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Danny Wakefield  I'm a travel nanny always looking for the next adventure. I dream of adopting a child with Down Syndrome and traveling the world with them.

That dirty little adorable face is the sweetest. ❤

I woke up missing these little cheeks and being able to kiss them. Next time I see this little love those cheeks of hers may not be as plump. 😭

It seems as though I blinked and my youngest niece was all grown. How is she almost sixteen when I was just holding her yesterday?

I wouldn't be the person who I am today if it were not for these two standing behind me. My parents have always supported my career choice and a nanny. They have never cared who I love. They have embraced my many identities and loved me as their child. They have always shown me the unconditional love that every child should experience from their parents. It was such a beautiful experience getting to show them what life is like for me these days and how beautiful it's become.

After my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer this year, I was unsure if/when I'd ever get to take another adventure with him. Living across the country from my entire family is especially hard when their health is poor. I'm filled with so much gratitude that this last week I had the opportunity to take him on more adventures and show him some of the places that make my heart so happy.

This picture fills my heart with so many feelings for so many reasons.
My parents are raising my great niece Lilly, their great granddaughter. It's been amazing (and sometimes frustrating) to see how differently they interact with and raise her compared to how I grew up. The same love is there, and yet it also looks so differently. After my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer this year and underwent treatment, it was his relationship with Lilly that gave him a new surge of life to show up and fight with. This little being is taking care of my parents just as much as they are taking care of her. It's been so special to watch her grow and to see the beauty she's bringing back to life within parents.

I'm so in love with this great niece of mine. She's really started walking, ok more of a wobbling, while she's been here!

Dear self, the more you find beauty within the more beauty you'll find yourself surrounded by.

I was trying to teach her the rules of the road but she kept swerving into other lanes so I have to revoke her learners permit. 🚨

When baby rolls are as delicious as a package of Hawaiian Sweet Rolls.

Doing dishes has never been this much fun.

I spent yesterday showing my great niece around Seattle via an Alki scooter tour courtesy of my mom! 😂

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