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Danny kovalak  Butler class 2021

I may not be a brownie but she still loves me🤷🏻‍♂️#happynationalbestfriendday #dateyourbestfriend this girl makes my smile that much bigger can’t wait to see you again. Until then, love you💜

She stole my heart but I have no problem letting her keep it💜💜

So camp is a little over 6 months away and that’s both wonderful and terrible news. It’s great that’s it’s getting closer but I still have to wait another 6 months to see a family unlike any other, I love so much about that place but above all I love the people that I have grown so close with, the people god has blessed me with and I just miss them a little more today☦️❤️☦️

So the first semester has come to a close and I can say a lot has happened the most important of which was meeting this girl right here💜. Everything else is going great and I truly have found a second home but she makes college everything I ever dreamed of. I was truly blessed to find someone like her and to be able to call her my best friend. Thanks for a wonderful first semester 💜Erica💜 and I cannot wait for all the adventures to follow.

Karl was more than just a soccer coach, he did more than push me to be my best on the field he taught me how to be my best off the field. He may be gone but he will always be part of who I am, his memory will truly live on. Please pray for him, this man is truly gone too soon. Rest In Peace Karl ❤️⚽️❤️

Friends come and go but i hope these two are here to stay. I couldn't imagine college without these two lovely ladies. I'm so extremely lucky to have gotten to know them and i can't wait for the countless memories to come our way.💜💜💜

A serious shout-out to my personal favorite camp counselor of all time, i spent about 45 minutes on the phone with him Saturday night and it truly made my week it was a pleasant suprise to hear from one of my personal heros in life, thank you for being there for me and thanks for serving and sacrificing so much, may god grant you many many years and again thank you so much for talking and taking time our of your life to volunteer at camp vlads. 💚☦💚

Hey i know I'm 5 hours away but i still wanted to say happy birthday sis miss you a ton and save a piece of cake for me love you kat

The last four years would not have been the same without you, Sav.. Thank you for everything both small and big. Becoming friends was one of the only good decisions I made in high school--don't worry I won't forget you there is no way I ever could. School won't be the same without you.❤

There are so many things to say, my date was my bestfriend or that my date was the most beautiful girl in the room, I could talk about how well my group knew how to dance, but in the end I guess the right thing to say is thanks to everyone especially my best friend Natalie for making senior prom a night to remember❤❤❤

Thank you to everyone who has helped in this process I am proud to announce that I will be attending the university of butler in the fall #butler bound #futurebulldog#goDawgs💙💙💙

Don't believe in camp crushes, just look at the way this man looks at that tree #catalpa4life

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