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Looking for inspiration. Maybe looking for headspace

Common scene - uncommon coloring.

Here's a May 22 morning thought: you read history and you can see in linear form the lifespan and impact of someone's life. Yet that someone you're reading about was not representative of the billions of people that lived and died who created the civilization which created the culture that valued keeping record of noteworthy people. There's this brand, I forget its name. They have a slogan, "made to make it". I don't want to hammer so hard on the vapid nature of that ideal other than to say, "making it" isn't always being front and center. Sometimes... it's just being where you're needed.

Train spotting

Drawings... This and other projects are on a page I'm getting going @sketches_projects ... I'd appreciate a follow over there. Thanks.

Good thing days only last 24 hours.

Here's to cold beers, bent back thumbnails, racked knuckles and good memories. (Taken from last month's trip)

Slowing down...

When risk sounds more attractive than the security of your job because you trust your ability. You know you're talented

"Your ears hear the words your mouth speak..." sounds obvious but how many times have you wondered why you can give other people good advice but can't see your own problems as clearly. Or, how many times have you talked yourself out of or into things? What comes out of your mouth becomes conviction eventually bad or good.

Yesterday I went to Almond Surfboards to sell a Secret Menu board so I could order a new one... I ended up trading up for a newer shape WITH a #yosemite #map printed on it. Best "come-up" this month!

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