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Daniel Garcia  Little treasures, somewhere between you and me.


My loves.

I've been down in the dumps a bit too long;
I miss always seeing the bright side of things.
So let's do more of that for a while.
You know happiness is only one smile away
and I got plenty of those to offer.
Don't fake happiness, but let's choose it when it's there!
Everything is gonna be ayokay. 👌
Not intentionally trying to be cryptic with these posts.
Just a lot of scary medical terms thrown around the last few months. Lots of scary thoughts.
But we persevere.
((Ya boi still got his good looks tho. Can't complain about that...!))
PC: @taselgar, zoom in on my glasses and you can see her putting up with my shenanigans for 25+ years #tbt

I've been told I carry too much weight around.
Truth, I know I get down on myself pretty easily.
But when I look back at 25 years,
no matter how messy the process got,
there is nothing I didn't accomplish.
There is nothing I didn't accomplish.
There was no mountain I decided could not be climbed.
"Failure isn't an option"? Failure was always an option.
I just refused.
I tend to look back and only see the trail of mud.
But it's time I learn to appreciate the view instead.
And understand that the new mountain in front of me?
That's going to get climbed too.
And the one after it.
And the one after it.
Think about it
I woke up this morning
I woke up this morning
Gotta smile when I say that shit
I woke up this morning
#somewhereinparadise #chancetherapper #nowplaying

I know I've been in the dirt lately,
But don't think I've forgotten how to fly.
Love to those who never lose faith in me. Thank you.
It's only up from here.

A new selfie for every new phase of life; proud has a new definition today, brother. Chase your dreams and your life as far as it takes you; stop for no one, lest they keep up. 🌤🌈 Head on over to @owinpierson and listen to his story. New days ahead!

If your world is getting too big,
make it smaller,
and smaller
and smaller
and smaller.

Until your gratitude relies on nothing but the sun rising.
And you are free.
This has been an incredibly rough week; reminders that rough days are always waiting. But I'm grateful for the reminders as well that the sun always gets back up. Because so do we.
In the end don't let anyone ever say you didn't put up a fight. The blessed life is upstream.

"So I think I still have one of your toys..." Actual #tbt cause I don't know many other humans that were around when I still played with Power Rangers*. So grateful we got to meet up again after DECADES, and not surprised to discover our personalities and interests followed a similar trajectory after all these years. One day I'll find that picture of us jumping on beds, and one day you'll find that power ranger toy you still owe me. #neverforget
See you again in another decade or two, my friend.

How the Garcia sibs do family vacation photos. @taselgar #rbf
Thank you to my wonderful sister for coordinating this amazing trip, and for all you've given up these past years to keep this family movin forward. We look better when we hustlin, anyway. 💁‍♂️💁

This is the last picture, I swear.
This concludes 2017.
This concludes a lot of years, actually.
I am the luckiest Daniel Garcia of all the alternate universe Daniel Garcia's.
It's time to find a new dream.
Thank you for all of you, ma.

You said it's like a dream to come here
So what do I get to call it?
Let's both find some more dreams to chase, Mom. The future is yours.

To the people we call home. 🌲

You're a mess young boy
Open your eyes and see
All you have is all you need
#nowplaying #opia
Your value does not come from your intelligence, which withers away against time.
Your value does not come from your strength, which falters by night fall.
Your value does not come from your talent, which is forever eclipsed by the sun.
Your value does not come from your riches, which only line your casket in gold.
Your value does not come from your popularity, which comes and goes like the breeze.

No, your value comes from your heart.
Which has beaten since day one.
And hasn't stopped since.
Refusing to leave until you're ready to leave, too.
Which has never given up on you, or the ones you love.
Which has commanded even the smallest arms to lift the tallest mountains.
Which has burned through deepest love and desperation,
a fire even the stars couldn't take back.
Which forever gives and refills and bends and grows and starts again.
Which guides and trusts and yes bruises but never breaks.
Which beats not just for you but for everyone it can stand to carry
from your mother to the stranger to the woman you marry.
Which fights against nature,
choosing sacrifice over survival; être fort pour être utile. We were born to protect.
Which responds to pain by beating louder and harder, for we were taught to let our anger bring more peace to the world.

Your heart skips beats, yes.
And it has changed over time.
But it has always persisted.
So let go of your doubts and be free
Nothing is missing
All you have is all you need.

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