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Vanessa Oliver-Lloyd  • Art Witch • Archaeologist • Feminist • “Everything you want is on the other side of fear” • Let’s go there together •

Aaaah, my favorite tool is back! I prefer @ayearofcolour to that top nine thingy. This makes both my Science Witch and my Art Witch hearts go boom boom! You can see your Insta feed in color, you can sort the colors by time, by likes, by intensity and by your favorite color from your feed too. There’s even a playthrough mode 😍 #ayearofcolour #ayearofcolour2018

12. You had me at ________ . I’m a sucker for After Eight but in a pinch Arnott’s Mint Slice will do! 🎄#vs30daysoflists #30lists

Someone started filming a class and someone is very excited ✨ #dansmoncrane #artwitch #creatorincubator #theinnerheroineclass

Yesterday’s Crafternoon work was the first page in my Shadow Play journal. This journal will pick up where the For I Am The Chariot journal left off: a place to explore the darker corners of my being shadows, to undertand some of the layers that make me me and a place to lay down big feelings #vsshadowplay #vsartjournal #artwitch


11. My style can be best described as... #30lists #vs30daysoflists

Inspired by @laurainchongqing’s street scenes, I thought I’d share glimpses of my neighborhood at night 🌙 #thisismyshanghai

@milesb802 and my collaboration, Layered Identities, is in @brush_magazine! In this article we share some tips on how to work on collaborations even when the subject matter is intense ❤️ Hint: it involves lots of communication #brushmagazine #collab #layeredidentities

10. A great start to my day includes #30lists #vs30daysoflists

When your final shipment arrives from Canada and you are reunited with some of your favorite things 🖤 #thisismyshanghai

Freedom is...strong boundaries. Especially with the holidays looming. My aura is done using techniques from @juliacusworth’s Pen + Ink class available with @getmessyartjournal’s membership #getmessyartjournal #vsartjournal #seasonoffreedom

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