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Dante Hayes  | Elmer Olsen | Shelbs 💕 | Rosedale

Dia gon alli! ⚡️ (If you get that A+ to you)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I love you so much you lovely little shit, you make my days brighter and I want nothing more then to be with you for all of em❤️❤️ From our crazy adventures to our favourite Thai place I don't know what I'd possibly do without your beautiful self being a part of my life, I wake up thinking of you and I seem to always find you in my dreams. You've been such an amazing friend and I love you more then I ever knew that I could 😌 Shelby Bain, I know I will never stop feeling this way for you 😘you're my everything so Shelbsters, mickeybee, snoops, lil peanut, Amy, stinker and my personal favourite lil shit, I love you and happy 16th birthday 😋😍😍

In 1914, when Freud wrote a preface to the third edition of the Three Essays on Sexuality, he baldly stated that the human “... disposition is ultimately the precipitate of earlier experience of the species. Carrying inside them the cumulative weight of evolution, the child is driven by archaic, perverse impulses. In civilized societies, these forces were hidden and rendered unconscious. But under the veneer of progress, there lay a primal sexual force that was vital to life itself.” For years afterward, Freud would look to children, savages, and primitives, arguing that they all lived free from repression. In these beings, one could circumvent the problems of knowing what was normally forgotten and impossible to appre- hend with interior observation. In them it was possible to grasp the mystery of the unconscious. This position was plausible only because Freud and many of his readers, following the famed biologist Ernst Haeckel, believed that all human history lay somewhere in our minds (2008, pp. 117–118).

Well yeah, it's happenin 👀

But he isn't open on Sundays 🚫

Butterflies? When I see you I feel the entire zoo in my stomach 💕💕

Livin without an "exploration" date 🔍

Happy Valentine's Day to my favourite dork 💕💕 (love you mickeybee 😋)

Just don't look them in the eyes @k.imathi

Thank you all so much for all the birthday wishes I love every last one of you!!!! ❤❤ Also creds to the glorious @maxpkr

Y'all may be seeing a whole lot more of this chair 🙄 @maxpkr

Malcolm's doin a fly by

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