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Dan Luedert  Part-time Poet//Partial Philosopher//Unregistered Yogi//World's Worst Pirate


It's messy and colored out of the lines... there are moments I was happy. If there once was, there can be again.

Is it alright to share
I feel broken
are those thoughts
we keep to ourselves
not to say, just to smile
"that's ok"


Hold that emotion
show it in a poem
craft the colors
shape the scene
tune the tone

craft a gift
to share
to show
you aren't alone

#365 #love

A plastic princess
created from memory
just a dime store dream
#brokenhaiku #haiku #dharmalove #365 #haikuaday #mermaids #hulagirl

staying in pursuit
feeling my heart opening
magic in my days
#healing #haiku #dharmalove #365 #inpursuitofmagic

with gentle intent
Tiny hands crafting giants
In machinations
#brokenhaiku #dharmalove

My morning's first wish
in a vibrant clarity
a birds supple song
#haikuaday #dharmalove

#love and #gratitude (if I place a hashtag for Father's Day)

I wish I could do more for the gifts my father blessed me with. From junior high on, it was he and I on the farm.
He is one of the first single parents I knew.
The kindest soul I know.

I am still learning
To open my heart and love
To treat myself with care
#healinghaiku #dharmalove #365dayproject

Today a Mala I've carried broke.
Each Mala can carry an intention, a thought. As we carry that thought, slowly the fibers and threads begin to stretch and some to break. What we seek we find and what carries us down can release.

Another lesson of Bhuddism and Zen philosophy.... all things change
#dharmalove ....as I side note, any malas I have given, I am happy to restring when the chord breaks. To set a new intention.

Warming rolling clouds
hidden strength flashing color
cooling in beauty

An old journal, one of the sweetest gifts and one of my greatest treasures.
My twenties, more travels, nights in detox, a week or two in jail, commendations from ambassadors and a general education of an author.
I had my writings, paintings, photography. I had my passions and a place to collect those thoughts in this journal and others.
When to share a thought on paper had a permanence and importance difficult to give the electric bits.
Since getting harassed online a few weeks ago, by a 'Gonzo' as I can only guess, I've made my own social media transgression, made me reflect on blogging, journaling and what I want to share. As my harasser said, "some people like to publish everything." With an ease of a click, to make that snide comment... to bite when we get hurt.
To only share the picture perfect..... To show your frustration and anger...... It's your life, your journal, your adventure..... The integrity of the story is always up to you.
I'm still trying to find my balance and to hold onto my core values. ...and I hope to share something beautiful at sometime.
I appreciate your patience as I practice.


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