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Sundays are no place for pants or responsibilities.

I said what I said. NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO (Link in my bio) ❤️

It’s the final days of winter here in Australia so I’m trying to wear as many of my winter clothes as possible before they go into hiding for several months. You may be thinking? “Are those really considered winter clothes?” Well if I have to hold it up to make it a super crop, it’s considered winter clothing. So until September I’ll be rugged up in my @loungeunderwear Case closed. Court adjourned. Thank you for your time. Gonna absolutely nail this law thing 😂 #loungeunderwear

Not every workout has to be completed at the gym to get an effective burn and break a sweat! This home workout is a great core, leg and booty burner. So get your socks on and give it a go!
- 20 x Glute bridge single leg slides (alternating)
- 15 x Glute bridge double leg slides
- 20 x Mountain Climbers
- 15 x Plank double leg slides
- 15 x Tuck slides
- 20 x Single leg slides (alternating)

You may think I’m super sweaty because I just finished skipping but in reality, I was watching cops.

If you let your weaknesses stop you from trying, they’ll always remain weaknesses. I used to be, for lack of a better word, terrible at skipping. I’m fairly uncoordinated which makes me think that my decade of training and competing in track and field athletics was a bit of a fluke for this baby giraffe. Growing up I used to watch my mum training and skipping like an absolutely boss (it was like a combination of Fergie and Rocky Balboa). I tried jump rope, I whipped myself countless times and I would avoid skipping simply because I wasn’t good at it. One day I just decided that if I was going to make any changes and I was going to improve myself, I needed to practice. The thing with skipping is, when you make a mistake… you feel it. So I didn’t just practice enough to get it right, I decided to practice enough to rarely get it wrong. Then I decided to incorporate this attitude and discipline into all areas of my life. I think it’s a little too far to say practice makes perfect, lets just say practice transforms weakness to strength.

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That’s right, if you want to build the booty, you need to feed the booty. A lot of stress is placed upon your muscle during strength training. Lifting weights or training with a resistance causes micro-fire tears in the muscle fibre, which your body then repairs and adapts your muscle to be able to better handle the force or stimulus that created the damage. Basically, you lift the weight, your booty says ouch and then comes back with a cape on ready to handle that weight like a boss. So what does this mean? Well, this means you need to eat. Foodies rejoice! You need to correctly replenishment your energy stores and provide your body with the right nutrients in order to achieve muscle growth. Your glutes are the largest muscle in your body and therefore they require proper nutrition and a calorie surplus to grow. Booty building results thrive on a healthy balanced diet with adequate protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats. When training such a dominant muscle, it’s important to fuel your body right and not follow a restrictive diet. You also need a killer training program, coming soon 😜

@freddyausnz has my booty gains covered 😜 @freddystoreusa

Salt water therapy 🌊 @prettylittlething

Worth the wait @revans091

Morning routine ☕️ @loungeunderwear #loungeunderwear

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