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Dan Rubin  📷 Photographer + 📐Designer ✈️ London + Travel (Soon: Italy, Florida, NYC, Iceland) 📧 hello@danrubin.is ⠀ IPA 2018 Jury Member @iphotoawards

This is it! The final challenge in Huawei's #SparkARenaissance Photo Challenge is “Wide-Eyed World” — this week’s theme is all about scale: High, wide, far or near — show your view of the landscapes and cityscapes that make up this world we call home.

The P20 Pro’s AI gave this shot 86/100 — I was exploring my friend @dewiuridge’s farm between London and Brighton a few weeks ago when I took these; wide open spaces with few signs of modern life seem to make me the happiest, especially when the sun is shining and the clouds look like they’re out of a cartoon :) There’s something very special about being able to get to a place like this in less than an hour from one of the world’s busiest cities, and I love that contrast — and only a single vehicle in sight.

Find a high vantage point, get some distance, or interpret the theme in any other way that shows us the beauty of landscapes and cityscapes — then enter your best shots via the link on my profile (and see examples from all the previous challenges on my P20 Pro Story Highlight, too) between now and 04.00 BST on September 6th, and you might be the winner of the last P20 Pro!

And, as before, your images can be shot on any camera, smartphone, or even film, and you can enter as many images as you like, so show me how you see this wide, wide world of ours! 🌍

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Only two more themes to go in Huawei's #SparkARenaissance Photo Challenge! This week, the focus is “Moments in Time” — emotion, movement, and action are the hallmarks of this week’s challenge, and remember: your images can be shot on any camera, smartphone, or even film, and you can enter as many images as you like, so dig into your archive or find something fresh and fast to shoot.

I really wanted to get some powerful motion in my shots for this theme — so I asked my friends @charlie.lower and @zachlower (both talented stunt/rally drivers and photographers/filmmakers) to help me out with some safe, yet exciting driving shots. I couldn’t be happier with how the shots turned out — I used the P20 Pro’s “Pro” mode to drag the shutter (1/60), and shoot in RAW, so I got natural motion blur and 40MP of image data to work with in the edit.

The P20 Pro’s AI gave this shot 69/100 — show me how you capture motion, or those fleeting moments in life that pass by in an instant. Enter your best shots via the link on my profile (and check out my P20 Pro Story Highlight, too) between now and 04.00 BST on August 25th, and you might be the next winner of a P20 Pro!

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This week’s challenge in Huawei's #SparkARenaissance Photo Challenge is “Deep in Detail” — get close, *really* close, and try your hand at macro shots and images that focus on the details.

This was a new one for me, as I’ve never really done any macro or close-up work, so I decided to combine a bit of product photography and landscape (in the reflection, at least :) and take advantage of the P20 Pro’s gorgeous depth of field when shooting right up close.

The P20 Pro’s AI gave this shot 77/100 — the Florida beach provided a great opportunity to get a shot full of detail and texture in the sand, sunglasses, and the reflected palm trees (and the driftwood in my alternate image).

Get out your magnifying glass (or macro lens) and look closely at everything around you — enter your best shots via the link on my profile and you might win a P20 Pro of your own! 🙌🏼

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[reposted at the client’s request]

The next challenge in Huawei's #SparkARenaissance Photo Challenge is “After Dark” — nighttime cityscapes, tables by candle light, or anything else you can think of to creatively capture images in low-light.

I’m most familiar with how the P20 Pro performs in low light, thanks to the comparison test I ran a few months ago in London. I was incredibly impressed with this little camera then, and nothing’s changed while shooting for this theme. Still in Florida, I challenged myself to see what I could make of some of the older architecture and neon along the beachfront, and some less-obvious subjects like bridges. When I lived here, I almost never took photos of the area — so this challenge was also a chance to see my hometown in a new way.

The P20 Pro’s AI gave this image 86/100 — I shot this standing on the beach, handheld, using the P20 Pro’s “Night Mode” to give me lower noise levels in the shadows and sky, and it also gave me a few short light trails as a bonus (especially that plane in the sky). Compare it with one of my other images, shot on an open drawbridge, using “Pro” mode to fine-tune the exposure and white balance.

Now, plan some nighttime excursions (or just turn off the lights!) and enter your best images via the link on my profile! 🙌🏼

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Competition time! 🎉 As promised, Huawei's #SparkARenaissance Photo Challenge starts today — the first theme is “A New Renaissance” and one of this week's creative entries will win a P20 Pro.

Your task this week is to reinterpret or recreate a piece of Renaissance art — this can be based around portraits, landscapes, or even mythology. Your creativity is the only other constraint.

I'm currently on holiday visiting family in Florida, a place distinctly lacking in anything directly related to the Renaissance, so for my example image (shot on the P20 Pro), it was time to get creative and focus on what I could make without any of my usual resources or locations. I drew inspiration from late-Renaissance paintings and ballet, and found a relatively plain background so I could focus on the dancer's classical form, and muted colours. I under-exposed so the highlights would fall closer to the middle of the histogram, and used a location in complete shadow so the image would have lower contrast, and softer tones throughout.

The P20 Pro’s AI rated my image 76/100 — I'm fascinated by how the AI interprets aesthetics, so I'm also including one of my alternate images (rated 58/100) so you can see my images are being judged just the same as yours will be!

Now it's time for you to enter your own Renaissance-inspired image! Use the link in my profile to enter — I'm excited to see what you create! 😃


Exploring Palma’s ancient city walls shortly after sunrise ✨

#leicam6 #kodak #portra800 #35mm (dev & scan: @bayeux_ltd <3)

Need to get back to Palma, can’t get enough of these colours and textures…

#leicam6 #kodak #portra800 #35mm (dev & scan: @bayeux_ltd <3)

Palma’s blue skies and dusty colour palette can have me any day 💛🧡💙

#leicam6 #kodak #portra800 #35mm (dev & scan: @bayeux_ltd <3)

Textures and colours and shadow and light for days… ✨

#leicam6 #kodak #portra800 #35mm (dev & scan: @bayeux_ltd <3)

Most of you know about my recent test of the low-light performance of Huawei's P20 Pro — if you're in London, you probably saw my images on the cover of various magazines around the city, too.

It's the most impressive smartphone camera I've used to date, and now I get to give away 5 of them over the next 5 weeks as part of a competition in partnership with Huawei, with a unique twist that got my attention: Competition entries, as well as my own example images for each theme, will be evaluated and rated by the same AI that powers the P20 Pro camera.

I've continued to test the P20 Pro in various conditions on my travels over the last few months (like this 18:9 shot from Palma), including the artificial intelligence built into the camera software. As someone who's advocated for more in-camera AI for years, it's exciting to see what Huawei has built on top of the research conducted by UC Irvine, Adobe Research, and others, and I'm very curious to see how it evaluates my own images over the course of the coming weeks.


To enter the Huawei #SparkaRenaissance Photo Challenge (I'll announce the first theme this Thursday, July 12th), you will need to submit your own photo based on the theme for each week. The P20 Pro's AI will review and rate every entry, and I'll select a winning image each week from the top AI-rated submissions. Each week's winner will receive a P20 Pro (!), plus a chance to win a trip to Florence, Italy, this September!

Check out the link on my profile for more about the competition, and stay tuned for Thursday's announcement of the first theme — good luck! 🙌🏼

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Chasing light in Palma last month. Not sure I could ever get tired of these streets ✨

#leicam6 #kodak #portra800 #35mm (dev & scan: @bayeux_ltd <3)

Akash, 2018 #makeportraits

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