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Danni Davis  The human equivalent of a Scooby-Doo themed Hawaiian t-shirt @fridaynightrentalclub

Good morning from my stretch boy and his bunny 🐈 🐰 ☀️

Sorry for double-posting but this algorithm is wild and I have no idea who actually sees my stories/posts anymore, so I thought I’d go ahead and get some feedback here. If I printed up some of these No Doubt x The Office crossover tees, is that something you guys would be interested in? Combining one of my favorite bands of all time with one of my favorite shows of all time just seemed like a no-brainer 🧠 And shout out to the hilarious meme that inspired this crossover!
P.S. - speaking of the algorithm, go ahead and leave an emoji if you still want to see posts from me! I’ve been only using stories 90% of the time and I’m pretty sure I’ve been left in the algorithm dust 😅

Anybody else feeling like this already?? I know it’s June and this is ridiculous but I just heard that Hobby Lobby is selling pumpkins already and it set off something primal 🎃🧡 #tbt

Well, I’m feeling accomplished. #bucketlistitem✔️ #quokkaselfie 🐻

Me during midterms v me after midterms when I’ve handed everything in 3 days late but at least it’s over with

There are only a few things in my life that I am certain of, and that is the following:
- There’s always money in the banana stand
- You should never trust the popcorn setting on a microwave
- One day my eyeballs are going to outgrow me and take over

Some days you wear zero makeup and you go to art galleries and chase rainbows and that was this day and I am grateful 🌈 #nofilter

Today I was paid in A&W root beer to model for a company's social media page because my hair matched their wall and in other words I've basically peaked at age 23

Thanks so much for waiting. I'm stoked to announce that my latest product, the Mogwai B-Ball cap, is now available for preorder through my website! This is my first time doing a preorder and only a small run of caps are available for the time being, so get a hustle on if you want one! (I may extend the preorder if more people are interested.)
As always, grab yours through the link in my bio or head to fridaynightclub.storenvy.com! But be warned: cap may multiply when wet 👀

Yesterday for the first time since high school I actually celebrated my birthday and it was honestly so magical (my birthday is actually December 3rd, but my family was out of the country). My sweet sweet sweetums @jojos_fx bought me the most beautiful (and appropriate) vegan pop punk birthday cake, my dream pair of roller skates and I finally fulfilled my childhood dream of once again skating to NSYNC's Bye Bye Bye (the anthem to all my favorite rollerskate nights as a kid). Here's to growing older but never growing up 🎉🎁🎈
(Also pictured: Jo and I playing house/sleeping in the beds at IKEA, the happiest place on earth)
(Not pictured: Paramore's Riot! on vinyl that was gifted to me by my lovely pudding cup of a sister @shellyveedy. Thanks for making my night so special!) #nobodylikesyouwhenyoure23

Already ready to change my hair color because that's the kind of eclectic fiend I am 🍊🔥

Because everyone deserves to own a pair of sunglasses that make them feel like Kurt Cobain/a toddler with attitude

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