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Danny Blanton  I love bad benches, yeah I gotta furniture problem.

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I think products made to be bought and sold are one of the most powerful and elevating creations of mankind. Whatever the product may be, it becomes a vehicle to transport a customer into your expertise multiplying the lifetimes of an individual. I don't have to expend the years it would take to learn how to build a car... I buy one that's built by people who have and use that time I've saved to invest into my interests selling that experience to someone. One of my favorite things is meeting people who are masters at what they do from every angle of their business. That's @almondsurfboards I've never left there shop without a nostalgic feeling of wonder and joy. Thanks for your amazing work... and thanks for these magical boards.

Packing for my trip...

Saturday evening stroll with my boys (dogs) in my new neighborhood...
You have to give to grow. Give to keep your 'heart' from shrinking. Today's political atmosphere of so many demanding that compelled taxes in the name of altruism denies a tenon of our growth in a decision to give of ourselves. That removal of the human interaction creates an indifference of the real needs of our common man. And a thought...
Making that decision to give rather than having something forcibly taken from you robs you of would be growth as well as robs the recipient of the accountability of how it's spent and the humanity of why they need it. The smaller you purposefully reduce your belongings for someone, the larger your capacity for depth in this life.

Baby on board... #katherinekaren

I love walking my dogs off leash. I love seeing what they do on their time - in their freedom. I've heard the expression "unplug" for most of my life... even before there wasn't much to unplug from. I think relaxing is almost like any activity or skill that takes a degree of acclimation. Almost as if the first few days of a vacation is sometimes acclimating to a different tempo. The more I take time to slow down the more I notice and appreciate what happens when I do. When I do, I find the more I recharge when I unplug.

Coming along...
In the spirit of celebrating victories (small or large), I'm happy to celebrate almost being done with this move but more so, my 'moving' in general. I am so thankful.

Surfing is more fun when the water is not freezing.

Moving day-javu

Got to spend the morning with a truly terrific guy @nicklaparra (who took this picture) I wish the picture was of him not me, however - In Greek mythology there's a story of Titans; all of whom defied nature in feats that rivaled the Greek gods. Atlas was a titan who held up the world on his shoulders. There's no such thing as Atlas but there are men and women like Nick Laparra who shoulder humanity in a greater way than Atlas ever could. You need to check out his podcast, link at @letsgiveadamn everyone has an obligation to grow.

Who is the person or people that determined the spelling of Chinese names in the English language? That person is pure evil. The spelling of many of those names in English makes zero sense.

Been finding some therapeutic escape redrawing graphics from my childhood. #screaminghand

.... attempting for the third time and the last! This 1995 Soft Dash #RRC might as well be a Kardashian... its about to get work done. A circa 1970's Land Rover olive paint transition- custom rack - roof tent - restored 70's bumpers - restored vertical vintage grill - new custom interior, to match its bored out 3.9 to a 5.1L 350 HP complete with custom valve conversion, piston heads, and crank shaft #LandRover engine. Looks and heart and personality. (Edited for historical accuracy for @stevenblack )

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