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Vanessa Oliver-Lloyd  Archaeologist • Artist • Feminist • Get Messy + Awesome Ladies + 30 Lists • art journal classes: Rituals, Totems, Basic Bookbinding • 21 Secrets •

Kind/Unkind, self-love edition. Releasing what hurts us - really and truly releasing it - is a kindness toward ourselves that I find hard to achieve #getmessyartjournal #seasonofkindness #vsartjournal

You know when a project completely takes you over and makes you so happy? This is what is happening with my grimoire. I’ve filled it with a mix of modern and vintage papers, paintings by my great great aunt, letters from my grandmother, photos and precious keepsakes. It’s already so meaningful and I can’t wait to bind it and then add to it #vsartjournal #grimoire

Memento Mori/Tempus Fugit. I accept death as part of a life well lived and I have no time to waste on fear or bullshit #portrayyourself

My uber talented friend @lifethroughjournals drew this portrait of me and I feel like a queen 🖤 Thank you Sarah, this is somekind of magic 🌙

Lists 13 and 14 #30lists

Week 2 of “Force et vulnérabilité” with @sofia.tirataghuri. This week I’m exploring the notion of fault lines and being the author of our own pain sometimes. Les détails - en français en plus! - sont sur le blog #forceetvulnérabilité #collab #vsartjournal

What a day! I’m glad I spent it with some freaking inspiring women #thisismybeijing

A spread for an online class I am taking. Keeping the meaning of this one to myself. #vsartjournal

I made myself a book for watercolor swatches yesterday. I shared this ultra simple process on the @30daysoflists account if you want to go check it out ✨ #basicbookbinding

It may seem weird to post a photo of grey skies and beige buildings but after four days of intense pollution, we can breathe again! There is no haze and we can see all those building clearly, even the tallest in Beijing far off in the distance (on the left). That deserves to be documented! Thank you Big Wind! #thisismybeijing

I got some really awesome used books when I was with my sister last month. I bought these two for the covers but it turns out that they are the kind of books I wish I had had as a kid. Full of instructions on constellations, sewing, math tricks, making a scooter, organising a lemonade stand, the moon, famous queens in history...and that’s just the girls’ one!
The first 5 photos are of the girls’ book and the last 4 of the boys’ one. These don’t feel as extremely gendered as some of the stuff branded “girls only” these days.
Edit: the last four photos didn’t load because of the Great Chinese Firewall 😭🔥so I put them in my stories instead

Lists 11 and 12. Jindafit is an African dance based cardio class and it is the main reason why I have gotten back in shape #30lists #vanessasfancy #mollomollo

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