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Danni G  🇻🇪Creative Director🇻🇪 at @creatington Los Angeles. Music: www.soundcloud.com/danni-g ུ ༨ ༩ for my visual art follow me at: @butterknive


Since i always get blame for everything then fuck it as might as well embrace it... working on ma new stickers. Thank you @lovesabs for taking over that project 🌹👏🌹 photo by @butterknive model @alearemains www.souncloud.com/danni-g

Just not too long ago when @alearemains and @shaneheathart decided to create a super dope ART show... mr @bobtography thanks for capturing me doing ma thang nice videos bruh...

Red light angel up on an angel light colabo and photo with @ephcto aka #conejo #ali

Even fly with ma sandals shot by @ephcto

I was in the now trend for a bit but now im in the future trend waiting for the now to catch up... the past is long gone baby...

Here is some extra info: the guy in the middle only likes BAD BITCHES @raesremmurd @swaelee @coreydivine now can you blame him for it?

Home is somewhere in the middle of that...

Grinding on the daily #hollywood #50-50 #oldschoolsteez

The good ol frog in ma soup joke ... #lenguagebarrier #frogjokes

Check out ma running on a wheel led hamster entrance... is LIT #islit #lit #elcapitantheater

Thank you @geniuslocifest for bringing flags from every country if jah dont kno im holding venezuelan flag #sosvenezuela #venezuela thank u @brittanyquidang for the shot 🎭#mexico #baja #geniuslocifest

If you like sexy colors, creative fashion, eclectic beauty, weird things and an authentic life style... then follow me @butterknive show some love and support my work and i promise i will keep stimulating you with future retro lights and amateur ratchet spontaneous behaviors

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