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Dante Harker  ☆Travel/Fiction Writer 🌴 ☆Adventurer 🐯 ☆Hypnotherapist 🌎 ☆Photographer 📷 ☆Lover of flowers 💐 ☆71 Countries 🌐 ☆#Sheffield, UK 🇬🇧

Just had an excellent couple of days in Northern Ireland. The #TitanicBelfast is well with a visit and #Galgormspa is a wonderful way to spend the afternoon in stunning surroundings ♨
Though it's the coastline of Northern Ireland that really stands out, so dark and foreboding 🌊
Plus, if you're a Game of Thrones fan, you can have a field day visiting the various sites from the show ♞ 😂

Finally, a little rain has come to green over the scorched earth 🌍 its almost as if the weather heard the threat of the hosepipe bans.
I have a crazy busy week. Plans for Belfast, The States, Canada, San Marino and Paris before the years out, all taking some coordination. 🗺️
On top of that I've started taking on more hypnotherapy clients and I've put a weekend aside a month to carry on writing my latest novel 📖. I sound pretty busy when you write it down like this, yet here I am playing on Insta.
How's the weather and world where you are? ☀

Another week has zoomed by! I did my talks in London and they were really successful. I love public speaking and do it on improving confidence, hypnosis and travel 🐾
If you have any opportunities for me to give an enthusiastic talk please get in touch 💥
This week I'm off to #Hull to learn about stage hypnosis, which is super exciting!
How's the world 🗺 where you are? 😁

If this boat could take you anywhere in the world where would you want to go?
For me, right now, if you ignore Bora Bora, then I would like it to take me to next Thursday night, around midnight.
Why? You ask, well next Thursday I'm giving two 30 minute talks in London, one on improving self confidence and one on hypnosis. And if this boat could take me to just after they are done, when they've both gone well that'd be just magic :) #dh

It is baking hot in the UK at the moment, it's of course hotter elsewhere, but we're just not cut out for it here. Not that I'm complaining, though I am posting this from inside my car, which has aircon #wasteful 😂
So it's half way though the year already, remember those New Year's Resolutions? How they coming on? 😁
I'm revisiting mine now and one of them is was to post updates regularly to Insta, which I've mostly done on the stories but failed in posts, well not one to be defeated, expect weekly posts from now on :)
Any of your resolutions you can revisit? 🤗 #dh

I've made elderflower and ginger gin. Got to leave it a month now, at least, I know, hard! Tried it?
Gin, two spoons of sugar, thumb 👍 sized bit of ginger, half a lemon 🍋 and then stuff it with elder flowers, seal and leave to do its goodness :)

The amazing English countryside. Are you a tourist in your own country? Where's your favourite place close to home? #dh

A sweet selection of flowers from my garden. I got a new camera 📸 to take macro shots with 🌻

Some people know they are on a clear path, they see it and follow it to reach their goals. Others, hack around in the woods hoping to find the magic cottage.
Which one are you doing? #adventure

More snow ❄️☃️❄️☃️ in the UK, though it doesn't quite compare to our visit to #Lapland - would you stay in this teepee for the night? #dh

Pretty amazing flowers to be growing in a back garden in the north of you UK 🇬🇧 Do you know what it is?
How's your garden looking? 🌸💐🌸💐

I guess if it's going to snow 🏂 it might as well be pretty ❄ How's the weather looking where you are? #dh

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