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Dan Matsumoto  "Those who hope in the Lord, will soar." (Isaiah 40:31) Always have hope. Life is the sum total of moments- add ‘em up right. ✝️🤙🏼


“We MUST refuse to be average. We must war against the temptation to settle for less. Average is always a safe choice, and it is the most dangerous choice we can make. Average protects us from the risk of failure, and it also separates us from the futures of greatness. The Last Arrow is for those who decide they will never settle. This book is about not underestimating how much God intends for your life.” (The Last Arrow- Erwin McManus). Easy and impactful read by a hero and mentor @erwinmcmanus. Amazing man who has endured challenges beyond belief to create a life beyond imagination- for the good of others. He has an incredible supra-natural mindset above tremendous battles including health. Evidence of a living loving God. In the end, leave no “arrow in your quiver.” #hero #thelastarrow #thelastarrowbook #erwinmcmanus #mosaicchurch (Hollywood, CA) #emptyquiver

Have an awesome day! A bit of awesomeness from #BobbyMoynihan and 📷@nbcsnl 😃👍🏻

South Bay(LA) Alzheimer’s fundraiser at Rascals Teriyaki (Torrance and Gardena) this Tuesday- October 10th (all day). Show this to cashier for 20% donation of bill. Great cause and great food. Donate directly: Team Generation Hope (Long Beach 5k Walk- October 14th)- Participant Cory Hamada (@coryhamada). Link is in my bio- Click “Donate” at bottom of Alzheimer’s Walk page. #rascalsteriyaki #teamgenerationhope #alzheimers #walktoendalzheimers2017 #walktoendalzheimers2017LongBeach @alzassociation #alzassociation

Beach, board, sunset... Grateful for creation and the One who made it. Honoring the Chief Artist puts life into truthful perspective. Just ride, breathe and enjoy life’s moments. “Those who place their hope in the Lord, will ride/soar on wings like eagles.” (Isaiah 40:31). Always have Hope... always ride. #sooCali #hegreaterthani @hegreaterthani

From my baby girl and princess to beautiful bride. Hard to express the joy of seeing your child soar. Thank you Jesus Christ for shattering the standard of Love and blessing beyond imagination. Gained a great son and family. Families that surf and skate together... find other families that do the same! ❤️ She'll always be my Little Girl. (Note: My face is not ugly crying. Just sudden allergy attack. 😉😭) #skaterfamily #beachfamilies #soocali #GodisGood #brodaddies

Drove behind the best septic tank truck. Took a few seconds to hit me but brought a smile. Note to self: Humor can always eclipse life's poop.

Nothing like a warm monsoonal sunset ride.❤️ #sooCali #carverskateboards #surfyourskateonyourhandstoo @etsurfboards @hegreaterthani shirt on. #he>;I #HegreaterthanI

Humbling perspective and clarity. We received a letter from our sponsored child (Compassion International @compassion) and his family from Uganda. He's 4 and his hope for the near future is simply to "collect water & firewood" for his family. Long term goal is to help children by becoming a doctor. I believe he will. His desires are humbling and character dwarfs mine. Our problems are trivial compared to their basic survival needs. "Compassion is just sympathetic feelings unless you act upon it." (@christinecaine). It is both nauseating and embarrassing to make our entertainment, social media validations, opinions and personal challenges greater than basic needs of humanity. I'm guilty too. Please put feet to prayer and act. You ARE the change. See yourself in them. See your kids in their kids. Our lives are woven together more than you can imagine. Love deeply and act swiftly. Love doesn't just think... it does. #compassion #compassioninternational @hillsongla (sponsor church) #hillsongLA

Real gaming! The 1970's OG- #labyrintspel by Brio. This is where gaming obsession started. Real skill with controllers. Rad to see my son and nephews play it over 4 decades later. #brio #ifyoudontknowthenyoudidntgo #hadtohavebeenthere #noelectricityneeeded 📷Hand model- @ribocolada

Happening now with some rad people and raging bonfire. 🔥❤️@hillsongla #hillsongLA #southbay

I love the uncomfortable challenge of being part of a church family who is unafraid to be where the City of Angels needs us most. Deep in the bowels of #DTLA with the fall out, stench and jogging rats. Reminder: The love of Jesus Christ penetrates and conquers our darkest and most desolate broken places. @hillsongla #hillsongla #alwayshope #isaiah4031

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