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Oh Arizona ❤️

“She has a ‘remember when’ smile, because you will always remember when, you first saw it.” - @j.ironword

Ooooo weeeeeeen

Rare sighting: rain in Vegas scares the tourists away

Working on handstands has taught me more than just how to be upside down. It’s shown me: 🌺 Practice really does make perfect. You have to try, fall, try and fall again. 🌺There is more falling than floating most days. That’s okay. Learn how to land gracefully. 🌺Some days are better than others. A shitty day doesn’t mean you have an excuse for a day off. The days I try to psyche myself out of practicing are usually the days I surprise myself with the most progress. 🌺 If you wanna be good, you have to suck first. It took me a few months to actually be able to hold for a few seconds, but I didn’t let my ego get in the way of me trying. ———
So, you wanna practice but you must be wondering: how can you fall without hurting yourself??? A soft landing surface is essential, I prefer sand but yoga mats work too. When I first started I even used blankets/pillows cuz I was really scared of falling 😬 ———
If you’re super flexible like me and have the capability to backbend, it’s easiest to warm up your spine so your can just flip over into the bb. If you don’t trust yourself to flip over, wait to try this without a wall or a spotter until you have enough muscle control to round off. This means falling to the side instead of letting yourself flip over. ———-
I highly recommend increasing your upper body + ab strength via weight lifting and body weight exercises. Building your muscles will give your joints more stability. Added strength will also help you hold the position for longer 💪🏼 I plan to share some techniques with you to help your arm balances soon! Stay tuned ✌🏼

People ask me where I get my motivation from & I laugh because I actually have none... I’ve just forced myself to create better habits. Motivation comes and goes in unpredictable waves. It isn’t something you can rely on, it isn’t even something you have to work hard for. Fuck motivation. It’s unreliable and isn’t worth your time to chase it. Much better to cultivate habits than to rely on something so fickle. 🌺

But how??? Stop making excuses & just fucking DO IT! 🔥

Force yourself to get out of bed. Force yourself to try something new. Force yourself to be uncomfortable. Force yourself to practice over and over again. Force yourself to work. It will become a habit and habits are reliable ❤️ So next time you wonder how someone has motivation... it’s because they don’t even have to think about it; it’s become a part of them. ✨


Photo dump: Tulum street art

Can you spot the kitty?!


Forever chasing the next wave 🌊

Why I always want a window seat 🌅

Back stateside but my feed’s gonna stay in Mexico for a while 😉

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