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Dan  Singer, comedian, and lover of people everywhere!


This might be my favorite picture of Arin and I

Great news for anyone who wants to work at Game Grumps. There’s a yellow Swedish fish in the office candy jar so SOMEONE’S GETTING FUCKING FIRED!!!!

We made some Ninja Sex Party Valentine’s Day cards which you can get for free on the NSP Facebook and Twitter. Share them with those you love or just want to slam! (Drawn by the awesome Beth Kerner!)

Me at 7 years old. Standing triumphantly atop Dork Mountain.

Sometimes I feel like I’m not taken seriously during business meetings. Trying to figure out why.

I’m basically a Wookie at this point

Thanks @buttchamps for letting me borrow your mug. Also, can I borrow your mug?

Enjoying the Super Bowl with my favorite lady, Granny Sexbang!

Throwback to my first day in California six years ago. This guy had no idea what kind of ride he was in for!

This is Maybe. She’s an actual real puppy that is real!

“Summarize yourself in one picture”

Missin my little El Paso homey!

I washed my hair and now everything is relaxed and under control.

A bunch of people asked for a close-up look at my rad make up from yesterday (by @KatBardot), so here you go!

Things are happening over here! Amazing makeup by @KatBardot

Getting back in that NSP spirit!

I have no explanation or excuse for this picture

From the Wish You Were Here sessions

Hanging out in Las Vegas with my dad (Who is concealing his secret superhero identity!)

The Def Leppard catalog is finally on Spoofy! Woooooo!!!

I was pretty excited to receive my “Young Magician’s Starter Kit” in 1987

Thanks to my producer and friend @roachrock for this magical pair of Hannukah socks!

One more hot Canadian forest picture from The Couve!

Beautiful foggy day in Vancouver!

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