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Wine for breakfast

And then there was this...

Nobody should ever try to drive in Florence... ever.

Local gang...

10 Lessons I've learned in Venezia: 1) Do your best just to wander and get lost. 2) Don't look for the best place to eat, eat when you need to stop walking and order more than you should. 3) If someone is trying to get your attention while walking, 9/10 times you should ignore them. 4) Unless you know how your camera works, your phone is a better option. 5) Never eat by a major transit station or causeway. That's like going to dinner at a food court in a mall. 6) Don't be afraid to have more drinks. 7) If someone is playing live music, stop and listen. (Change your plans to do so) 8) Smoking makes friends. (Not an endorsement, an observation) 9) You can drink from those 1000 year old fountains; so keep your water bottle. 10) Don't use water taxis. 11) bonus lesson: be comfortable with sounding stupid trying to speak Italian. It's better than just knowing English.


I have a list of things I wouldn't have guessed were true about Venice... it's much harder to impossible to find an operating church than an open bar at 9am. Far more Asian people working in the stores than I'd ever expect. 85° feels like 110° when it's humid. And national Italian pride seems to be lost in politics but a strong foundational passion among Italian individuals. (Last is that people still use camcorders)

Hark, now hear the sailors cry
Smell the sea and feel the sky
Let your soul and spirit fly into the mystic.... (I will never get over that song.
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My car is parked in some busted alley way... my Italian is limited to "hello" "goodbye" (which is sometimes the same word) and of course "Una birra, per favore" (very important when its hot!) and I may be lost. So far I love Venezia...

I'm caught between what I want and what I need and what I believe is best for me (and yes there's a difference in the last two scenarios)

There is a specific and necessary to the soul sense of accomplishment about building a car. Every aspect of that car is designed. Ever piece and part has its place and purpose from the size and slope milled into the crank journal lobes to the little plastic tabs that hold interior trim. People think cars are complicated, like too complicated to understand. A whole vehicle is but that vehicle is made up of 10,000 smaller systems and assemblies that are very understandable. This is a 1987 Hunter Edition #landrover #rangeroverclassic made with features in only 1 year for an introduction to the US market. Rover was forced to concede a few aspects to bring them to the US. They use an underpowered Buick 215 engine which Rover called its "3.5L" instead of its European Diesel engine. They were introduced in basic white, black, red so not to turn off American buyers. The 87 had a low posture with a stock 26" tire. This one.... this is getting a built 4.6 rover V8 with a distributorless ignition for ideal firing and power when you need it. It's getting a 2 inch lift to make room for a 31" all terrain tire for more clearance and wheel articulation. It's getting the color it should have had, a custom dirty baby blue customized from a 1973 Toyota FJ40 Landcruiser. This little lady will turn heads and get notes on the windshield for sure.

Right place right time wrong choice maybe while I was driving. (Keeping the country - country)

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