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Danny Way  DC shoes, Plan B, WeedMaps, XYZ, Indy, Ethika, Boneless, Bones, pacificdrive and Slumerican.

PlanB Skateboards proudly welcomes @trevormcclung to the pro team 👏 Trevor’s Pro models are available now 👍@planbofficial Represent

Nothing like having good energy in the mix to support you while your battling a trick .. mission complete 🙏 #weskremer @dcshoes @dc_skateboarding @blabacphoto @jimmy_astleford @rochelletobey #washintonstreetskatepark #wsvt

Nothing like the feeling of a Front Side 5 on the # megaramp #dreamland @bobburnquist hospitality 🙏👊

Come to the @marea.coffee launch party tmrw and find out what we’re up to. Belly up Tavern Solana Beach / 7-10pm 21+ 10$ entry fee / Raffle for charity .. Hyped to be working on this new project with some of my long time home town buddies 👊@alphonzorawls @rob_machado

Occasionally situations happen when Instinct takes over and you have to ride out the opportunity at hand and just say fuck it I’m hanging on to this one . I was trying to get to nose grind but I’ll take the tre board slide 😜 @dcshoes @planbofficial @xyzclothing @weedmaps @independenttrucks @bonelessproducts @bonesbearings @pacific_drive @ethika @slumerican and as always 🙏👊 @bobburnquist #dreamland #megaramp

XYZ bundle offer going on right now where you can choose a SHIRT and HAT for a killer price. Also throwing in FREE SWAG and FREE SHIPPING! Hit the link in my bio and get yourself some #XyzClothing while this offer is still around! 👊🏼 #steveo / #dannyway #XyzLifer ☠️ @tommycaudill @steveo

Everyone should feel love or be loved.. I’m very grateful to have family and friends who I share that experience with every day and know how very lucky I am for that. These ladies @rochelletobey and @rumi_mahina have touched my heart in ways I didn’t know was even possible as well as my boys @rydenway @tavin_sabbath and of course my mom @maryodea ❤️ Happy Valentines Day to all ❤️

Always a blessing sneaking one in right before darkness ends the session . Love skating with my brothers @buckylasek and @bobburnquist at the #dreamland #megaramp compound. @dcshoes @planbofficial @weedmaps @xyzclothing @independenttrucks 215’s represent @bonelessproducts @bonesbearings @ethika @slumerican #DangerZone @thrashermag @pacific_drive

@hitmansteviej_1 on the scene is such good energy .. Stevie and I have built an amazing friendship the last decade or so and it continues to grow. We have a music project in the works that organically formed over the years with @eddie_rap_life @reneerenee1 and my boy @spliftoutmuzik .. we plan to release some tracks soon . #GOBIG project represent ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ @doispassos_studio clips / @bobburnquist hospitality 🙏 #megaramp #dangerzone @independenttrucks 215 @thrashermag represent ⚡️

Battling new tricks can go on for days, sometimes even weeks before I’m content with the quality of outcome in terms of technique / cleanliness .. this process has and does lead to many sleepless nights and many mind fucking head trips. This switch flip manual on Bobs Mega manny pad was the first time I have ever landed a new trick I wanted to get figured out first try of the day . I felt this was a gift from my higher power so I literally stopped skating and just went home baffled by the odds of that. 🙏 Thank you @bobburnquist for giving me unlimited access to your compound my braddah 👊 #megaramp @dcshoes @planbofficial @xyzclothing @independenttrucks @weedmaps @bonelessproducts @officialbelaire @bonesbearings @ethika filmed by @doispassos_studio

I put my orthopedic game plan in the hands of Dr. Bill Previte 20 years ago. Following his mentorship through these countless injuries I have built a career of longevity. He has performed 24 surgeries on me over the last couple decades and has always held out on these shots till now (a cocktail of lidocaine and Kenalog used to reduce inflammation and pain). I’m constantly researching new innovative ways around total replacement surgeries. I have stayed away from any form of cortisone style injections my whole career because it can deteriorate your healthy cartilage and expedite the degeneration process. I recently tried the popular alternative stem cell therapy, which unfortunately had no positive effect. Previte and I discussed if you have no cartilage left to preserve then this made sense for me at this point of my career. I’m currently exploring a synthetic cartilage replacement technology that is available abroad but isn’t approved in the USA yet. I hope this is a viable option as the replacement procedures are pretty much a career ending choice that I will not do. 30 years of pro skateboarding has taken a toll on my joints but my ambition to keep going is so strong. I will not stop until the wheels fall off! In the meantime a little relief from the pain is nice so I can keep fulfilling my internal passion to skateboard the way I like to do so. ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ #drprevite 🙏

Switch 5-0 soccer goal style . Skating with my brother @bobburnquist will always push you and the session to another level . 🙏 #Megaramp @dcshoes @dc_skateboarding @planbofficial @independenttrucks @xyzclothing @weedmaps @bonelessproducts filmed by @doispassos_studio

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