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Danielle Robertson 🐨🇦🇺  Law student 🎓 Personal trainer 💪 @womensbest Ambassador 💕 💌 hello@dannibelle.com 🍑⬇️ HOME GROWN BOOTY PROGRAM ⬇️🍑


Training during mid-semester uni assessment consists of strong and effective workouts to clear my mind and build my glute strength 🍑 Right now my focus is on building my booty (as always) through both home and gym based workouts. Massive thank you to @connor_marriott for being such an awesome trainer 💪 Learning new exercises every session!

So excited to be an @activeescapes trainer, come train with me on the Bali Escape July 2018 and we can frolic on the beach (Please see above photo). If you’re not all about that beach frolicking then I’ll be at the Brisbane Fitness show @ausfitnessshow this October and we can frolick there instead… I mean train. ALRIGHT SEE YOU THERE! 💙💙💙

Never feel sorry for yourself… work harder. Heading off to uni today to study with the one and only Ash Bae @ashgray22 I’m going to be honest with you, with exams and assessment on the horizon, I’ve been skipping workouts to study.

So here’s a reminder that’s it’s okay to prioritise your time. It’s okay to put your study first. Exercise keeps me sane throughout the semester but at times like this I just need to focus and do what it takes to get it done. This is a choice.

Don’t study because you need to. Study because knowledge is power. Study because you want to know more, because it enhances and grows you. Study because it’s the one thing they can’t take away from you. Grow your booty, put prioritise your brain. At this point in the semester I’m pretty sure my body is 90% caffeine and my workload is bigger than ever before but I’m not going to sit back and feel sorry for myself, I’m going to work harder.

Launching into my Monday (in Australia) on a positive note. I’ve received heaps of emails and messages over the weekend about my Home Grown Booty program and I’m humbled with the response from my beautiful squad. You’re all amazing and already the booty transformations are really kicking in, I’m so proud of your hard work!

A few of you have had concerns with the bands rolling, just keep in mind that all resistance bands roll. It’s more likely to happen with the lightest band, just keep the exercises slow and controlled and wear leggings for traction. The exercise is still effected despite the rolling of the band (annoying, but effective 😂). Some of you may find the light band too easy and delicate for your level of strength so feel free to move up to the medium band. The light band was designed for beginners so basically these exercises can be done with or without that resistance.

If you’re still waiting for your bands to arrive please keep in mind that international shipping from Australia will take 10 – 12 business days (so don’t count the weekend). There have also been delays due to natural disasters so please be patient and understanding. If you require any support or guidance please email me at hello@dannibelle.com or join our squad @dannibelle_squad and chat to our girls on in our Facebook group - They’re all awesome and very supportive of booty gains! 🍑

Remember to tag me in your photos and use our hashtags #SquadDB and #DBooty!
Have a wonderful day and may all your vibes say: I got this 👊

The physical things I disliked about myself in high school: thick hair, small breasts, muscular thighs and butt

The physical things I like about myself now: thick hair, small breasts, muscular thighs and butt

So what’s the difference? Confidence. I’m not asking you to accept your flaws, I’m asking you to stop even considering them flaws or imperfections. Not giving a damn about what other people think will get you very far in life. Love yourself.

Does anyone else know this struggle? 😂 It's all fun and games until you get turned into equipment 🐶🐶 TAG A FRIEND WHO LOVES DOGS! ❤️❤️
Always have my @womensbest whey protein post-workout 💪 #womensbest


NEW VLOG! Link in my bio 💙

Hey guys! I'm taking over the @womensbest Snapchat today! I'm doing fun things like walking my dogs, booty workouts and... actually the dogs should have won you over already 😜Follow 'womensbest' on Snap 👻

HAPPY MONDAY SQUAD DB! As many of you know we have a group of boss babes who support each others work, fitness journeys and everything in between AKA @Dannibelle_Squad With the start of the new week I’ve been thinking a lot about our fitness goals and how I truly believe we should perceive fitness. Fitness is not about how many push-ups you do or what number shows up on the scale. It is not about fitting into a smaller clothing size. It should be about gaining back your confidence and the belief that you can do anything you set your mind to. Fitness should be about getting stronger, both physically and mentally. It is about learning to get back to work after setbacks, failures, and times of inactivity. Learn to accept and love obstacles on your way, you will get there. To be successful, the first thing you need to do is fall in love with your work. Keep killin’ it Squad 👊

When your hair is doing its thanggg and you seriously contemplate skipping a workout because you don't want to ruin it 😅 Thank you @hairelementsgc for keeping my hair healthy and bouncy! So sad I'm going to sacrifice it to the gym in T minus 15 mins 😭 The struggle is real.

I'm pretty sure 90% of my back fat has been called upon and redirected to my bust to create this cleavage... but just call me (humble) Tits McGee 😂 @wonderwear #WonderWear

Girls, don't chase boys 🙅 it's too much cardio and you'll lose your booty gains 😂🍑
Still getting familiar with the gym and the various ways to use equipment. From home workouts to gym routines, right now my focus is on learning new exercises and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. What's your favourite booty exercise??
Also dropped my towel at the end, lol

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