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Daphne Selfe  Modelling since 1949 World's Oldest Professional Model With Models 1 Europe's leading agency Click signup to Daphne News for an insider look


paulfarnham Daphne Selfe Editorial out now.
Photography @Paulfarnham
Model @Daphneselfe
Styling by @Rosiebess
Makeup by @Rachelfreemanmakeup
Hair by @Dianajmoar
Styling assistant @Ecmcbride
Production. @bee_stewart @quintessentially

hpr agency The Iconic DaphneSelfe - enough said! #EmmaBrewin

Quintessentially latest issue - SELFE Indulgence for @quintessentially @fmsglobalmedia with @daphneselfe @models1 at Albert’s Photo @paulfarnham Production @bee_stewart Direction @heyloza Hair @dianajmoar 💄@rachelfreemanmakeup Styling @rosiebess #hairbydianamoar @evohair #evohair #daphneselfe 💥 “Why retire if what you do brings you joy and satisfaction?” What an honour it was to have the world’s oldest professional model @daphneselfe who has been modelling since 1949, with us for Quintessentially Magazine’s latest issue, The Time Issue. A true inspiration to us all

Exercise and live longer - Is it true?

I was always told to sweat everyday for at least 10 minutes and this has kept me in good stead along with my own combination of yoga, pilates and stretch exercises that I do each morning.

The latest research by medical journal PLOS says that if you don’t exercise you reduce your life by over 7 years. Even 10 minutes a day can stretch your lifespan by almost 2 years.

They say that regular physical activity is essential for human health. It helps to maintain a healthy weight and prevents or delays heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and some cancers. It also makes you feel better while increasing your life expectancy.

The World Health Organization recommends that we should do at least 20 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity every day (2.5 hours each week). This could be a brisk walk or something similar.

I’ve done different things at different stages in my life with the main ones being horse riding, dancing, cycling and walking. I love being active so if there are stairs instead of a lift I’ll take the stairs plus I’ve always done my own housework and gardening which all counts too! Don’t tell me that making up beds isn’t exercise! The important thing is to do things you like and enjoy or make the chores work for a health benefit while you get them done. Plus it’s always a good idea to practise your runway walk and posture whatever your walk in life….. Do make sure you love your exercise clothes - putting them on and feeling good is a great way to start.

Often in our busy lives exercise is the first thing to be left out when it really is so important to have as a top priority.

Feel better, exercise and live longer - what’s not to like about that!

What do you do? Or what small change could you add into your daily life? Do let me know in the comments below:- #exerciselivelonger #exerciseforhealth #exerciseforlife

Am I qualified to give job advice to anyone let alone job advice for the older woman? I’m finding that I’m being asked more and more and it’s a concern for many? As someone who is working happily and successfully at 88 years old maybe there is some sense in directing the question my way!

I was born and raised at a time when it was common for many women to give up thoughts of a career when they married (as they were expected to do) and to focus on home making and raising a family. I was happy to do this and it is a worthy occupation to this day, along with the wide range of choices for women to make for themselves that exists currently. From my own experience I’ve always chosen to do things that I both enjoyed and were needed, whether it was training horses in my younger years or taking a job at the local department store when I didn’t know what else to do. This led on quite unexpectedly into the modelling world. I tried an……click or tap the link in my profile details to continue reading or copy & paste:- http://www.daphneselfe.com/job-advice-for-the-older-woman/

Do please comment below as I’d love to hear if you have any tips or thoughts to add or if this helps in anyway. Maybe you have the perfect job - do let me know.

#theperfectjob #jobadvise #jobadvice #Idontwanttoretire #chaptersinlife #beyourownselfe

Uncomfortable Tights - A Leg Dilemma

As someone who is keen to keep up with all things ‘modern’ there is one thing that I constantly have trouble with. I endeavour to get on with tights but it is always an unsatisfactory experience. I just find they make me feel so constricted and are too tight around the waist. I’ve even resorted to cutting the waist band which looks a mess and doesn’t seem to make much difference to how I feel. From expensive to cheap and everything in-between, I’ve tried them all. Holdups are too risky and slip down my legs which is not a good look and the fear of them descending around my ankles at the most inappropriate moment is too much to contemplate.

As I love to wear longer skirts and dresses I do sometimes wear knee high socks (pop sox) but you do have to be careful that the tops don’t show as that doesn’t look good and is rather ugly. Plus the band at the top which sits below the knee can get uncomfortably tight after wearing for a period of time.

Of course perfect legs on a warm or hot day are lovely bare with a bit of bronzer, moisturiser or oil but many of us don’t have perfect pins or feel confident to put them on show. A sheer tight or stocking makes so much difference to cover blemishes, veins and age spots!

I have to admit I’m most happy in my old fashioned stockings (are they really old fashioned?) so they will continue to be my first choice. Comfortable and secure to wear all day long, with my faithful suspender (garter) belts that have been with me for many a year.

Where am I going wrong and am I the only one experiencing this? On the other hand there are benefits in not updating just because we think we ought to!

Any thoughts or comments would be gratefully received so please do let me know below. (photo from Everybody’s Magazine 1952)

For further info please click on the website link in my profile details

Wishing you a Happy Easter with this
Easter Chick by my friend Sonia

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In bed with Daphne 💕@daphneselfe @tessyopp @ammydrammeh

Sitting on my bed with these 3 gorgeous girls and my Mother looking down on us - what would she make of the iPhone!

PIBE is a quarterly womenswear and menswear journal focused on fashion, beauty and art. For their Spring’s issue called Mentally Strong I did a feature called True Confidence which I thought I’d share with you (click on my website link in my profile). Working with photographer Iakavos and interviewed by Jessie Pink. Questions that came up are:- How resilient are you? Does this word strike a chord with you? How confident are you and would you say you have true confidence? Do let me know in the comments

TRUE CONFIDENCE: PIBE Issue 2 - a taster pic from my shoot with Iakavos for PIBE Spring 2017 - Let’s Play It By Ear. Out now:- http://pibemagazine.com/True-Confidence-Iakovos “age in my case has been an advantage… Younger people seem to want to be like me when they grow old!”
Editorial - PIBE Magazine
Photo - Iakovos Kalaitzakis
Featuring - Daphne Selfe - Model
Styled by - @saradunnstyle
Hair - @mtjp333
Make up - @jofrostmakeup
Dress Amanda Wakeley

Technology At 88
When I was a girl I could never have imagined the technology we have available at our fingertips today. If I wanted to know something I had to go to the Library and search through the reference books or ask someone knowledgeable – luckily for me my father was an academic and taught as a profession. He was always happy to answer my questions, explain things and fulfil my curiosity. Mostly answers weren’t instantly found like they are now. I wrote letters and waited expectantly for a reply which would hopefully come in a few days time. We sent holiday postcards and took photographs and sent the film away to be processed, again taking days of patience to see the results.

The day to day life of a model is easier with technology I must say – I don’t have to traipse around castings with a heavy portfolio as all my shots are online or on my iPad mini in my handbag along with my iPhone. I can receive bookings and updates from my Agent while I’m on the move.

Everything is so much easier you might think – but it’s ……. to continue reading go to the link in my profile or cut & paste:- http://www.daphneselfe.com/technology-at-88/

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