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Daniel Son  Hey everyone my name is Dan, and I'm in love with drawing and I hope you all enjoy my drawings.

"I am Callion, the son of Futo. And I'm here to kill you"

"Hey it's me Futo!"

"White Dragon Fist!!!"

My favorite drawing so far. This took forever but it was both worth it and fun. Don't mind Futo's left eye

"You will never defeat me! Final Ka... Me... Ha... Me... Haaa!!!!!!" Zabieru

"You might've taken my students' home and my home, but there's one thing you can never take. My Priiiiide!!!!!"-Elder Xarkses

"This is my final, and ultimate form. Super Saiyan 5!"

"I am neither Futo nor Aspara I am the man who will destroy you!"

Mumbo (Final Form)

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