyrinth by @han_lg !
Stoked to have worked on the press kit for this! More pics to follow!

#restaurantlabyrinth #michelin

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