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DAPHNE K KNOWS  I'm curious & so I like to know 💄Passionate about fragrance, skincare & fitness. Founder of @lajoieskin

Happy Mother’s Day to the unsung heroes, our mother-in-laws.
To those women that help raise kind, confident, emotionally mature males. The type of male that is not intimidated by strong, independent, intelligent women, as they too are authentically strong and secure themselves. These are the type of males that do not need to control or belittle or seek praise from others, as they advocate for equality and respect, no matter the gender.

Now these are the women that I admire and respect the most. I pray that some day, I too can be that type of mother-in-law.

Gym buddies 💖

Two of the most powerful words, because whatever you say after them shapes your reality.

Model: @_kaitlynnkapetas_

Every dancers dream cop 👮😳😂

Training session with @jb_personal_training.
Training for @spartanau

Session consisted of: -2 min Run @ 5% Gradient
-2 min Run @ 6% Gradient
-2 min Run @ 7%Gradient
-2 min Run @ 8%Gradient
-2 min Run @ 9%Gradient
-2 min Run @ 10%Gradient
-2 min Run @ 9%Gradient
-2 min Run @ 8%Gradient
-2 min Run @ 7%Gradient
-2 min Run @ 6% Gradient
-2 min Run @ 5% Gradient
(1) 3 x log clean + press with hold for the remaining 1 minute
(2) 10 x burpees
Times 10 rounds
#spartanwomen @spartanwomen
@over50spartan #over50spartan #inclusivity

Today is a great day for learning.

Happy @lajoieskin customers. This is a snippet of a video posted proactively on Jess's ig story. What makes this even sweeter was that once again, it is not sponsored.
Calmmé a revolutionary antichafe cream.

#testedonathletes #pharmaceuticalgrade #testimonialcustomer

After a long hot day in Sydney, we need a FIX! Some #Calmmé by @lajoieskin for antichafing and a beer!

Thanks @wogboy27
#adventures #traveladventures #calmmetravel #calmmeadventures

To all the single ladies or those that want babies:
Don't let the gatherings with the relatives who question:
1. Why you are single or
2. Why you don't have children, get to you.
Read my blog post, link in bio for some inspiration this Christmas.
Photography by @kaitlynkapetas_

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