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Daniel Garcia  Little treasures, somewhere between you and me. // @vg.dg

“I wanna give you / more than what you need” *takes her to @costco*

this instagram about to get real gross. pls unsubscribe 🤢

Deeply thankful. ✨ *** The type of days where no photo or caption will ever get it quite right, so all we can aspire is to make more of them.

yo freal can yall stop littering so much like mother erf ain’t already got enough going on as it is?! got damn. *** Shouts to the coworkers and @folarorg for organizing a wholesome earth day river cleanup this weekend! Far more fun than I thought one could have pulling wet dorito bags out of trees and moccasins out of rivers. 🤢

Also shouts to mother urf for putting up with our disrespect as a species all these years and not sending that forest spirit from Princess Mononoke like we all know she could have a while ago. smgdh ☀️🌳

Quick break from the regularly scheduled programming to wish the happiest of birthdays to @zoomasaurus!! 🎁🎈🎉 Looking through old photos to find pictures of us only brought devastating nostalgia and reminders of how important you’ve been to my life since the nearly eight years I’ve known you, and all the cherished memories we have together. Being a kid with you in college felt like making up for lost time, in an alternate universe where we actually knew each other at an appropriate age for our maturity. And boarding my one-way plane to California just to receive one last giant ass heartfelt message from you before take-off only made my next chapter so much harder to start. I’m forever proud of you and so deeply honored to be called your friend. Thank you for your existence and your kindness and your ridiculousness, and I look forward to our third annual ice-cream-in-the-middle-of-december adventure this year! I guess I’m just saying VISIT CALI AGAIN SOON. Love you, zooms

Sorrynotsorry about the double post! Had to document bowling night with the boiz (minus @imergrant and @makinghue), and show photographic proof that I can do better than cannon the ball straight into the gutter every time…! 🎳

“It is worth spending the rest of your life learning this one thing, to be grateful under all circumstances.” Learned this phrase from church growing up, but only now realize I missed the “spending the rest of your life learning this” part.

Gratitude is the ongoing pursuit, not happiness. And not after the bad times, but despite the bad times; within the bad times.

Gratitude towards people. Gratitude towards experiences. Gratitude towards yourself. Gratitude under all circumstances. *** Sorry for the dramatic ass post(s) lately. I swear I’m still 97% doofus, it’s just that nature hikes always got me feelin some typa way. 🌱
Sunday morning hike with @choastyrant (pls make fun of his username) to reconnect with the roots and find a new appreciation for pick-up trucks and @homedepot and measuring things twice before purchasing...

Sometimes we are held down by chains,
Sometimes we are simply holding onto them.
Learn to let go.
Grateful for a much needed recharge weekend with @sophmaster, the master of sophs. There has been so much to let go of this past year. But it’s time to make room for the golden ass days ahead. 💫 #andweback #andweback #andweback

If you need a break, take a break.
Perhaps the most wholesome "first time in Vegas" trip ever. Weekend excursion to visit the broski and some new friends from familiar places.
2018 got a bit too crazy too fast.

I needed the break.

"what massacre happens to my son
between him living within my skin.
drinking my cells. my water. my organs.
and his soft psyche turning cruel.
does he not remember
he is half woman." - @nayyirah.waheed
Remembering that the frontline of feminism should be men, fixing a broken system we inherited, benefit from, and (un)consciously maintain. 🗣 Let's do more than march in 2018.

Somewhere between old friends and new friends. @noraborealis27 finally visiting LA for a long adventure-spree weekend with @eunsoojackiekim and @jesse_c_p! Lost sleep is worth it when the people are worth it. ✌️

Six months at a time. Welcome back and see you soon! 😛 "When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better, too." #fanningtheflames #misleadinginstagramposts #6monthfriends #FRIENDS #LONGTIMEHOMIES #PLS

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