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Daphne💕🙆🏼  Dutch 🇳🇱 | 20 🍫| (B)eating anorexia and depression 💉| Nurse student 2nd year 🍶| Yoghurt Barn addicted 🍃| Human concern


Best. Food. Ever. Thanks tooooo @yoghurtbarn 😛🍓💕

WOWWW yesterday I had a UNICORN ICECREAM BUBBLE WAFFLE🦄 (bubble waffle, vanille icecream🍨, sprinkles, mini marshmallows, strawberry🍓, white chocolate🍫 and a cute rainbow lollypop🍭) AND IS WAS SO AMAZING!!💕😻❤️! Had a lot of stomach cramps because of all the milk I got inside but it was worth it!!! I look happy at this picture but inside I was so scared but also really excited 😛

Aaaah tis was a good one! A wrap with salad and falafel and some sauces 🌯🍴waiting for our pizzaaaaaa atm🍕😌

Frappuchinoooo time ❄️☕️

- This monkey shows how I feel atm. Sad, lonely and terrible🍃-
Got a lot messages if everything is okay with me. I'm sorry if you worried but I'm not doing that okay. It was a heavy week with a big breakdown at therapie, a day in the hospital, a relapse in automutilation and a lot of collapsing.. No this was not my week. Lots of love for all the sweet messages and to all the people who care about me! Last friday I had a really nice day in the 'Apenheul' with my 2 best friends! I felt horrible this week but they let me laugh again💕 I will give you an update asap but I'm to tired to write everything down. Lots of loveeeee and take care❤️

You can't buy happiness but you can buy yoghurt and that's kinda the same thing✨ -- @yoghurtbarn, really good lunch from last week 💕 The strawberry crunch with granola, frozen yoghurt, strawberries, white chocolate and strawberry syrup🍓🍫🍶

ATE FRIES AKA POTATO WEDGES YESTERDAY!🍟🥔Aaaah and I enjoyed it so much!😻 Moved a lot so I had not that much guilty feelings 👏🏽 have really good days since wednesday 🤗 so I'm happy about that!🙆🏼

Yesterday I went to the Mumbai Color Festival and it was A-MA-ZING🌈😭😻 I felt happy, loved and so free! I drank beer, ate fries and had so much fun 💕 My friends are seriously amazing, they really are!! Sometimes I'm so rude but they always forgive me for that moment and ohmy I'm so thankfull for our friendship😻😭❤️ And yesterday we had so much fun together and aaaah missed it so much🙆🏼 Also slept 2 days at my friend and it's so great and lovely here ❤️ felt amazing!!! Can't say it enough🤗
Aaaah and in about 23 days, I'm going to Malaga for a little vacation and I'm SO EXCITED🏝✈️

Went out for breakfast together with ma bae @livingmanel ❤️ at @annemaxhaarlem 👏🏽😻 Had an oatie bowl🌾 with vigs, raspberries, banana🍌, nuts, blueberries🍇, coconut flakes🌴, dried apricots🍑 and plums.
It was really delish but I'm so full now ohmylord🙆🏼 I'm really happy to see @livingmanel again. Saw her yesterday but I was really emotionally bc of the treatment at HC and bc of the relapse from Manèl😪 But now we have a lovely time together and go shopping in some minutes yaaaaay ❤️🙆🏼 This afternoon I'm going to school for a meeting with some staff💼 and to have diner over there💪🏽 And later I'm going to Gouda to my cutie @celineveerman to sleep over there and have a lot of fun❤️ ••••••
Yesterday I had treatment and I had such a REALLY REALLY GOOD talk with one of the other clients. She told me a lot of sweet things and told me to enjoy life for the fullest and have no longer a "forbidden food⛔️" list because that should be the reason for my binges sometimes☹️ So I'm going to try to enjoy every single bite and to eat everything I want💪🏽 It's really difficult but maybe it is the only option to have no binges anymore (have no much binges but sometimes and that's making me crazy)🌱


Aaaawh this huge high tea together with @livingmanel at the @yoghurtbarn is amazingggg🙆🏼😻 So much delish foodiessss!! We have some bread🍞 with spreads, yoghurt specials🍶, carrotcake🥕, pieces of pie🍰, brownies🍫, frozen yoghurt🍶 applepear juice🍎🍐, strawberry juice🍓 and tea☕️
We have a lovely day together and missed this days so much, when we are together the whole day❤️❤️❤️

COFFEETIMEEEE!☕️ went to The Hague with @livingmanel because I had an appointment with a teacher from school. After that we went to @foodzie_dh to have coffee and a lunch☕️💪🏽 had a greek yoghurt with cruesli, honey🍯 and some fresh fruit🍌🍓 In about 1,5 hour we'll go to the yoghurt barn to have a high tea!🙆🏼 yesss we are going to eat a lot of delish foodiessss and I'm quit nervous because yesterday I gained 0,2 so I'm scared I'll gain more😰 BUT I'M GOING TO ENJOY IT AND TOMORROW WE WILL SEE HOW I FEEL OR SOMETHING, NOT TODAY💪🏽😋
‼️‼️ And for the ones who are interesting: We'll be live at the @yoghurtbarn while we're have our high tea‼️‼️

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