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Everyone was taking photos holding the stream in their hands.. and of course I immediately think of something perverted to do for my own amusement lol.
⭐️Comment Below👇🏿 and best caption wins nothing!!!

🍜 #TheLunchLady in #HoChiMinh 🤪
The last couple times I was unable to make it here to see what all the hype was about. You can tell by the picture I’m happy AF lol.
Buttttt.. down the same block there is this 💣BOMB local spot for Pho Tai (beef pho) that was amaze balls! (Yes I had 2 bowls one after another)
—What Id like to know is, what’s YOUR fav #Vietnamese soup dish?? 🧐
•fun fact• Every time I’m about to engorge some amazing food, Rihanna “This is what you came for” plays in my head 😅

#Singapore 🇸🇬 490 ft infinity swimming pool, 🏊🏽‍♂️set on top of the world's largest public cantilevered platform..
Smells like new heights of passing gas to me... 🤫💨🤷🏼‍♀️😏

Goodnight #Bali 🌙
... Hello #Singapore ✈️ I can’t wait to eat all the yummy street food and risk getting the 💩🤮🤭🍜🥟🦀🌶🍻

Tag someone and say nothing 🍍

I don’t need love letters everyday. Just smack me on the butt and say “im glad that ass is mine!”
..unless you’re a stranger. I don’t think that move would be good for your health..🤣🍑🤭

I ♥️ #BALI
But unfortunately Bali’s bugs love me... already have 13 bites and counting 😩 #whyyoulovemyblooddoe

I’ve had many #baos in my lifetime of #travels so to say this has been the ✨BEST I’ve ever had is quite the statement and such a wonderful surprise to come across here in #Bali
The pulled beef taste like a strong pho flavour its so fn genius!! 🤯 and the slaw n Bao is just on point, def recreating this when I get home 😍🤔🤗 #foodislife #ilovebeer 🍺 #nohardnips #toohot 😹

I don’t have a dirty mind.. I have a SEXY imagination bruh 😜💭

If y’all REALLY know me, you’d know #pieface is my jam whenever I come down under. If I had to pick a pie face, mine would be 😏 cause I’m a perv! What’s yours??? 🥧💕

Last night was so crazy!!!!!! Melbourne, y’all crazy AF seriously lol.🐰
Brisbane, be ready for me tomorrow at Sky & Lotus 👀

where my bunZ at?!
Thanks to United Entertainment , long weekend starts:
#Melbourne @ level 3 crown 03.29
And off with a 💥bang
#Brisbane @ Sky & Lotus 03.31

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