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Danielle Robertson 🐨🇦🇺  Law student 🎓 Personal trainer 💪 @womensbest Ambassador 💕 💌 hello@dannibelle.com ⬇️ FITNESS PROGRAMS ⬇️


“Just don’t get too muscular” I find this comment, this unsolicited advice, this pathetic attempt to regulate someone elses goals, so very amusing. I’m not offended when I hear it, I’m just taken back by the fact that some people feel they have the right to dictate how you should look and how you should feel about your body. So here’s a little reality check for anyone who has been told this and for anyone who has been discouraged from embarking on their fitness journey because they’re afraid to be strong. As a woman I feel our bodies are so heavily critiqued by others that it’s not surprising in the least that we are so hard on ourselves. Forget what anyone says, how do you feel? How do you want to FEEL? Fitness is about so much more than appearance. Don’t be afraid to be strong, to build your own confidence and to not rely on others opinions and approval. You’re the only person you need to be good enough for. I would say that anyone who tries to discourage you from achieving your goals or places limits on your ambition can kiss your ass but the reality is, they don’t deserve to be anywhere near those glorious booty gains 👋

This year I want to focus on strengthening my weaknesses so it’s time to focus a little more on training my upper body (well, in between those booty sessions, obviously)
If you’re new to the gym or also want to start strengthening your upper body this is a good place to start!
Here is one of my upper body gym workouts:
- Barbell Bicep curls 3 x 12
- Dumbbell lateral raise 3 x 12
- Lat pulldown 3 x 12
- Barbell bent over row 3 x 12
- Cable Tricep Extension 3 x 12
- Barbell overhead press 3 x 12
What other videos would you like to see? What do you need help with?
Music: Highlights Hype Remix

Gonna be real with you here. Even if I wasn’t a @womensbest ambassador you better believe I’d still be sippin’ on this delicious raspberry BCAA goodness and wearing their sport bra with bikini bottoms 💅 Women’s Best has been fuelling my booty gains and assisting my post-workout recovery for the past few years now and I wouldn’t have it any other way.... I wouldn’t have any other whey (protein) either 😂 nailed it #womensbest

Skipping the party for a sneaky swim. Looking forward to many more tropical nights in paradise on my upcoming Thailand @activeescapes retreat! There are a few spots left, so get in quick! Come join @coach_mariani and myself and spend an epic week training, tanning, swimming and eating delicious food 😄🎉 Book your escape at: activeescapes.com/Thailand
P.S. Booty dimples because ain’t nobody got time for fake and you can’t spell cellulite without “u lit” 😜🔥🍑

Each month I will be road-testing a range of activewear from various brands and selecting my top 3. These results will be based on comfort, performance and style and I will be providing honest, unbiased and tested reviews. These are not collaborations or paid promotions.
3. GymShark (@gymshark) 🔥

These are the Energy Seamless leggings in lilac from GymSharks new release seamless collection. I’ve included them in DB top 3 this month mainly because I feel that the sizing is FINALLY correct! I’m wearing a size small in these leggings (which is my standard size) and they fit well however if you’re between sizes, I would recommend sizing up in these particular leggings as they have quite a bit of compression to them.
But wait, there’s something vital we need to address here, I love the lilac colour but do you see what’s going on there in the booty region, do you see?? Because I can’t unsee. The lilac leggings include built-in seamless underwear to make them squat proof (meaning they don’t go see-through when you squat) the problem here is that… well, I CAN SEE THE UNDIES. I’m not even squatting and they are on full display. The other colours don’t include the built-in underwear, so if you’re going for the lilac, be aware of this.
2. Echt Apparel (@echt_apparel) 🔥🔥 You may have seen my Echt Apparel haul on YouTube, if you haven’t, why not?! Echt is fast becoming one of my favourite activewear brands because they offer quality clothing without a ridiculous price tag. These are the Arise Leggings, I love the high, seamless waistband and the contouring design on the back of the legs. The sports bra is supportive and comfortable.
1. NEU Apparel (@neuapparel) 🔥🔥🔥 IT’S A PINK ACTIVEWEAR SET. I feel like I could stop there and it’s place as number one for January would be fully justified. It’s just so feminine and yet you could still comfortably drop a squat with the best of ‘em. The sportsbra has light padding which works wonders for my bust. I love the design of this entire outfit, kudos NEU.
Did I get the order right, which brand is your favourite? And what brands would you like me to test for next months DB top 3?

- Butterfly Kicks
- V Sits
- Single Leg Toe Touches (each leg)
- Russian Twists w/ Medicine Ball
- Sit up w/ Medicine Ball
Perform each exercise for 30 seconds with no break between exercises. Once you have completed one set (all 5 exercises) rest for 60 – 90 seconds and then repeat this set 2 more times (3 sets in total)
I’m using a 5kg medicine ball in this workout, this is optional resistance. If you don’t have a medicine ball you can use an alternative weight or no weight at all. You will still feel the burn!
- 3 Sets
- 5 ab exercises
- 60 – 90 seconds rest between sets
Music: Rolex - Ayo Teo (Steve Aolki Remix)
Top: Fashion Nova
Shorts: Celestial Bodies
Socks: Adidas

Happy Friday 😄✌️ I’ve received so many requests for individual orders of my resistance bands and program! Ask and you shall receive 😘🍑🔥 DB Booty Bands and Home Grown Booty Program are now available for SEPARATE purchase on my website: dannibelle.com (link in bio)🍑 HGB is still available as a bundle pack with the bands as well ❤️
I also recorded a new home ab workout 🔥 This one is a real tummy burner 😜 I will be posting tomorrow morning so keep an eye out for that 💪 Keep working hard!

Today we are making a breakfast smoothie with a lil somethin’ somethin’ on the side, spoiler: it’s oats stuck to the side of the container… but I digress. This is one of my favourite go-to smoothies! It tastes so good, even better when it’s blended properly (I can only assume).
- ½ cup Frozen mixed berries
- 1 Frozen Banana
- 2 scoops of @womensbest Vegan Protein
- ½ cup Rolled Oats
- 1 cup Almond Milk
- 1 scoop @womensbest Acai Powder
- 1 tsp @womensbest Chia Seeds
- Dance optional but highly recommended
Blend all ingredients… a lot, to form an aesthetically pleasing smoothie (please refer to video for insufficient blending time, thank you)
If you’d like to see more DB Kitchen videos let me know!
#womensbest #vegan #cleaneating #healthyrecipe #smoothie #kitchenfail #DBKitchen #hashtag

As most of you would know, I’m a big fan of booty workouts but with booty gains comes great sacrifice… usually in the form of pants 😅 I have found that a lot of my old jeans no longer accommodate my thighs and butt and have therefore been rendered obsolete. @freddyausnz to the rescue! Like myself, Freddy are all about that booty and are strong supporters of your booty gains. These jeans are stretchy and don’t flatten your backside, they actually contour it, hallelujah! 🙌🍑 Anyway, I’m ranting but basically these are the fit girls go-to jeans, I think I have them in every colour 😍

I’m a big fan of quick and effective home workouts… especially booty workouts…. ESPECIALLY booty workouts using my DB Booty Bands.
Here are some of my favourite exercises using loop resistance bands. It looks simple but it definitely delivers the booty burn. Remember to keep the movements slow and controlled and wear leggings to keep the band from rolling!
- Standing Side Raises 3 x 12
- Wall Sit Abductor 3 x 20
- Squat with Leg Lift 3 x 20
- Kickback 3 x 12
Music: Trey Songz – Na Na (Kush Electricity Remix)
Top: Lululemon
Leggings: DB Active (Coming Soon)

Women who I love and admire for their strength and grace did not get that way because it worked out. They got that way because things went wrong and they handled it. Those women are my superheroes - Elizabeth Gilbert ❤️

Just a little reminder that all tummies are nice tummies, all thighs are good thighs and all bootys are glorious 😜🍑 Health is an outfit that looks different on everyone. Put more effort and focus into how a healthy lifestyle makes you feel, the physical results will naturally follow. Most importantly, you are the only person you need to be good enough for. Never forget that 💪 Wearing @icaniwill

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