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Chable 🥀| Pianist  Dead

Have you actually tried? Have you pushed yourself as hard as I’ve tried to keep walking? Changing things may not be so bad after all, just give it a try. ❤️

Even in the darkest moments we are in, a shining light sparks as I walk with you, for you have never been left alone in my heart. I love you.

Stay strong until the end even if you get knocked over.

The journey ends here. A new journey has now opened. Thank you.

You will go through obstacles in life and you will face hard times in life. Life is made of choices that you make. Do you want a bad life? Or s good life? You choose your life.

Hiding yourself at the bottom is not always a good choice. Life relies on the choices you make. Everyone that comes across this make sure you double check yourself before you do anything that can hurt or be regretted later on in life. It’s is best you express your self through the beauty of your heart.

Disappearing into fear. It is at times very cold and hurts. It pulls me into the sea where everything disappears. As I sink into the sea, remember who I was.

Happy Easter everyone !!! I'm in Cancun and hope you all have an amazing Easter ! Adventures are endless , seeing all of them in the air gives you a moment of relaxation to see this world we live in.

I respect many artist around the globe and yesterday I got to go see amazing artist at @the14thfactory and got to have an insight on many different artists perspectives.

When time comes together we will begin to experience something so crazy and travel among our lives strongly, and pursue your dreams as what you want to do.

When we reflect against the water remember that this is you and you can reach for what you need deep into the water.

Being so far from something that looks so amazing can lead to a crazy adventure.

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