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Dan Rubin  Saudade; Sehnsucht. Nomad (Travel + London + NYC) 📷 Photographer 📐 Designer + 🎨 Creative Director 🎵 Music Producer 📧 hello@danrubin.is


Music: Wish It Weren’t / Emily Denton (@emdmusic)

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New York 💞 I’ve decided to spend a few days in Brooklyn and NYC this coming week.

My dad was born in Brooklyn and he lived / worked in Manhattan for a few years in his 20s — ever since a trip I took with him 10 years ago (his first time back in the city since the early 1970s) my visits to NYC have felt connected with part of his history there; I remember dad commenting on how many things were still the same as he remembered, and how few things had changed.

After he passed away two years ago, any time I’ve spent in NYC has been even more special. I nearly skipped this extension to my family visit as the money ought to be going elsewhere, but in the end, I’d rather see a few friends and wander streets he might have walked down when he was more than 10 years younger than I am now.

I love that I don’t have to try too hard to imagine what most of it looked like back then. Miss you, pop.

Icelandic horses are my favourite 💞

Need more sunshine in my life… where would you escape to?

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Caoimhe, 2017 #makeportraits

Allan, November 2017 #makeportraits

24 hours later and I still smell like a campfire. This is 100% OK with me 👌🏼

Big thanks to @zachlower for hosting a fun day out on the South coast yesterday. Check out his work, it’s crazy good. #leicaq

Canary Wharf, just before dawn… #imaginarymagnitude

Sunrise, Dubai

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