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Danny Blanton  I love bad benches, yeah I gotta furniture problem. (Work: @sketches_projects)

This place is my every year tradition. It's my sanctuary. I'm not sure what I enjoy more. Just going or introducing people to Yosemite. I can't wait for this years trip with record snow fall. Rope swings and lazy river raft rides for days.

If anyone is familiar with Genesis in the Bible there's this enigmatic passage about the formation of "days"... God says "let there be light" calling the light "day" and the dark, "night"... saying there was an "evening an a morning of the 1st day"... what's interesting in this story is that God doesn't make the sun until the 4th day! THIS-is why the Bible is so interesting. What governs the day from the night if not the sun? Now there's debate about the reality of this creation story depending who you talk to but if you step back from the theology and look in to it for its wisdom, you'll find subtle explanations of of practical ideas. Whomever you believe wrote this, is saying that the idea of life is so much more elevated in creation than the backdrop of this environment because the design of time and days was created for that which experiences it and not a product of an aspect of creation. Meaning, the sun and moon and stars as massive and as important to biology as they are, were not made to be co shareholders in creation but instead backdrops to our creation to be useful for our lives. When people talk about the sanctity of life, part of the motivation of that idea comes from a basic philosophical understanding that "nothing matters if not for a being with self awareness experiences it" it's for that reason that many environmentalists demand personhood to animals and natural objects. Because though they are trying to avoid this simple fact that nothing matters without humanity they know everything is measured by "human value"... the creation of "days" before the creation of the sun is a nothing short of a value statement about you.

Early morning chills.

Remember that one time you owned your dream car and it was stacked with bikes and rafts, parked under an 85 year old 100 foot pine tree? Remember the last time you swam in a cold mountain river but the air temperature was hot enough that it dried your back in minutes to a dry salty surface that made t-shirts feel prickly? Remember that one time your day was so pregnant with activities that eating was a chore? Remember that one summer trip that you sank into your pillow at the end of a day, excited about the next but thankful for the cool comfort of a pillow that drowns your day's activities into a lullaby more soothing than you can remember? That's my #tbt #yosemite

Not a terribly rare moment to capture. But a good one all the same. (I cannot get over how happy I am.) I think some people might feel saying something like that invites calamity. Maybe... maybe not.

Les jours sont devenus plus longs. Les saisons changent. L'air froid pendant la nuit est réchauffé plus tôt dans les matins. Si vous vous levez tôt, vous pouvez voir la vapeur de la rosée s'évaporer sous un soleil de printemps. La lumière a une fonte dorée chaude car elle piège des objets éloignés derrière des voiles de rayons du soleil du matin.

La plupart de tout est encore endormi, donc il n'y a qu'un silence calme que brisé par les oiseaux qui chantent les chansons du matin sans interruption de l'agitation régulière d'un jour à toute sa longueur. Je remarque un parfum dans l'air. C'est un mélange de fleurs d'oranger en fleurs et de fleurs de jasmin libérant leur parfum comme si elles séduisent la journée pour se réveiller avec leur arôme.

Mid-day easter colors...
Easter has always been particularly interesting to me. There's all these versions of the origin... the most common (besides the story of Jesus and the tomb) is the story of Semiramis who name was later known as "Ishtar" (Easter) who was the maker of a pagan religion only known as a "mystery religion" of Babylon" or "Mystery Babylon" from her religion, her story is complete w/her husband (Nimrod) being killed but then somehow conceived a child with her by the rays of the sun. In her concept was a belief about the moon being a goddess with a 28 day cycle laying an egg when it was full...This lead to a worship fertility, symbolized in a rabbit... The child she "immaculately conceived" was later killed by a boar (pig) which became a ritual in two parts, fasting from meat on a Friday and eating pork or Ham on that Sunday. This pagan ritual was practiced on into the Roman times amidst the conversion of Constantine who was believed to be converted to Christianity in catholic folklore... its believed that his "conversion" could have been political because it brought with it a larger following among Christians within Rome during a time Rome was falling apart from various internal battles. The other half of "Rome's conversion" was the masking of its pagan priesthood whose leader was referred to as "Pontifex Maximus"... later "Pontiff", today called "pope"... from Rome came all the trappings and traditions that were not part of Christian beliefs. Christianity had none besides communion... yet it's those pagan rituals and traditions that have kept alive a tradition today that brings together family and friends to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. You could get bothered by the vehicle or you can enjoy the ride. It's a time for family and new life... in more ways than one. A counterfeit's job is to give you something valueless in exchange for something valuable. To me the truth of Jesus has merit because of the number of counterfeits.

New life ... easter sunrise service


Tri-tip. 🇺🇸 come over.

There's something about a beautiful woman that motivates a man in a ways few other things can...

I love walking the neighborhood with these idiots.

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