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🌩Live Committee ™️🌩  Bronx, NY 📍🇬🇭 Money and Go (Official Video) 🎬⬇️

I’m an Addict. I admit it. I pop tags Plead the Saks 5th 🌩⚡️🌩

I’ll never make the crowd fans I’ll make em all Family 🌩@livecommittee🌩

Super unexpected and definitely not unnoticed. Money and Go (Official Video) is now on @iam.ellejones Media site thanks for the Love 💯💯 Click link in her Bio to read and see more.

Life is Short, so while your here Do what you Love and Love what you Do 🌩⚡️🌩

One of the Dopest Records and the Most Fun I’ve Had Thus Far. “Money & Go”, Full link to Film and Music Video in Bio. Stream and Download every where as well 🌩⚡️🌩 @livecommittee Shot By @directedbycraze

Why Shoot My Shot when I Can Slam Dunk In it Like an AllStar 🌩📸🌩 @shotbyblack

They Tried to Take the Soul Out Me. They Tried to Take My Confidence & they Know I’m Cocky 🌩⚡️🌩

Don Life Toss Dice ON on my Off Nights 🌩🌩

If you see us Up it’s because we’ve Down From the Start 🌩🇬🇭💉🇬🇭🌩 #MoneyAndGo

Ever since I was 4 feet I’ve been trynah get it like an OG flipping packs by the OZ every verse it spit is like a whole Key 🌩🌩 #MoneyAndGo

Them my Brothers You ain’t even Gottah Ask 📸 @everythingcolossal 🌩⚡️🌩

If I Cut you Off I bet you won’t stop Bleeding 🌩🌩📸 @houseofmerlot

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