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Daphne Selfe  Modelling since 1949 World's Oldest Professional Model With Models 1 Europe's leading agency Click signup to Daphne News for an insider look


Makeup as you get older is something many worry about or worse still have lost confidence with and stopped using altogether. I get to... read more by pressing the link in my profile

When you love your work and you love cats! #ilovecats #fashionmodelling #modelling school #confidencecourse #beyourownselfe

89th Birthday Celebrating with my daughters Rose & Claire. Purrfect afternoon at the Cat Cafe. Read more in my Daphne News in my profile link. www.daphneselfe.com/birthday-surprise/ #ilovecats #mother&;daughters #birthday surprise

Today is a special day - Daphne's 89th Birthday with a birthday surprise. Thinking about what we could do for Daphne to celebrate with her there was one thing that really stood out. It was something we'd known about but never done before. It combines various things that Daphne absolutely loves - London, Afternoon Tea in a beautiful setting and Cats!
Over the years Daphne has had various animals as pets. From two golden labradors, rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, goldfish, Siberian Ground Squirrels, Ping & Pong, a pet rook called Johnny that had fallen out of a nest that would.......click the link in my profile to read more: http://www.daphneselfe.com/birthday-surprise/
What is your favourite pet or birthday surprise? Do let Daphne know in the comments:

Super model rocking it in vintage technicolour @vintagelondon pop up. #daphneselfe #agenobarriertobeauty. Lovely to see you Daphne. X #queensarmspopup

Are you getting enough sleep? I know that getting enough sleep can be a problem for many of us.  I'm constantly asked why I'm so fit and active and I think a good part of it is down to that fact that I'm a good sleeper and always have been.  Is this just luck?  I don't know about that and maybe it is but I do know the following:

If I have a day where I sit about too much and am not as active as I like to be I don't sleep as well.  It is so easy to be tired emotionally and mentally but not physically and the body just doesn't like it - it's made to move.

How much sleep is enough?  I usually sleep for 8 hours and I like to be up early.  It used to be said that it was the hours that you slept before midnight that counted but that may be an out-of-date thing to say now but I still like to have my bedtime routine and be ready to settle down at 10.30/11pm (unless I'm out in London and back later). When the family was growing up I always liked to be first up - it was my time of the day to have to myself.  The quiet before the breakfast/school routine.  I still enjoy the quiet of the morning - seeing the birds on the feed feeder and the garden in the early light.

Food and drink can affect the quality of sleep.  I keep away from the well-known things like coffee, cheese, chocolate and wine or even a big meal late in the evening and I'm sure this all helps.

I'm a great believer in not worrying about the things that you can't change and changing the things that you can - then there is no need to worry - I know that can be easier said than done but it is a great thing to aim for as worrying doesn't get us anywhere and often upsets us and stops us from getting enough sleep.

To change an inactive day I run up and down the stairs a few times or have a dance break.  Put on your favourite music and dance for a few minutes as they say "as if no one is watching". If you are sitting at a computer for a long time set an alarm every hour or so and take a 5-10 minute break to stretch and move....click on link in my profile or go to: www.daphneselfe.com/enough-sleep/ Do you like my new website? Photo: Gabby Laurent for FT Squared

Beauty Advantage - do the good-looking have an extra benefit?

I read that beauty advantage according to top economists is a scientific fact and that beautiful people have more opportunities than others. Whether this is right or not is another matter but what I was interested to know is that whatever genes and natural looks you may have been given you can fake it - fake it until you make it!

This news means that it is not about having the perfect features or the white white Hollywood smile (my features are very crooked). It is more important what you radiate from inside. The beauty advantage is in a smile and the confidence and self-esteem that someone has or appears to have. A naturally beautiful person is often told continually how beautiful they are and this in turn leads to them developing good self esteem. Seeing a good looking individual signals to the brain that this person is healthy, successful and gives the impression that this person is competent and trustworthy.

Outward appearance must never be held in higher regard than intelligence and abilities but it is never-the-less an important part of the complete package that we are. Whatever looks you have or whatever you personally think about your own looks (we can be our own worst critic) a smile can open up more opportunities and give anyone a beauty advantage. How simple!

Smile - beauty advantage
Test it out and see what reaction you get if you consciously smile more. The world is not always rosy but a genuine smile can make a big difference to someone else’s day and it will improve your own confidence and self-esteem - if it gives you a beauty advantage do let me know in the comments below along with any other thoughts you have - maybe you think it is a disadvantage!. Go to the link in my profile to find out more about……. http://www.daphneselfe.com/beauty-advantage/

Quintessentially latest issue - SELFE Indulgence for @quintessentially @fmsglobalmedia with @daphneselfe @models1 at Albert’s Photo @paulfarnham Production @bee_stewart Direction @heyloza Hair @dianajmoar 💄@rachelfreemanmakeup Styling @rosiebess #hairbydianamoar @evohair #evohair #daphneselfe 💥 “Why retire if what you do brings you joy and satisfaction?” What an honour it was to have the world’s oldest professional model @daphneselfe who has been modelling since 1949, with us for Quintessentially Magazine’s latest issue, The Time Issue. A true inspiration to us all

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Exercise and live longer - Is it true?

I was always told to sweat everyday for at least 10 minutes and this has kept me in good stead along with my own combination of yoga, pilates and stretch exercises that I do each morning.

The latest research by medical journal PLOS says that if you don’t exercise you reduce your life by over 7 years. Even 10 minutes a day can stretch your lifespan by almost 2 years.

They say that regular physical activity is essential for human health. It helps to maintain a healthy weight and prevents or delays heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and some cancers. It also makes you feel better while increasing your life expectancy.

The World Health Organization recommends that we should do at least 20 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity every day (2.5 hours each week). This could be a brisk walk or something similar.

I’ve done different things at different stages in my life with the main ones being horse riding, dancing, cycling and walking. I love being active so if there are stairs instead of a lift I’ll take the stairs plus I’ve always done my own housework and gardening which all counts too! Don’t tell me that making up beds isn’t exercise! The important thing is to do things you like and enjoy or make the chores work for a health benefit while you get them done. Plus it’s always a good idea to practise your runway walk and posture whatever your walk in life….. Do make sure you love your exercise clothes - putting them on and feeling good is a great way to start.

Often in our busy lives exercise is the first thing to be left out when it really is so important to have as a top priority.

Feel better, exercise and live longer - what’s not to like about that!

What do you do? Or what small change could you add into your daily life? Do let me know in the comments below:- #exerciselivelonger #exerciseforhealth #exerciseforlife

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