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Danni Davis  The human equivalent of a Scooby-Doo themed Hawaiian t-shirt @fridaynightrentalclub Ⓥ🌿 Gritty 🐛

Repost from @fridaynightrentalclub:

Oooooh! Everyone’s favorite cowardly dog is back, this time in pin form! This design is limited to 50 and 15 of them are already gone. All preorder packages will ship out tomorrow! Head to the link in my bio to grab yours 🐶💖

Hey y’all! Don’t mean to be spamming you with shop stuff all the time, but I just wanted to let you know I’m officially down to my last 3 Ghostface pins. All $5 until they sell out (which will be soon)! Head to the link in my bio to grab one if you want one 💀🔪🍁🍂

Officially sold out of Cowardly Club patches!!! ♥️ I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone for the support, and especially to everyone who offered kind words regarding the art theft. Y’all keep me going. I will definitely be restocking these in the near future as a big f-you to those crusty ol’ bootleggers, and keep an eye out for my next pin drop coming very soon. The Cowardly Club lives!!!! 💖🐶

Is this pose still cool?? Did I just post something two days in a row?? 👓

Left Camp feeling like I wanted to strip all the dead weight off of my life, stop feeling like I had to wear makeup, stop hiding behind things and just let myself BE. I wanted to be vulnerable, raw and real. And most of all, I was ready to FEEL again - stop numbing myself out and wake from my emotional sleepwalking. My hair has always acted as a physical manifestation of changes I feel in myself, as well as my personal favorite coping mechanism. I decided to cut it all off and I feel freer than I have in a long time. ✨ P.S.- to think I hated my ears for so long and now they’re basically my favorite feature?? Wild. Accept yourselves y’all.

It was sunny the other day and I was feeling like a v happy radiant sunflower and you should too 🌞🌵🌻 (also I found some leftover handmade patches that you can see on my 🍑 in the 3rd photo and I’m considering trying to knock out some more for the maker’s fair at Camp Gritty, thoughts? Y/N? Sooooo excited!!! ✨)

Good morning from my stretch boy and his bunny 🐈 🐰 ☀️

Sorry for double-posting but this algorithm is wild and I have no idea who actually sees my stories/posts anymore, so I thought I’d go ahead and get some feedback here. If I printed up some of these No Doubt x The Office crossover tees, is that something you guys would be interested in? Combining one of my favorite bands of all time with one of my favorite shows of all time just seemed like a no-brainer 🧠 And shout out to the hilarious meme that inspired this crossover!
P.S. - speaking of the algorithm, go ahead and leave an emoji if you still want to see posts from me! I’ve been only using stories 90% of the time and I’m pretty sure I’ve been left in the algorithm dust 😅

Anybody else feeling like this already?? I know it’s June and this is ridiculous but I just heard that Hobby Lobby is selling pumpkins already and it set off something primal 🎃🧡 #tbt

Well, I’m feeling accomplished. #bucketlistitem✔️ #quokkaselfie 🐻

Me during midterms v me after midterms when I’ve handed everything in 3 days late but at least it’s over with

There are only a few things in my life that I am certain of, and that is the following:
- There’s always money in the banana stand
- You should never trust the popcorn setting on a microwave
- One day my eyeballs are going to outgrow me and take over

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