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"So I think I still have one of your toys..." Actual #tbt cause I don't know many other humans that were around when I still played with Power Rangers*. So grateful we got to meet up again after DECADES, and not surprised to discover our personalities and interests followed a similar trajectory after all these years. One day I'll find that picture of us jumping on beds, and one day you'll find that power ranger toy you still owe me. #neverforget
See you again in another decade or two, my friend.

How the Garcia sibs do family vacation photos. @taselgar #rbf
Thank you to my wonderful sister for coordinating this amazing trip, and for all you've given up these past years to keep this family movin forward. We look better when we hustlin, anyway. 💁‍♂️💁

This is the last picture, I swear.
This concludes 2017.
This concludes a lot of years, actually.
I am the luckiest Daniel Garcia of all the alternate universe Daniel Garcia's.
It's time to find a new dream.
Thank you for all of you, ma.

You said it's like a dream to come here
So what do I get to call it?
Let's both find some more dreams to chase, Mom. The future is yours.

To the people we call home. 🌲

You're a mess young boy
Open your eyes and see
All you have is all you need
#nowplaying #opia
Your value does not come from your intelligence, which withers away against time.
Your value does not come from your strength, which falters by night fall.
Your value does not come from your talent, which is forever eclipsed by the sun.
Your value does not come from your riches, which only line your casket in gold.
Your value does not come from your popularity, which comes and goes like the breeze.

No, your value comes from your heart.
Which has beaten since day one.
And hasn't stopped since.
Refusing to leave until you're ready to leave, too.
Which has never given up on you, or the ones you love.
Which has commanded even the smallest arms to lift the tallest mountains.
Which has burned through deepest love and desperation,
a fire even the stars couldn't take back.
Which forever gives and refills and bends and grows and starts again.
Which guides and trusts and yes bruises but never breaks.
Which beats not just for you but for everyone it can stand to carry
from your mother to the stranger to the woman you marry.
Which fights against nature,
choosing sacrifice over survival; être fort pour être utile. We were born to protect.
Which responds to pain by beating louder and harder, for we were taught to let our anger bring more peace to the world.

Your heart skips beats, yes.
And it has changed over time.
But it has always persisted.
So let go of your doubts and be free
Nothing is missing
All you have is all you need.

We live for the adventures. 🌄 (PC: @cheongyunkim )
I wish I could apologize for the heavy thoughts lately, but that’s how life is; it gets hard sometimes. And we get through it. And we grow. Different than who we were; better than who we are.
And in between that growth is the adventure. The laughs. The fear. The kindness. The friendship. The love.
My life has been a miracle thus far. Filled with good people I can never repay. That have shaped me into someone I can be proud of. That have reshaped me until I could learn to be proud again.
I know harder days are ahead. But so are the brighter ones. And that’s what we live for.
The adventures.
Always forward.

Some stars shine, some stars burn.
This one chose to burn brightly.
Nearly two hours spent on the side of the road, staring at stars whose light took 25 years to gaze into my eyes.
Like a council of elders, gathered round to cast judgment on what I’ve done so far with their gifts.
We spoke in silence.
This photo marks the end of a chapter in my life. Because in front of that council I gave back pieces of me that once burned brighter than the rest of me combined.
There is a lot of rebuilding to do.
But there will always be a fire in me even the stars could never take back:
the part of me that doesn't know when to quit.
So if the universe wants me it’s going to have to bring everything.
I did not come all this way to leave quietly. This one will burn brightly.
Apologies for cryptic posts. Instagram is better left as an expression of weight rather than the weight itself.
Let's chat about the heavy shit in person.

How ungrateful are we that we ask for more time?
Was the time we were given not enough?
Complaining about a gift is generally frowned upon.
I've been in a weird funk lately. Not lost, not "finding myself", not unfulfilled; I have climbed these mountains before and I have planted my flag deep in the soil.

I went on a film scavenger hunt today to Twin Peaks, looking for pieces of life to capture and keep for myself. And hopefully understand what questions I'm not asking and what answers I haven't found yet.

And naturally I found streets I became lost in, with no direction. I found stairs. And stairs. And a tattered welcome mat to more stairs. And I found a mountain to climb - albeit small compared to most mountains. And at the top of the mountain fierce winds, barely letting you stand; visitors shouting and laughing as they almost topple over. And I found a bird.
The bird flew still amidst the winds; no goal, no chase. It was riding the waves in the sky, so gracefully as if it truly enjoyed this. It had found its peace within the undying winds.

The bird was what I was looking for. I needed to know that we climb mountains for better views. That stairs were made by others to push us along. That we don't always know what's around the corner, but we must certainly find out - even if it ends up less than what we'd hoped for. That even without a map, we can still find our way somehow if we trust ourselves. And that in the fiercest winds, use what you were born with to ride those waves as they come, and find your peace.
So ride those waves, boy. Find your peace in the storm.

My fellow bitter old New York soul stranded on the west coast. I owe you so much more time and gratitude than I ever offer. Thank you for spending your precious study time on me, and even more for making this similar bitter old New York soul feel a little more at home. 🙏 Congrats on all you've accomplished so far out here, and I will see you again soon!

You never cease to inspire me, sis. 💜🎓

I am grateful for any day and any action and any word I can say to make you smile.
I owe you the world, Ma. Thank you for lending it to me for so long. #mothersday ***
Also all my friends think you're really cool.

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