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Daniel Coulter Reynolds 

this girl deserves to attend a safe school where she never has to fear for her life. I need her. just like the parents who lost their children yesterday needed their most precious ones. I can’t imagine the pain. this country must change. we don’t need AR-15s in our homes. our forefathers did not create the constitution in this climate and with these guns. #gunreformnow


some things in our life are too personal to share. Others are too important to hold on to. Last night Aja went into arrows room late in the night because she heard quiet crying in her room. She asked her what was wrong. Arrow said “I’m crying because white people killed Martin Luther King and they shouldn’t have done that because he was a good man. I don’t know why white people are so mean to black people. I just want to go around and tell everyone I’m sorry. ”Aja said “well you know, you can be anyone you want and make a real difference in the world. You can fight for people.” Arrow said “but I’m really scared to do that because I might get shot”

such a jam @thisislany

heading for a night out w the mamacita

this girl will be raised to know that we are all equal, even when our government says otherwise.

‪welcome to this beautiful world Gia James and Coco Rae‬

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