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I just landed and I'm driving home passing these familiar views.


Kay-kiokio cowboy

I'm really enjoying the local community and the way of speaking when people who know each other talk to each other vs someone who isn't from the island. "Eh - boy, you go fo dis, oh- no?" Or "whatcha-u wha, afta eh?" "Eh brah - wus up, which you da udder night yah?" Most things are phrased in an assertive question. I love it. Such great people, such a great culture to be around. 🌈

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the favor and opportunity I've been given in my life. I don't think I could ever be deserving of it, but I want to try.


Strolling my Sunday's. Saying 'whet ep' to Jesus's house.

Hurt people, hurt people. Whose responsibility is it to break those types of cycles? What's our goal in this life? What's the real underlying goal? Is life about getting as much pleasure and as little pain as possible? Unfortunately lessons come from pain. Growth comes from pain, wisdom can come through pain. Then what 'good' is there in pleasure? "Pleasure" specifically is the hallow substitute for happiness. This is why "things" bring pleasure but not happiness. Happiness is only acquired through being good in relationship with others. Good is found through working for goals outside of yourself. So yeah, hurt people will inevitably hurt people because it's easier to seek what might be pleasurable to distract from our hurt while we still act out in our pain. (Whoever reads these, I don't write them thinking I am some Dali Lama with all the answers. Hell, some of the political things I write because I'm trying to work them out with accountability. So I can be corrected if I am wrong. I was told by a teacher years ago. "The easily embarrassed will never learn." So these ideas might sound as if I'm dictating facts, but they are me being human trying to understand the "why's" to this difficult maze called life. I haven't figured it out. But I am trying to learn)

I'm still thinking on that idea of "the good". Education is a safe subject to unpack this social inconsistency of standards. Betsy DeVos The United States Secretary of Education is vigorously hated by progressives for what they feel are "good" reasons. Those "good reasons" range from a belief that she is unqualified because her degree is not in education, or that she only has that position because she was a large donor. Or that she just isn't intelligent. Are those things true? If they are why don't those same standards matter to the number of ambassadors appointed by Obama that were only large donors? Why didn't experience matter to them about Obama's career or John Kerry? Or Hilary Clinton? Those things didn't matter because the complaints are emotionally motivated but they have a need to feel legitimized in their irrational disdain. If they instead articulated arguments against her based on philosophical differences in strategy, that would at least be respectable. But they can't obviously do that since they would have to justify why more than 1/2 of all the education budget for inner cities schools goes to bureaucrats who have been failing kids for 40 years. They'd have to justify how a government agency knows better where your child should be educated than parents while all the politicians that want to keep it this way have their kids in private school. They'd have to explain why "choice" is such a sacred necessity for women's abortion access but is absolutely evil when it comes to choosing where you go to school. School employee unions collect hundreds of millions of dollars annually from tax payed positions within school districts. They then use that money to help elect Democrats that insure that there is no change in this money grab scheme. Democrat voters always talk about corruption in Republicans and "big business" yet fail to see the gross corruption within the party they believe so much for altruism. This is an example of people believing they are "good" while allowing disturbing handicaps for the less fortunate in education.

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What is "good"? What is considered "the good"? How much destruction can be permitted before something is no longer considered good? Is good only relevant if people are involved? Would it surprise anyone if the greatest evils in history were done so because leaders appealed to the "greater good"? Can "good" be relative? Today there is so much division within our country with both sides demanding that they want something "for the good". White supremacist believe their cause is "good". How is that possible? It's possible because selfishness is easily rationalized by people as everyone wants to believe they are "good". What's wrong or difficult about just accepting what you're doing is wrong or bad? The answer is because our identity and value is based on what "good" we are to our common man. Our value is measured by relationship. Our psyche will tie itself in knots to rationalize our selfish behavior to appear "good" within. It's called "delusional". If you want to know if something is "good", ask yourself if you'd like it to happen to you. In this unfair world bad things happen, yes. But that doesn't dismiss our responsibility to act with integrity and even sacrifice our own desires to benefit those we love or sometimes to benefit strangers you'd never meet.

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