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Dany Leclerc 🇫🇷  Melbourne

No training no gaining I got that now :-) thanks Simon for the photo and great to support our sport and community and well done SUPVIC !!

Japan what an amazing country you are!! I just had my best salted Caramel Crepe ever 😍😍😍
#Japan #tokyotower🗼 #cityview

KOTC 2018 done and dusted!!! I would say the ocean was weird and sticky in some sections but overall a fun challenging race! The board worked a treat but the paddler would have need some proper training prior 🙈🙈🙈 oh well next year! Thanks to everyone for such a really well run event :-) ok one more day for another run !! #nspsurfnsup #vmgblades #windsurfnsnow 📸@windsurfnsnow @angiesup

Bring on the KOTC 2018 with a new Toy Molokai 2019 17,2x25
Thank you Mitch, Alain, Travis and everyone who worked on this project !! #nspsurfnsup #Perth #KOTC2018 #vmgblades

Slow Mo @tyjudson_ overall winner of the Sand and Sea 2018 Festival water!
What a great event!
#nspsurfnsup #jervisbay #sandandsea #carolina #vmgblades

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